What You Need to Become A Freelancer And Start Making More Money

become successful freelancer

Who else wants to become a freelancer and start making money without depending on others. Freelancing is a great way to work on your own conditions and make as money as you want. If you are new to freelancing and searching for proven ways to start making more money, this post is for you. Let’s get into the details.

What is freelancing?

Freelancing simply means working for yourself on a specific field. There won’t be any boss or someone watching around you all the time to finish your tasks. Freelancers have complete freedom in when to work, how many hours to work, how much to charge etc.

Here are few benefits of being a freelancer.

  • You’re your own boss and there will be literally no rules.
  • You can spend more time on doing things you really love.
  • Interact with your family almost every time.
  • Own work conditions.
  • You don’t have to commute each and every day to work for others.
  • Choose your own clients and price according to your needs.

What you need to become a successful freelancer?

Be good at something. If you are good at one specific field be it writing, designing or creating anything that adds value to others, you can become a successful freelancer who can make money online.

Tips to become a freelancer and start making money

become successful freelancer

Here are few surefire ways to get started as a freelancer and turn your career into full-time job to make money from home.

Start a website and create a portfolio

To become a successful freelance to make money online, you should own a self-hosted website.  Show casing your BEST stuff at one place is the proven way to attract new clients. You need to have a strong portfolio page where you can display your best work to instantly attract clients.

One of the best ways to do that is through by launching a blog preferably on WordPress content management system. If you are thinking to work as a freelancer, you MUST need a website to show case your portfolio. Without having a website you would be losing so much money on the table.

Harness the power of social media

Observe any successful freelancer you will notice one thing that they use social media sites to increase their brand awareness. In online, branding is everything and you won’t be getting high paying clients without having an exceptional brand. You have to use all the ways to increase your social media engagement to make more money as a freelancer.

You can also test various ads on Facebook and twitter to find your clients. Initially you have to spend time and money on social media because most people might not be aware of what you do and who you are. By using social media wisely you will not only be able to find new clients but you can increase your branding awareness that leads to making more money.

Find clients who choose you over others

Once you setup a WordPress blog and build a strong portfolio, you are ready to go. You can start attracting new clients who are interested in hiring you. When you are just starting out as a freelancer, don’t get confused about choosing the clients.

Initially you may attract very few clients, but once you are on the business you will learn how to attract more clients. The key here is to find FEW clients who pay you more. Instead of choosing too many clients to make more money, it’s better to attract high paying clients. It not only reduces your work hours, but you will be able to focus on spending more time on creating great stuff.

Learn the art of negotiation

Effective negotiation skills are hard to build. Not everyone has the ability to build win/win negotiation skills where both can get benefitted. Learn to effectively negotiate with your clients.

You don’t have to worry about the clients who bargain for each and every penny. Just leave them and focus on finding clients who don’t bother spending extra bucks for getting quality work from you. Don’t afraid to ditch the clients who always interfere in your work and who don’t bother about your time and money.

Market yourself to become a freelancer

Make sure to widen your online reach, the more people you know the better clients you will get. If someone’s recommending you, you will get instant client requests from allover the web. If you have good connections with authority bloggers, your freelancing career becomes a cakewalk.

Create a thriving network around your blogs, start connecting with others and learn to effectively market yourself without looking like a sales guy. Start building an email list when you are starting out, give some incentives to your visitors to quickly boost your subscribers. Email list is the surefire ways to become a successful freelancer and make more money online as an email list gives you targeted subscribers who are interested in your stuff.

Focus on search engine optimization

Search engines not only send quality traffic to your websites but they also send you potential customers who are looking for your services. Properly optimize your web pages and service pages for search engines (use buyer keywords) to bring massive results from search engines.

If you are completely new to SEO, consider hiring a SEO expert to make your web pages search friendly. Also learn to write search engine friendly blog posts if you are thinking to become a freelance writer as you will get more amount if you have SEO skills.

Social proof can triple your clients

Use testimonials from influencers in your industry when you are starting out and trust me you can attract high paying clients instantly. Don’t fake! Make sure you have good network with the influencers in your niche and ask their permission to use their testimonials on your service pages.

Social proof increases your trust factor and your clients want to know better about others who they are willing to work with. So focus on getting testimonials and use their photos to build instant trust.

So what are your thoughts about becoming a freelancer to make money online? Please share your comments on becoming a successful freelancer.


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