The Only 5 Website Promotion Tips that Work for Beginner Bloggers

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How will anyone know about your blog if you don’t promote? It doesn’t matter whether you are blogging to increase your website traffic or increasing your sales, you’ve to promote it to reach out more people.

Website promotion is one of the key ingredients for any website to succeed. Without reaching out more people, no matter how great your content is it won’t go viral either on social media or on search engines. You have to create content while keeping promotion in mind to grab more audience attention.

If you are searching for ways to promote your websites or blogs, here are few powerful website promotion tips that help you reach more audience online. Let’s jump into the details without much ado.

Website promotion tips for beginner bloggers

website promotion tips

1. Twitter is the most powerful website promotion tool

Whether you agree it or not twitter is the most powerful and advanced social media platform to generate more leads, increase website traffic and sales. With over 500 million users, twitter is a great platform to promote your blog to reach new level of audience.

But don’t you even think for a second that you can drive massive traffic from twitter just by posting a link after publishing. It won’t get you any results, people will click only if you’ve mesmerizing headlines. Also note that, no one likes to click on a link (on twitter) if you are self-promotional.

You also have to share great content on twitter so that people will start following you and click on your links.

One of the simple way to get more out of twitter is to embed quotes in your articles and start using them on your tweets to generate more clicks. So start using quotes and make them easy to tweet. As many researches say upwards 50% of people click on your tweets that contain quotes. You say, who don’t like quotes?

Here are few more ways to use twitter as a website promotional tool to reach out more people.

  • Use statistics on your tweets (as most people love statistics and data)
  • Start with questions (instead of just copy pasting your tweets)
  • Use hash tags (1 is good, 2 are better)
  • Use @mentions
  • Whoever mentions you, retweet it (and send a personal thank you message or tweet)
  • Schedule your tweets in advance (use tools like BufferApp)
  • Install plugins like Tweet old posts to get more traffic from old posts (you can schedule them automatically)

2. Before you promote yourself, promote others

Most people start promoting themselves in order to increase their website traffic before promoting others stuff. Promoting yourself although is not a bad way to reaching out to more people, but you have to first promote others if you want to gain their attention.

In online, you will get traffic only if you have others attenion.

So what do you think is the best way to start promoting your blog? It is to start promoting others content.

Whenever you find something interesting to read, leave comments or share it on your Facebook or twitter profiles. Also don’t forget to tag the blog owners after sharing their stuff on social media. You might not always get their attention, but if you keep on regularly sharing their contents with your network they will hear you sooner or later.

Also outreach other bloggers through emails, send them friendly emails and whenever you write exceptional posts, ask them for a tweet or link.

3. Use your email list to promote your latest blog posts

If you’ve an email list (you must build one if you don’t have one yet, here’s why), send a newsletter whenever you publish a share worthy blog post. That way more people will land on your sites and ask them to link or share your posts if they find your content useful.

If you are posting daily, I don’t recommend you to send daily newsletters because people will unsubscribe from your list because of the frequency.

So its always advisable to send less-frequent emails to them. The better days to send newsletters are Tuesday and Thursday. You will get more email open rates when you promote your website on these days.

Pro tip: Use GetResponse to start building your email list. It’s not only cheap but it also provides great features that no other email autoresponder can provide. I personally use GetResponse and strongly recommend you to use the same.

4. Ask people to share your blog content

One of the simplest ways to do website promotion is to ask people for help. Although seeking people for help is an old school method, but it work like a charm even now.

People generally help others only if someone asks them for help.

This is where you have to be creative. Instead of first seeking help, share their blog with your readers. Tag them whenever you promote their posts. Email them whenever you find something useful on their blogs.

Then when you have something great to share with their blog audience, you can ask for their help to promote your website. That way you will be able to increase the chances of promoting your blog content by others without looking like a spammer.

Also don’t forget to seek your readers help. Whenever someone leaves a comment on your blog posts, ask them to share or tweet. Whenever someone shares your stuff, give a link to a post that is really useful for them. This way you will be able to pull more audience attention to promote your blogs or websites.

5. Don’t forget about SEO

It’s not called a website promotion if you are not doing SEO. Without optimizing your blog posts or web pages, you won’t be getting any kind of traffic or visits from search engines. You must learn SEO tips or hire someone to do it for you to bring more organic traffic to your blogs.

search engine ranking factors

I’d highly recommend you to going through blogs like Moz, Search Engine Land etc to learn beginner level to advanced SEO skills. Apart from that, here are few essential SEO tips to rank higher in search engines.

  • Always do keyword research first. Use tools like Moz, Keyword Planner, WordStream etc. to research your keyword competition and choose high volume, low competition keywords.
  • Carefully do on-page optimization on your posts as it contributes to 30% of your organic traffic.
  • Try to get more social shares from people as Google gives top priority to them
  • Focus on using long tail keywords such as website promotion tips instead of using promotion tips

Let me know your thoughts about website promotion. What are the other website promotion tips do you recommend to a newbie blogger? Please share them in the comments.


  1. Nisha Pandey says:

    Hi Anil,

    Wonderful post indeed!

    I am agree with all points you shared here except one that “ask people to share your blog content”.

    Directly asking for the sharing is not good option. we should first interact and make some good relation with them then ask them for sharing your content. Isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing such a nice article. Have a good day ahead!

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      That’s true Nisha. We cannot expect much from strangers. Once we have done interaction with the targeted bloggers, we can ask them to link to and share our contents with their fans. I use to build connection with top bloggers in my niche through:

      – Sharing their contents on my social networks
      – Leaving comments on their blogs
      – Linking to them through my blog posts on my own and other blogs where I guest post
      – Through interview posts
      – Doing quality guest posts on their blogs

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