Why You Need Semrush? 6 Magic Ways You Can Use It For Growing Your Traffic And Sales

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January 6, 2021

Would you like to beat your competitors in Google search results? Would you like to find keywords that help you increase both your search traffic and website sales?

I’ve a great recommendation for you then. It’s Semrush. It’s the #1 SEO tool used by SEO experts all over the online world. If you are wondering why you need Semrush to grow your traffic and sales, this tutorial is for you where you will find some amazing reasons to use this SEO tool.

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If you are wondering what you can do with Semrush, here are few major benefits.

  • You can find the best performing keywords of your competitors
  • You can easily estimate the traffic of any website
  • You can do backlink analysis
  • You can spy on your competitors
  • You can track your keyword positions and many more

All in all, Semrush is the most popular SEO tool used by SEO experts to boost their search rankings, traffic and sales. In this detailed guide, you will find out few of the key features of Semrush that you can use to grow your traffic and sales.

6 Ways You Can Use Semrush to Master SEO, Traffic And Sales

reasons to use Semrush

1. SEO Keyword Magic: The Magic Tool for Keyword Research

If you are struggling to increase your search engine traffic, I’ve a simple tip for you. Find better keywords and use them in your blog posts. That’s it! Within no time, you will see massive traffic coming from search engines to your sites.

But finding better keywords that increase your traffic is NOT easy.

With Semrush, keyword research is a walk in the park. It’s really simple with their SEO keyword magic feature (it’s now in the beta version).

What can you do with this feature?

You can find the following things.

  • You can find the monthly search volume of your targeted keyword.
  • You can easily find out the keyword difficulty
  • You can find the CPC (cost per click) for that keyword
  • You can find the competitive density of advertisers
  • You can find SERP features
  • You can also find a lot of relevant keywords so you can pick the best one

If you are wondering how it works, let me explain it to you with the screenshots.

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Step 1: Log in to Semrush dashboard and click on “SEO keyword magic” option under Keyword Analytics feature.

SEO Keyword Magic info

Step 2: Enter any keyword of your choice. I’m entering an example keyword of “seo best practices”.


See that? SEO keyword magic is showing me all the keywords related to our targeted keyword along with their monthly search volume, keyword difficulty percentage, average CPC, competitiveness and SERP features.

Among all the keywords given by it, best seo practices seems to have low search volume but with a good cpc with over $13. That means, if you can rank for that keyword in the first 3 search results, you will have great chances of boosting your blog’s income by promoting particular products related to it.

Step 3: Not only that, when you click on any one of the keyword choices given by Semrush, you can find further more information which is shown as below.


That’s a hell lot of information about your targeted keyword. Not only you will know the search volume and CPC, you can also find all the relevant keywords that you can use to grow your overall search engine traffic really quickly.

2. Site Audit: Helps You Find And Fix Your Website Issues

One of the BIGGEST reasons I use Semrush is because of it’s incredible feature called “Site Audit”. It helps me find out all the changes in my search rankings along with the SEO related issues my site has.

So it quickly helps me find and fix my site SEO related issues so I can improve my search traffic even after Google vague search algorithms.

With Site Audit feature, you can easily do the following things.

  • You can find your website’s total score (the higher the better)
  • You can find all the errors and warnings that your site has
  • You can track your progress
  • You can also easily find all the link sources that your site has (incoming link sources and external links)

If you are wondering how it works, let me show you.

Step 1: When you are on Semrush dashboard, click on projects option to create a project and add your website’s URL to perform Site Audit of your whole site to find and fix all your site issues. It usually gives you a health score for your site. Here’s how it looks like.

site-score: Semrush

Step 2: When you click on your Site Audit “health score”, it will show you the following details.

Site audit details

Did you see that? Overall, the health score of BloggersPassion (site audit) is currently 83% and there are 11 errors and 183 warnings. While you can neglect the warnings but you must fix your site errors as soon as possible if you want to grow your search engine traffic and rankings.

Simply clicking on the Errors link will show you all the SEO related issues that your site has.

Here’s the screenshot of the errors.

Site Audit: errors

When you further click on those links, it will take you to the problematic pages (or links) where you can fix your site issues to grow your overall search traffic. Here’s the final screenshot of it.

Semrush Errors: Broken Links

So there you go. That’s how you can use Site Audit feature from Semrush to find and fix all the SEO related issues to increase your overall search traffic and website sales.

3. Want to Profit from Your Competitors? Semrush Is for You

Many of us wants to know how few of our competitors are doing so great. How they are able to get so much of traffic and sales while we are struggling.

Are you also one among them? Then, I’ve a good news for you. By using Semrush, you can easily find out what your competitors are doing to increase their traffic and sales.

You can easily figure out their website traffic, best performing keywords, high traffic pages, their backlink sources and every other detail you need to crush them in the search results.

What else do you need from a tool? Here’s how you can use Semrush for doing competitor’s research.

I mainly use this feature for keyword position tracking and I already entered few of my competitors domains in my account so I can easily track whether I’m doing better or not.

Here’s the screenshot of position tracking with Semrush.

semrush tracking

From the above screenshot, you can observe that I’ve entered 3 of my closest competitors.

Semrush helps me find whether I’m doing better than them or not by showing my keyword positions on Google (currently I’m doing better) visibility trend.

It also helps me find the estimated traffic and average position for my targeted keywords along with my competition so I can easily find out what’s missing to increase my search engine rankings.

4. Perform A Complete Backlink Analysis

With Semrush, you can do a thorough backlink analysis of any website or blog on the web. You can do the following things with Semrush backlink analysis tool.

  • Find all backlinks to an entire site (root domain, including all subdomains)
  • Find the estimated age of a backlink
  • Find backlinks with specific anchor text
  • Find all backlinks to a domain (excluding all subdomains)
  • Find all backlinks to a specific subdomain
  • Include/Exclude just nofollow backlinks
  • Include/Exclude backlinks from a specific referring domain
  • Find all backlinks to a specific URL
  • Find how many other internal/external links (to any site/page) are on a source URL
  • Include/Exclude just image backlinks

Let’s talk about few of the above features using Semrush screenshots so you can better understand about the backlink analysis of your competitor’s.

Let’s say I want to find out the backlinks of BloggingTips.com when I use Semrush backlink analysis, here’s what it shows me.

backlinks-analytics: Bloggingtips.com

It has a whooping number of over 27,000 backlinks pointing to it. Similarly, you can find the total backlinks of any of your competitor’s. That way you can easily know who has more backlinks.

Not only that, you can dig deeper to get more details about backlinks.


See that? You can find all the sources for those 27,000 backlinks. That means you have access to every backlink source from where your competitors are getting links from. This is a HUGE benefit of using Semrush.

Not only you can use this information to find backlink opportunities but you can actually use some of those sources to build backlinks for your own sites.

5. Keywords, keywords, keywords!

In the 1st feature mentioned above in this tutorial, you’ve discovered how to use keyword magic feature but there’s more to it. Semrush has an incredible keyword finder which helps you do the following things.

  • Find rankings for a specific keyword
  • Find keyword suggestions for keyword research
  • Find keywords with a specific number of search results

Let’s discuss about them now.

Finding analytics for any keyword: If you are struggling to get more traffic from search engines, you must know one fact: keyword research is the key to more organic traffic. Without finding and using proper keywords within your content, it won’t rank well and bring any traffic to your sites.

Here’s where Semrush keyword research tool helps you a lot. You can analyze any keyword that you want. For instance, the keyword “twitter analytics” got the following analytics on Semrush (along with the monthly search volume and CPC).


Not only that, you can also find relevant keywords so you can quickly boost your search rankings by using similar keywords instead of keyword stuffing.

Finding keyword suggestions to boost your traffic: Semrush keyword research feature also helps you find relevant keywords so you can grow your traffic.

For the same keyword mentioned above “twitter analytics”, here’s the result for relevant keywords.

Relevant keywords

Did you notice that? Not only Semrush is giving you phrase match keywords along with the monthly search volume and CPC data but it is also showing you related keywords that match with your primary keyword phrase.

When you click on “View Full Report”, you will get hundreds of keyword ideas that are relevant to your main keyword. Just by looking at the monthly volume, you can pick and start using the right keywords to grow your search traffic and sales.

6. You can monetize your sites with Semrush!

Do you want to make money by using Semrush smartly?

I’ve a great tip for you: find which keywords few companies are using to show their ads on Google, rank for them and monetize your sites.

For instance, when I type GetResponse (#1 email marketing software) on Semrush for the “Advertising Research”, here’s what it shows me.


GetResponse is paying (in India) around $2400 per month at an average to get 17000 monthly traffic to their site for few keywords. If you can rank well for those keywords, you can contact GetResponse team to place ads on your sites. It’s a win/win approach for both of you, right?

If you are wondering which keywords they are using for their advertising research, here you go.


For the above keywords, GetResponse is paying money for Google AdWords to get more visibility in the search results. If you can rank well for some of those keywords, you can actually ask GetResponse (or any other product that shows paid ads) to put ads or link into your sites.

You can also ask them for paid product reviews which is another way of making money from your sites. So there you go. That’s how you can use Semrush to make money!

My Verdict About Using Semrush

If you are a regular reader of BloggersPassion, you already know that I don’t recommend too many products. I only recommend those which I personally use and love. Among all the tools I use, Semrush tops the list.

Not only it helped me grow my search engine traffic by over 5000 extra visitors just within a month, it also helped me grow my website sales. So if you are struggling to boost your search engine traffic or sales, you MUST give a try to Semrush.

What I like and what I don’t like in Semrush?

What I like most in Semrush: Here are few things I really love about this SEO tool.

  • Their databases get updated very frequently (giving you the fresh information)
  • Unlimited number of backlink opportunities
  • Find highly profitable keywords within minutes
  • Find out the traffic of any website in the world
  • Domain to domain comparison
  • Find and fix your website issues with site audit feature

What I don’t like in Semrush:

  • Bit expensive when compared to SERPed tool
  • Few effective features are still in beta version

Few question about Semrush

Can I find backlink opportunities with Semrush?

Yes, as I said earlier, Semrush is an all in one tool and you can use it to find backlinks of any website in the world.

Can I find high paying keywords with it?

Yes, obviously. You can go through this guide to find profitable keywords that increase both your search traffic and sales.

Can I use Semrush to grow my traffic and sales?

After reading this Semrush review, you might probably already know that it can be used for competitor analysis and keyword research. These two factors are enough for you to grow your website traffic and sales.

How Semrush is different from other SEO tools?

Semrush is an allrounder SEO tool whereas most other SEO tools like Moz, Ahrefs, Majestic SEO etc are limited in features. With Semrush, you can do everything from keyword research to backlink analysis to website SEO audits.

How much does it cost?

It has 3 pricing packages.

  1. Pro (comes at $119.95 per month) which is enough for majority of the bloggers
  2. Guru (comes at $229.95 per month) suitable for small businesses
  3. Business (comes at $449.95 per month) which is perfect for large websites and SEO agencies.

Do I have any special offers from Semrush?

Yes, you can avail their 30 days free trial using this exclusive link. You won’t get this anywhere else as Semrush usually gives only 7 days free trials. It’s exclusive for BloggersPassion readers.

Final Thoughts

To conclude the incredible features of a great tool like Semrush within a post is almost impossible. I’ve covered this tool so many times on this blog to find better keywords, to increase your traffic and build better backlinks.

All in all, Semrush is the ONLY SEO tool you need if you want to increase your search traffic and website sales. I wouldn’t be recommending a tool so many times to my readers if I personally don’t get any results from it.

So what are your thoughts about Semrush? Did you find it useful? Are you going to use it for increasing your traffic and sales?

Anil Agarwal

Why You Need Semrush? 6 Magic Ways You Can Use It For Growing Your Traffic And SalesAnil Agarwal who owns Bloggerspassion.com, is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable blogs for over a decade. Bloggers Passion has been featured on premium online sites like Forbes.com, Huffingtonpost, Semrush, Problogger, Crazy Egg, The Next Web and so on.

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