5 Ways to Promote Your Business Website

Ways to Promote Your Business WebsiteSo your business website is ready and now you want to promote it on Internet with the aim to generate more sales from your business website. You don’t have an offline store or shop from where people can buy your products. It’s your website only through which people can buy your products. So far you are not able to generate many sales from your website and seeking advice about promoting your business website. If you have the same kind of feeling about your business website, I’m going to suggest you 5 ways which will help you in taking your business website to great heights.

1. Use Social Media Websites

You can attract lots of traffic on your website from social media websites. If you are able to get lots of shares and votes on your website stories or pages from these websites, will also help you in attracting more traffic to your business website from Google as Google recently added Social Media Signals as one of important ranking factors into its search algorithms.

Facebook Fan Page

Do you have a strong presence on Facebook, if no create a Facebook page for your business website instantly? You should update your fan page with targeted and relevant information on regular basis. If you are finding it hard to attract many visitors to your Facebook fan page, you can use Facebook ads to attract them on your Facebook page. You can also run special contests or some freebies to convert first time visitors into fans on your Facebook page. You can get quality logo products and promotional products or items of your interest from qualitylogoproducts.com type of websites and send them as freebies or as prize to contest winners you may be thinking of running on your Facebook Page. You can use 3rd party applications like wildfireapp to run your contest on Facebook and social media websites.

Twitter Profile

Get a Twitter profile for your business website and start updating it with valuable tweets. Your tweets should be engaging. It should not be the case where you are promoting your products in each tweet. You should tweet about interesting photos, should ask questions from your followers, and should share interesting news and informational stories around your niche. You can use Hootsuite.com website for scheduling your twitter tweets.

Google Plus Page

Create a business page for your website on Google Plus the way you created it on Facebook. No doubt Google Plus is still in its early stage when compared its user base with Facebook. But it has made a good progress in a short period of time and the best thing is that, it’s from Google. Having strong presence on Google plus will help you drive additional traffic to your website from Google search also. You should share links for interesting stories, video’s and images through your Google Plus account.

2. Hold or Sponsor a Contest

it’s a great idea to hold a contest on your business website to attract more targeted visitors to it. Apart from giving attractive prizes to the winners, you need to market your contest properly. If you are able to generate some buzz about your contest, lots of bloggers in your niche will like to be part of this contest and may even cover it on their blogs. And if you are finding it hard to manage a contest fully or don’t have the time or resources to hold a contest, you can always be a sponsor for a contest which is being run by a popular blog or website in your niche.

3. Buy Advertisements

You can attract more targeted traffic to your business website by placing banner and text ads on top blogs in your niche. You can even request top bloggers in your niche to do a review of your business website on their blogs in exchange for some fees. You can promote your website further by buying pay per click advertisements on Google Adwords and other online advertising websites.

4. Create a Presence on YouTube

One of the most creative and popular method to promote your business website is creating informational videos around your products and services. Once you have some quality videos ready, you should establish a channel on YouTube around your brand. You can add a link for your YouTube channel on your website or can even embed some videos from your YouTube channel on your website pages. If you have some video testimonials from your earlier customers, you should use them on your website landing pages to attract more customers to it. In case you don’t know how to create a brand new channel on YouTube, this tutorial from Google Support team should help you.

5. Be Part of Forums and Blogs

Find some discussion forums based in your niche that have some real audience and start answering questions people have around your website niche. Participating in discussion forums will help you attract lots of targeted traffic, much needed backlinks and branding for your business website.

Apart from discussion forums, you should create a list of popular blogs that are based in your niche and start publishing your high quality guest posts on them. You should also start doing blog commenting on blog posts of your interest and should also reply to reader’s comments on your blog posts.

How are you going about promoting your business website and are you using any of the method that I mentioned above? It would be great if you could share your thoughts and ideas in this regard in the comments section.


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