Why I Rank CPM Ads on the TOP??

Earning money from their blog is the motive of majority of the bloggers around the world. For this, they employ various methods like Pay Par Click (PPC) ads, private advertisements sale, affiliate ads and services. But there is one monetizing method that many bloggers ignore- the CPM ads. Most of the bloggers do not count it as a premium source of earning but I always think that this is the best source of income for a blogger.

CPM ads are nothing but pay per impression ads. The pay rate is fixed for per 1000 impressions (most common) and the payout rate differs from $1 to $5. I have ranked CPM ads among the top types of ads networks because

  1. Sure Income– Fair enough, CPM ads guarantees that you will earn something every time a page is displayed. Although, you will reach the handsome amount only after some 10000 page views but still, these ads make sure that none of your page views goes waste. Unlike, the PPC ads, where you have to wait for someone to click on the ads displayed on your blog to start earning, CPM ads are simple and uncomplicated.
  2. You will control your income, not your visitors– With CPM ads, you are the one that will make sure that how much you will earn. You can place ads anywhere you want keeping the mind the placement of ads so that they get maximum visibility. This will help you in earning good and SURE income.
  3. If people click on ads, it’s a bonus– The bonus with CPM ads is that if anybody clicks on your CPM ad, you get additional income. The click rate may not be as high as the Adsense rate, anything extra is not bad.

For those who are just starting, there are lots of options to choose from. Some of them require minimum page views per months, some not. So, see that you complete all requirements and then go for one of them.

One better thing about CPM ads is that the minimum payout is fairly low. The payout starts from as low as $5 for some networks making it easy for you to get this income every month. Also, for Indian bloggers, now there are few Indian CPM ad networks making it easy for them to earn and use money in local currency.

I am using CPM ads on my blog. It is the only serious monetization I have done here. I will recommend all of you to use CPM ads at least once and share your experience with all of us.


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