Why No One Is Buying Your Affiliate Products And What Can You Do?

make money from affiliate products

No one is buying my affiliate products though I’m getting enough traffic to my blogs.

This is the common question I receive from my readers. In this detailed guide, we will discuss two things.

  1. Why no one is buying your affiliate products and
  2. What you can do to make them buy your affiliate products

First of all, it’s a common problem. Even the professionals who are now making a living from their blogs once faced the same situation – everyone ignored buying their products. They never give up, they learned and found the ways to make people buy their affiliate products.

We are going to discuss these things to make more sales from your affiliate products.

Why no one buys your affiliate products?

make money from affiliate products

People don’t buy from strangers

Why would anyone buy from unknown people? Would you ever buy from a complete stranger especially when you are purchasing something online?

If you want others to buy your affiliate products stop chasing them down and build a rapport. Without building interaction with others you can never make significant money online.

You don’t have an email list

This is the #1 reason most people don’t buy your affiliate products. Email list is the lifeblood for affiliate marketing success. Without having a thriving email list, it is very difficult to make money by selling your affiliate products.

Offer something to people to get them onto your email lists. You can give away something like eBooks, special reports, plugins, themes or anything that is related to your audience and niche. Analyze what other bloggers are offering to their audience and find a unique point to grab more people attention to build your email list.

Always use best email auto responders like AWeber, GetResponse etc. They can help you make more money by offering excellent features like tracking, A/B testing, email conversion optimization, mobile optimization etc.

Did you know that $1 you invest on building an email list returns you $40? It is why you should be start building a targeted email list to build your own online business.

Don’t plaster your blog with too much affiliate stuff

Whenever I visit a new blog, I always observe one thing, new bloggers plaster their blog design with excessive affiliate ads. They promote hell lot of affiliate products all at once. Most of them even promote the affiliate products which they never use. This always creates a bad impact on your readership and hence no one shows much interest in buying your affiliate products.

Never promote too many affiliate products on your blogs, especially when you are just starting out.

You have to build momentum with your blog and start promoting extremely specific affiliate products to reap the best rewards from your efforts. Always promote the affiliate products you personally use, never promote a product just because it pays you more commission.

So what can you do to increase your affiliate sales?

Write genuine reviews about the products

People love to buy anything online if someone is providing genuine help.

Observe any successful affiliate marketer who is making a living from their online business (Pat Flynn, Zac Johnson, Harsh Agrawal etc), they all are giving honest feedback on their products to their audience. That’s why their readers and subscribers buy their products using their affiliate links because they offer genuine help.

Always write unbiased reviews about the affiliate products you use and tell your readers why they are good. If they are convinced with your product reviews, they will definitely use your affiliate links to increase your affiliate sales, as simple as that.

Create interaction and build rapport with readers

Without readership you won’t make any success in selling your affiliate products. Readers are everything in building a profitable blog. Here are few ways to build a long lasting relationship with your readers.

Write detailed posts: No one is reading short posts now unless you are a Seth Godin. Short posts don’t provide any value either to your readers or search engine crawlers. Usually long and detailed posts that consist of 800+ (1000+ words are even better) words rank higher in the search engines, they also help you build a great relationship with your readers.

Post consistently: Lack of consistency can kill your blog readership. Most blogs are abandoned because of inconsistency in their posting frequency. If you are consistently posting great articles on your blogs, you will pull more audience attention to read, share and buy your stuff.

Respond to their queries: Let it be comments, emails or general feedback, whenever you get a response from your blog readers – respond to them as soon as possible. This helps you build credibility and trust in the long run. In the end, they are the people who are going to buy your products to help you make more money from online.

Take baby steps

Making money from affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes a lot of time to make decent income by selling your affiliate products. No one on this earth became a millionaire overnight, they learned, they made mistakes and by following few tactics they are now be able to make a living from their businesses.

There are no shortcuts, you have to define your audience and serve them with suitable products and make money. So it’s always advisable for anyone to take small steps, one step at a time.

Don’t promote too many affiliate products and don’t kill your blog readership. Teach them and make them aware of the affiliate products you promote. And using rapport that you build with your email list, you can make more affiliate sales.

In a nutshell: Credibility and consistency is the key to affiliate marketing success. You have to build trust with your readers and promote the affiliate products that you personally use. You can double your affiliate income by tripling your email list.

Do you have any recommendations to make more money from affiliate marketing? What reasons do you think are stopping you from buying affiliate products from others? Please leave your thoughts below.


  1. Pramod says:

    Many professional says that affiliate marketing is far better than Google adsense, but I think that affiliate marketing is much harder one. If someone follows all above carefully then he may successful but it will take time.
    One more point is that if you convince your readers that you are also using the product then it can get more results.

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Pramod, I must say. No doubt affiliate marketing is much harder to crack than Adsense kind of pay per click programs. But the benefits are also huge. You will always have higher chances of making more money with affiliate products if you are doing it right.

      It always make sense to promote those products only you are using or worth your use.

      • vikas yadav says:

        Hello@Anil:- I also think that affiliate is the best and the quickest way to make money as compared like adsense, infolinks, buysellads etc. ,but the major problem is that you can not make huge commissions or money for all types of product. It also depends upon which types of product you are trying to sell to your clients..

  2. vikas yadav says:

    Helllo@Anil:- First of thanks for this wonderful articles which provides mostly all the important informations for a newbie blogger who have never tried affiliate on their blog.
    I’m agree with all your points but to successed in the affiliate marketing there are some other imporant points is also need. i.e. you must have a well established blog having good page rank, good alexa rank and most important the you must be very honest to your readers. In my opinion these are some other very important points that a affiliate marketer must have to remember, in addition to all those points that you have mentioned in your article.

    • Pramod says:

      I agree with all the points of yours except one which is page rank because I have seen a PR zero blog making good number of sales.

      • vikas yadav says:

        Hello@Pramod:- I’m also conveince from your points that a page rank zero blog make good number of sales. But If a page rank zero blog make good number of sales then, then the main reasons for that is that the owner of that blog is very popular in the blogosphere. He knows perfectely how to get success in the affiliate marketing.

  3. uday ghulaxe says:

    affiliate marketing is great . Because you can get more money at a time from affiliate marketing. While asense gives you very little amount of money at a time. Thanks for such a great post anil sir. I am looking forword to use PPC tools on my blog.

  4. suklambar says:

    Hello Anil thanks for your awesome post. it teaches lots of things to all newbie bloggers like me also.

  5. Anil, thanks for your write up. You have said it all; the best way to make people buy your affiliate products or buy through your affiliate link is to build relationship with them because they buy based on trust.

    Using attractive incentives can really help a lot to make people buy from your link. However, experience in writing a convincing review is also important, and this must never be overlooked.

    Do have a lovely week.

  6. Muhammad Hussain says:

    Very well said no one buy anything from strangers… yet new bloggers are trying to sell it …… lol

  7. Haroon says:

    Ah.. Finally Google send me here to read awesome article and this article able me to understand how i can promote affiliate and convince reader. Thankx buddy for such a nice article.

  8. Syed Ali says:

    Nice info.
    I would absolutely apply these tips on my blog as i am not getting enough income from affiliate programs

  9. Manjusha says:

    Hi Anil!
    Great article. I am fairly new to blogging and just signed up for affiliate marketing to sell through my blog. I have few questions for you if could help with: firstly is it a good idea to keep shuffling the displayed products after every few days or so. Do you think that would help viewers with variety? Also if you could take a look at my blog and suggest me about the products I have chosen plus is it decent number or you find it cluttered ? Your suggestion would help me as a beginner. Thank you 🙂

  10. Hello Anil!

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog post.

    Making money from Affiliate marketing is the dream of every blogger but however unfortunate, not many bloggers achieve that dream. Some who did can barely survive with it.

    One method I have come to learn fast and stuck with it is to promote a product you know how it works. Share your personal experience with the product in your honest review and your blog readers will heartily buy through your link.

    Emenike Emmanuel

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