Why Building Credibility is Important in Blogosphere?

I always regard blogosphere as a corporate world. A world where there is healthy competition, people (read bloggers) are looking for ways to bring maximum traffic to their blog, which in turn will become their subscribers, of course, if the content and the presentation are good enough. The bloggers, to gain maximum traffic, are giving new offers and incentives to their subscribers in the form of e-books and newsletters. For me, blogosphere is a corporate world on the Internet, which includes not just one country or region, but the entire world.

So why is this comparison between the blogosphere and corporate world? In your blogging career, you might have heard of the word “credibility”. To define it exactly in blogging terms will not be easy, so I will just give you an idea. By credibility, what I mean is that how to establish yourself in a way that everyone treats you with a respect, in a way that whenever somebody reads your name or your blog’s name, anywhere, in a blog, in a guest post or in a comment, they instantly relate with someone they trusts and knows that this person is genuine.

So, why credibility is important?

1. It builds reputation

Credibility builds you, your brand and your name. That is the most important thing you will be needed in your long blogging career. No blogger can survive for long without a reputation behind him. No matter how hard you try, without a good image; every effort is futile.

2. It brings you what you need

You need subscribers, you will get it. You need traffic you will get it. You need business you will get it. The only mantra for all these things is once again credibility. Your potential customers need to believe that you will deliver what you have promised them in time without compromising with the quality. The long term bloggers look forward to gain financial benefits from their blog and without a solid image and credibility behind them, they cannot achieve it.

3. Self satisfaction

Not every blogger’s motive here is money related. There are some bloggers who are out there to help others and they are doing it very genuinely. So, it is about self-satisfaction. Your efforts are gaining recognition and believe me guys, if in this huge sea of blogs, in blogosphere, if people know you by your name, there is nothing bigger. People like Darren Rowse and John Chow are examples.

So, how to build credibility successfully?

Step 1- Promote Yourself

The most time taking step but remember, never neglect its importance. Once you are done with it, the rest won’t be difficult. Do this through blogging, commenting, helping, guest posting and networking

2. Step 2- Practice What You Preach

In Step 1, when you promoted yourself, you surely have told them your way of working- what you think, what you do, how you do. The good way of building credibility is to work on that. Work in the way you have promised. There is no use delivering the article after 10 days, which you promised to deliver in 4 days. No matter how high quality post is that; you have made a dent in your image.

3. Step 3- Repeat Steps 1 and 2

That is it. Keep promoting yourself and work in a way that people will accept you. That is the key.

If you have not started working in the right manner, I strongly recommend you to do so. And trust me, when that will be done, you will be a more satisfied and happy blogger.


  1. Mia says:

    In some way credibility means money. If you are credible in your field, then other will follow and other will employ you. If not, they will find someone else to follow.

    Because you can’t really meet face to face with your users, the attitude and info you send online builds up or not your credibility.

    So accurate info and a professional attitude may bring you credibility.

    • Angel says:

      Hi Mia,
      I agree with you that credibility in some way or the other, it can also mean potential earnings. If you are reputable or credible in your field, people will want to hire you for your knowledge and expertise.

  2. Aaron says:

    Hello Anil,
    Personally, I find promoting one’s self to be very important, especially if you want to attract people into your site. This is the very reason why people blog – to attract visitors.

  3. Best Apps List says:

    Indeed a great article Anil, I’ve always been following your blog and the decent advice you provide in an easy to understand fashion just makes them invaluable.

  4. Kavya Hari says:

    Blogosphere that includes whole world. And, its really good work on here 🙂

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