Weight Loss Blogging – Two Simple Ways To Build A Profitable Business

Weight Loss Blogging – Two Simple Ways To Build A Profitable Business


Did you know about weight loss blogging?   weight-loss-week-4

Well, I’ll be sharing some helpful tips to help you build a profitable weight loss or any other blog.

It doesn’t matter what niche you’ve chosen, just follow the principles.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • –       The two most important steps to grow a new blog
  • –       How to sell valuable products to target audience
  • –       How to make buyers trust you

Blogging is no longer what it used to be. Years ago, blogging was a personal virtual diary where you can update and share real life experiences.

But today, blogging has evolved and creative people are secretly making a great deal of money from it.

People who want to lose weight can go any length to achieve this feat.

You have to understand how this all works out to funnel hungry buyers into your sales funnel.

If you have a great landing page, you can easily build relationship with the audience and use proven marketing strategies to explode your income.

The two most important steps to grow a new blog are:

Quality Content & Networking

1. Quality Content

In my weight loss tips blogs, intensive market and keyword research is my utmost concern. This is especially important if search engine is your target for targeted traffic. If you’ve other means of generating traffic to your weight loss review blog, you still can’t do without quality content.

Research your market and read what other authors have written about the topic under discussion. If you want to know how people can lose 10 pounds in 3 days, don’t just write articles without getting the pros and cons from practitioners.

Off course, losing 10 pounds in 3 days can be achieved, but it can pose some health problems. It’s not advisable to lose much pounds in a short while, take it step by step.

So, when writing your content, clarify issues and don’t be too authoritative or opinionated. Stand between the ‘gap’ and let your article stand out from thousands of new posts that are published every day.

Quality content is the best foundation for your weight loss review blog. But you can apply ‘quality’ to every article you write, irrespective of the niche or model.

2. Networking

What has networking got to do with growing a blog? Well, a lot!

Networking is a wide topic and oftentimes, we don’t fully understand what it means. Networking goes beyond social media, or forums and the like. The real networking deals with connecting, sharing and getting other people to fall in love with your content, so they can build a community around your blog.

In my weight loss review blog, I’ve succeeded in networking with over 2,000 weight loss and fitness enthusiasts. I literally don’t promote this blog as I did at the beginning, but I’m happy with the growth. Networking simply means connecting with other like minds, in a bid to sharing helpful and valuable contents with their audience. Guest posting is a great way to network with other blogs.

The good side about weight loss blogging is that it’s wide, rabid and evergreen. People would continue to search for weight loss programs, and other helpful information to help achieve them a definite goal – keeping fit and gaining a good physique. And this is your passport to earning some cool cash online.

Selling To Your Weight Loss Audience

Once you’ve build a strong weight loss blog, by utilizing quality content and networking principles, you can sell to this ‘tribe’ and make good money. When you were building an email list, with short reports or e-books as your bait, what was the rate of subscription? If it was low, it means you’ve to look into other forms of product packaging – E.g. membership site and video, podcasts, webinars etc.

People will buy your product if they perceive it has the right solution to their plights and bugging questions. If your product can’t meet this urge for freedom, it means you’ve a lot of work to do. Repurpose the product and make it VALUABLE. See you ahead!

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