8 Ways to Increase Conversions On Your Landing Page

Landing pages play a vital role in increasing conversions. No matter how much traffic you’re bringing in to your sites, you should be converting them into either sales or leads. Many landing pages suck and they curse themselves for not getting more conversions from their visitors.

Here are top 8 ways to increase conversions on your landing page. Make sure to implement them and try to invest some money on few things which will certainly improve the conversion rate on your landing pages.

Landing page tips

1. Give one goal

This is a no brainer. If you want more conversions on your landing page, give ONE goal. It should be laser focused. When you give more options to your visitors, they choose nothing. So always keep this in mind when you’re designing a landing page.

2. Reduce the distractions

Navigation links, sidebar and sharing buttons – these are the BIG distractions on any landing page. Why use sharing buttons on the top of the sidebar when your landing page goal is just to collect the email address?? Reduce the distractions, make it clean and simple. This will indeed help you get more conversions on your landing page. And make your landing page as goal oriented as possible, your goal should be only one thing – that is your OFFER.

3. Use testimonials

Why? Social proof matters a lot to quickly build the trust on your landing pages. Use testimonials from the readers, customers or influencers in your niche, this will increase the conversion rate on your landing page. But make sure that you’re using ORIGINAL testimonial, the REAL feedback from the REAL people. Don’t change their wordings and make it look more compelling. The real words from them will quickly give your visitors a feel that your testimonials are not fake.

4.Design is REALLY important

Graphics, the design of the landing page, appealing images and typography matters a lot. Because they’re the first things that will be considered by your visitors. When your landing page design sucks, your conversion rates sucks as well, simple as that. Invest some money to build great landing page that will quickly grab others attention. No matter you’re designing your landing page or sales page, the email optin form design plays a vital role in giving more conversions. Keep your email optin form above the fold. Why? This will enhance the conversion rates, because you’re not making your visitors to scroll down to collect their leads. If your design is good and the offer is benefit driven – then they’ll immediately opt to your products.

5. Your headlines matter A LOT

If there’s only one secret to increase conversions on your landing page, it would be your headlines. Use attention grabbing headlines to attract the visitors. Your headline should easily convey;

  • Your offer
  • The benefits you’re providing and
  • CTA (Call To Action)

6. Ask less information

If you want to collect the email addresses from your visitors, then why ask unwanted details like name, phone number, fax number etc and kill the conversion rates? When I asked only email address instead of email and name – I saw a growth in my email list. Get what you want by asking less information. Less is always more in online marketing, you should be never asking irrelevant details that keeps more burden on your visitors. Reduce the number of form fields and you’ll surely notice a growth in your email list.

7. Focus on benefits

If you’ve a great product and you decided to give it for free in exchange of email addresses, then don’t focus on the features of your product. No matter how great it is, the features provide nothing to the visitors. What else does then? It is the benefits that you provide from your products. Your visitors will consider the benefits not the features. Always ask yourself this question to increase conversions on your landing page – what’s in it for them?

8. Try A/B testing

Use premium tools like unbounce or free services like Google A/B testing to know which landing page is giving you better results. A/B testing is a must if you want to increase the conversions on your landing page. A/B testing gives you a clear idea about

  • Unique views
  • Form submissions
  • Click through rates on your CTA
  • Your landing page distractions etc

All you need to do is, to design two landing pages with small tweaks, and perform A/B testing, sit back and relax. You’ll notice the best possible results within 2 to 3 weeks, the key is to wait at least 3 weeks to notice the best results on your landing pages.

Over to you:

What kind of landing pages do you create? Are they benefit-oriented or feature oriented? Let me know your thoughts on increasing conversions on your landing pages.

Written by Rahul Kuntala


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