What Is the Future of Guest Blogging? Is It Dead Or Still You Have Hopes?

After Matt Cutts publishing the post on decay of guest blogging, everyone started screaming about it. We all know how important guest blogging is to get more visibility online. We also know how guest blogging helps us to get more traffic, links, subscribers and revenue in the long run. But when Google started slamming the guest blogging, is it really advisable for anyone to still consider it? Is the future of guest blogging really dead?

Let’s figure out in this detailed guide.

What’s the future of guest blogging?

guest blogging future

Google is considering guest blogging as a spammy way to build links. And it decided to slam the search results who are consistently accepting guest posts on their blogs. But here’s the thing.. if you are REALLY accepting guest posts only from the people who have great writing skills and who can write quality content that solves your readers problems, you have nothing to worry.

In other case, if you are accepting guest posts almost from everyone who contacts you, you are seriously going to hurt your SERP rankings sooner or later. If this is your case, stop accepting guest posts that are of less quality.

Is Google Downgrading Guest Blogging?

Well yes and no. If you are guest blogging to gain back links to your sites, you may get penalized. Why? The simple reason when you are guest blogging just for the sake of link building is, you never focus on quality, you rather focus on quantity. It definitely affects your business and link building strategy in the long run.

Always remember that if you want to get the best rewards from your guest posts, instead of posting tons of guest posts on each and every site that you come across, post less guest posts but make sure they are of high quality.

What do I mean by high quality guest posts?

High quality guest posts always attract more social shares, blog comments and inbound links. They always create buzz around the blogosphere and ultimately they receive tons of traffic from the search engines.

How to make sure you are safe from guest blogging?

Here are few ways to get great results from your guest blogging journey even in the age of this spam era.

Author rank plays a major role in the future

If you have a great author rank (more followers on Google+ and trust), you are going to get more rewards from every post you publish. What is author rank? In simple terms where you can link content you publish on your domains to your Google+ profile.

guest post by anil agarwal Google Search

How author rank is becoming vital?

Google has several algorithms that determines the trust and quality of the posts you publish using your author rank. If you have a great author rank and buckled up some of the best posts under your belt, you can gain great advantages using your guest posts. It becomes a great plus for both you and the author of the blog who publishes your content.

So make sure to link your Google plus profile to all the guest posts you publish and connect with your own domains too to boost your trust and rankings. And when you’re guest blogging, make sure to link to your Google plus profile thus it increase your Google+ followers too.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to get your authorship on Google results.

Build your presence on Google+

Seriously, if you are focusing more on Facebook or twitter, it’s better to shift your focus from them and move on to Google plus to get rewarding results from content marketing. Google is giving top priority to Google plus circles, means, if your readers and visitors are sharing your content on their Google+ profiles, you are actually giving strong reasons to Google that your content is top notch and high quality.

So spend quality time on improving your brand and try to get more followers on Google+ circles. Here are few ways to get more out of Google+

  • Circle all the influencers in your networks (including your peers)
  • Circle and share the posts that you like (you can also use hash tags and @ mentions to your advantage)
  • Comment on the posts that you share and treat your Google plus profile page as a blog community page (to interact with others, the more active your community it is, the better it is for your business)

Whenever you write a guest post, link back to your Google plus profiles and pages to boost your online reach. Persuade people to follow you on Google+ by using links in the author bio’s.

Write your guest posts to build readers not back links

If you are building links through guest posts, stop it or you will hate yourself later. Google is started treating it as a spam, so it’s always better to build relationships rather than links. If you have strong connections with other bloggers and share each other contents on a regular basis (frequent and relevant linking to each other posts), you will have better chances to improve your search visibility through those links.

Make your link building process natural. Never depend on paid or unnatural ways of link building as it can hurt your rankings rather help. One of the best ways to get more out of guest blogging is to write posts that naturally attract links and shares from others.

Here are few tips to write effective guest posts that creates buzz around the blogging world.

  • Write as if you’re directly talking to your readers and customers
  • Write in-depth guest posts that solve problems
  • Try to dig into the details rather than writing short guest posts just to get links
  • Properly link to each and every source that you’re mentioning on your guest posts
  • Try to get more social shares, comments and links to your guest posts (it can definitely give you more rewards in the long run)
  • Guest blogging is relationship building, not link building

Conclusion: If you are doing guest blogging to build an audience and to create long lasting relationships with other bloggers, it is still a great way and there’s nothing comes close to it. If you are doing it just for the SEO purposes and to build links, guest blogging might not work for you. Google is more inclined towards the author rank and quality of the guest posts that naturally attract links and social shares. So you’ll get the best rewards from guest blogging if you are working on quality not quantity.

What are your thoughts on the future of guest blogging? What do you think what Matt Cutts has to say? Please share your views in the comments.


  1. vikas yadav says:

    Hello@Anil:- According to me if any blogger/webmaster want to success online then do opposite to Matt Cutts. Sometimes, ago he says that Social Media specially Google+ will not give weightage on search engine ranking for a blog that might be not true. If a blogger do Guest posting for building a relationship with other blogger, then there is nor harm otherwise it will create a problem for the blogger if he/she can do it for link building, because now days due to invention of new algo, every year google will definitely penailzes those links building sites.

  2. Hi Anil,

    Just stumbled upon your blog and liked it, would like to browse more. This is a very informative and well thought out article. Thanks for such valuable suggestions!

    Being a newbie, I have been treading quite cautiously, picking up cues from seasoned bloggers. I am really amazed at the goodness of some bloggers who guide in a systematic manner through their posts. I must say… you are one of them. Thank you.

  3. vikas yadav says:

    Hello@Balroop, if you are a newbie then, bloggerpassion is the great place to learn all the stuff that is required for a newbie like wordpress pluging, themes, hosting , seo and many more.
    But according to me , first of all you learn basic SEO, and after that write posts on your blog. the rest of the things you will learn with time. Keep updated your blog freuently.

  4. Pramod says:

    Guest blogging exists even before the Google exist so it will never end.

  5. Nikhil says:

    Hi Anil,

    Awesome post on guest blogging feature, all the loopholes you mention are great, I agree with all your point and try to improve my social engagement with users.
    Thank you for sharing this great post and useful information…… 😉

  6. Becca says:

    “Guest blogging exists even before the Google exist so it will never end.” – That’s so nice to know.(I’m quoting this from one of the comments above!) I’m planning to do this actually for my new blog – “Build your presence on Google+”. Thanks for sharing Anil, I’ll make sure to come back for more 🙂

  7. Davis says:

    I think guest blogging will continue to survive although since now Google has a keen eye on it, spammers would be aware of this and may be this ends up cleaning the system in the process.

  8. Uday Ghulaxe says:

    I dont understant what to do now. Guest blogging is the great way to build the traffic but after reading all the post about the guest blogging I think this is not going to work in 2014. The best way is that just focus on creating best content and rank high in the search engine. Google is not going to consider any other short cuts now

  9. Ryan Biddulph says:


    I do guest posting on the side – for paid articles – in addition to my blogging business. The orders keep rolling in.

    Per usual most desperate people panicked when MC made his announcement. The big money like people from Forbes, Entrepreneur.com, etc….wrote posts immediately after MC’s words supporting guest blogging.

    Great points.

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