Why I’m Not Accepting Your Guest Post?

Why I will not accept your guest post on Bloggers PassionIf you have read my blog latest income report then you must have noticed that I am planning to be stricter while accepting guest posts from anyone. There are many reasons for that and that is why I decided to do a post on guest posting guidelines. When bloggers request guest posts from anyone then there are certain expectations which should be met. These guidelines will give you the most common reasons that do not allow your guest post to be published. Failure to meet the criteria forced some bloggers like Keisha of weblogbetter to come up with a very strict guest posting guideline and if other bloggers continue repeating the mistakes then the very institution of guest posting may disappear.

Your post doesn’t meet the minimum word requirement

In these days of Google Panda and Penguin where all SEO strategies are falling like a house of cards, the only options which remain with bloggers is to make posts longer and detailed. Sadly Google associates length with quality. While this may not be true for well-established bloggers, lot of bloggers with young blogs find it hard to please Google with short posts. I have clearly mentioned in the guidelines that I need a post with 800 words. You will receive up to two links back to your blog and social profile. Have I ever brought a shortage to that or stolen your guest post? Then why do you fail to give me what I am asking. No matter what I do, the pageviews are decreasing and I need longer posts. If you can write it well and good but I will not compromise my standards.

You don’t reply to comments

The reason why bloggers accept guest posts is to add some variety to their blogs, to bring a fresh voice, to give their readers new ideas. Whenever you guys come up with a new idea I am open to it. But don’t expect me to know completely what you are posting. If readers come up with doubts then its your responsibility to answer them. Its alright if you delay it by one day or two but abandoning your guest post completely is not acceptable. I may delete your published posts completely or remove all your links if you do that. I will never again publish any of your posts if you do that. I am very serious about it as I’m seeing some guest bloggers are not replying to comments from readers on their guest posts. It seems as if they were on my blog for just collecting backlinks for their target website. You know just by putting your link there doesn’t mean that everyone will come to your blog. There’s a thing called networking. They are interested in what you write and may need more of it. By ignoring them you are ignoring the traffic, sales and an opportunity. An opportunity to survive without Google. You are taking them directly to your blog without the intervention of Google. Make any sense. Ring any bells!

You don’t proof read your posts

I am no grammar guru, but I know when a post becomes completely illegible. You know I don’t have the time to clean up the mess you have created. There are a million other important things going on in my mind like beating penguin, replying to comments, thinking about my next guest post and checking on the rumours of the new iphone. At least do a spell check the next time you fire up a post to me. You may have a great idea but guess what you just lost it because of your grammar and carelessness. Show some respect.

You send posts which are not related to my niche

Have you ever thought of reading some of my posts just to know what my blog is about before sending me your invention? I blog about blogging, making money online, web hosting, domain name providers, online businesses, wordpress and scores of other topics if you care to look around. Send something related to that. Every week I get posts which are completely unrelated to my blog. You are playing with fire, links on unrelated sited will decrement your ranking and value before search engines which you are trying so HARD to build. If you don’t want to understand what I mean then please go on. Your posts will never see the daylight on my blog.

There are some additional things which piss me off

Asking me whether I accept guest posts

Oh yes I do and for telling the world just that, I have written another 800 worded post with the tab name SUBMIT GUEST POST. Take time to read that. Please read that! It says in bold that I accept guest posts and I accept guest posts which are no less than 800 words. Out of 30-40 blogging requests that I get on weekly basis, at least half of them ask me silly questions like whether I’m accepting guest posts on BloggersPassion.com. I don’t see any logic behind such questions. This type of emails are just going to waste my own and guest bloggers time who are actually sending them to me.

Asking me when your post gets published

Friends if your post gets published or is scheduled, then you will get automatic notification about its status. Have patience. I have had the patience of reading through your entire post and 100 plus others every month and its not an easy task. I have had the patience of correcting your grammar mistakes to some extent and scouring the web for appropriate images and only after reading it once again do I hit the publish button and before that I saw your mail with the same question 20 times.


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