When to Allow Guest Posts on Your Blog

When to Allow Guest Posts on Your BlogWe all know that one of the most important things to do, especially as a new blog owner, is to get quality content up on your site as quick as you can. At its initial conception, doing so is easy. Most likely you have a lot your would already like to talk about, and it has built over time, and you can get a really good start to the content creation. But as you continue your blog, your steam might run out, and you’re left with posting every few days or once a week. Allowing for other bloggers to blog on your website has the potential to have great effects for your blog, and can create a mutually beneficial relationship between bloggers.

Benefits of Guest Posts

So what should you look for in a guest blog, and when should you make the decision to allow other writers on your blog? As earlier mentioned, when you start to slow down on content, this might be a time for you to look for other writers, and all of this depends on how often you’d like to post. For instance, if your goal is once or twice a week, then low output might be okay with you and your audience. However if you’re starting a tech blog, you can’t really afford falling behind as tech is always growing and developing. In this case, you might would like guest blogs no matter what if you’re running a tech blog, it might be nice to have others help you stay on top on news breaks.

Gain an Audience and Drive Traffic

Another reason that allowing for guests posts is a good idea is because it often blooms into a symbiotic relationship. Many times new outlets for you will be opened to blog on other sites, and this can increase your readership, as well as being able to help you create a brand for yourself. You will get your work out there, and tap into a while new audience that you have not been writing for, and you can these benefits will ultimately draw traffic back to you.

There is also a huge benefit that can help you drive your traffic up to your website or blog by allowing guest posts. People that love to write also enjoy sharing what they write. If you allow for enthusiastic writers to contribute posts to your site, they will potentially share it to their entire social network, resulting in you receiving traffic from new followers. This can have a huge impact on your site because you are able to tap into new territories. Imagine if a blogger has hundreds of followers or more. When they write for you, and then tweet or share the link to the article through social media channels, you are instantly getting exposure to a ton of potential readers and followers.

Screening Guest Posts

You should also know when to say “no” to potential guest posters. Some people have a great variety of knowledge, but lack the writing skills to benefit your blog. The last thing you want is to spend time correcting too much grammar, or worse, letting it slip by and hurting your blog’s reputation. You also want to make sure that those contributing to your blog have an interest in sharing their work from your blog on social channels. Perhaps you can ask for a past blog sample and see how much sharing their articles get. Overall, however, you want to make sure that you are getting solid content to help your blog grow.

In this case, the integrity and reputation of your blog should take top priority. Yes, it is great to have contributors and more material, but if that material hurts search engine rankings or relevance, you need to pass on offers. Also if your blog in specific, which hopefully it will be, you need to make sure your guests are contributing articles in the same manner. When your website starts linking to or discussing a myriad of topics, you start to lose you voice as an industry or topic specific resource. If you have a tech blog, why would I want to see an article about pets? I know this is an extreme example, but it has been seen that people try to sneak information onto your site that can hurt you.

So this should help you make that tough decision on whether or not you should allow others to contribute to your blog. Either way, it is important for you to get quality content to help your audience and base grow, and having a helping hand can really make a difference. As mentioned, always think of your work and blog first, and make sure that you don’t allow anything that might hurt the name you’ve created for yourself.


  1. Simmeon says:

    You can start accepting guest post from day one, but most will want to waiting until they have a small following that know what to expect from you. But the world is your oyster, if it’s a personal blog you’ll want to limit that amount you accept per month.

  2. Dean Saliba says:

    Allowing guest posts onto your blog is a fantastic way of getting fresh content. I had to put in a few rules recently:

    1. Link the guest poster is leaving must have something to do with my niche. – I receive a lot of decent guest posts about MMO or blogging and the links would lead to an acne site or a forex trading site.

    2. Poster must come back and answer comments within a certain time frame – I used to get people submitting guest posts and then never returning to reply to comments. If a poster does not comeback within a week I delete their post.

    • Jordan Mendys says:

      Dean, I know that some bloggers are very adamant about having industry specific articles. In my experience I have seen that a lot of people welcome fresh content as long as their base would appreciate the topic.

      I feel that linking is a personal thing. In the day and age of free content through guest blog, it is nice to offer links as payment, but you’re right. You do need to protect where you are letting your site point to. Trashy and spammy sites can get you dinged real quick.

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