Why Twitter Is Considered As The Best Marketing Platform?

Today, businesses all across the world are making use of twitter and other social networking services to promote their business globally.Increasing the traffic rate in the website of the company is the primary motto of any company.  Therefore social media marketing is considered as the most important part of every business these days. The influence of social media can be seen on every individual.  It has successfully reached to large amount of people from all parts of the world.  Over the time people have started using social media as a very significant marketing tool.  I have included 10 reasons why twitter is considered as the best marketing platform.

Twitter Marketing Platform

Direct Marketing

Those people who follow you are the one who wish to see your updates and tweets.  They like to be connected with you always.  Through twitter it is easy to reach customers.  You can get connected to relevant clients and customers easily through your twitter account.  Those who are really interested in your business can be located easily.  Thus whatever you advertise or say, directly reaches the customer. Thus you must ensure that you tweet regularly such pertinent information that they are looking for, so that your followers show interest in you always.

Far Reach Using Twitter

The crowd that is using twitter is too large.  You can find people from all around the world engaged in this marketing platform.  Thus very easily a business can reach among the masses.  In other words more and more people can learn about your business through twitter. Therefore you grab the attention of large number of customers through twitter.  Customers from remote areas can also be easily reached through twitter.

Large and New Audience

Your business gets audience who in turn may become your customers in future.  The simple strategy is where there is a huge crowd there are more chances that more and more people would listen to you.  When you sign up for a twitter account, you open a gateway to those people who want to connect to you.  Though this is a very slow process and anything cannot happen overnight, twitter is found to be very effectual for tapping new and large audiences.

Undemanding And Very Easy To Start With Twitter

It is very simple and easy to get started.  You can also attach other business blogs and websites also with your twitter account.  It does not demand too much of technical’s, you do not have to spend huge amount like you spend on advertising.  The only requirement is to learn how to target the right audience for your business.  All you have to do for this is to learn the social media techniques which you can develop only by practice.

Twitter Is A Kind Of Advertising

There are various forms of advertisement.  Offline advertisements are very common.  Bill boards and other brochures are usual way of advertising.  But twitter is a very new kind of online advertisement for your business account.  Through twitter you present your business to the public.  Thus you must ensure that you present yourself in the best possible manner.  You can share your dreams, accomplishments, future prospects and several other vital details relating to your business through twitter and stay in close knit with your customers.

Immediate Response To The Business

Through twitter you can easily get the customer feedback relating to several attributes of your business.  You can get their opinion about the customer service that you provide. You can check the response of the customers towards particular products that you newly invent and also get feedback on those products which already prevail in the market.  And finally, you can also learn about their expectations from your business.  But to attain this goal in twitter it becomes significant that a person gets twitter friendly.  The time to tweet and the method of tweeting should be learnt thoroughly.  Above all reaching the right audience is very essential.

Post Ads For Your Business Development

You can place ads of your business in twitter and schedule it. You can refer them whenever it is required. According to your budget you can prepare an agenda for your ads.  Through this method you can get additional business from the regions where you otherwise couldn’t have focused.

Analytics And Trending Pattern

Using this for your marketing you can see the result for yourself.  You can check the trending pattern to analyze whether the targeted customers are focused.  Instant results for every click can be seen.  Therefore tracking of what is done and where things need to be altered can be done easily.

Minimum Spending

The amount that you spend on twitter advertisement is very meager when compared to other forms of advertising.  Here you have to pay only for number of clicks that you get on the ads.  Since all the clicks can be tracked you can easily find out fraudulent clicks.  Therefore your money is safe.  You get good results for the minimum amount that you spend.

Twitter Creates A Brand Awareness

The most appropriate word which can be used while explaining what actually a person can get from twitter is that it creates brand awareness.  Connecting your blog and business to your twitter account helps to create brand awareness.  More and more people see you on the regular basis and come to gain knowledge of your business.  Through this method you can leverage your business in the network that is available online.

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It is very rare that a business would not have sought growth through twitter. Every business is aware of the benefits that are derived from the twitter.  Of course the cost effectiveness is also a major cause for more and more people getting started with twitter.  It is easily available.  This is a major reason that most of the businesses are getting engaged in social networking as they can stay in touch with their customers at all point of time.

But how far they reach mainly depends on the person whom you employ to execute the social networking activities. The amount of interest that you show will get you more audience towards your business. You can test different methods of marketing through twitter to ensure that your business also reaps the benefits of twitter like other businesses.


  1. Aditi Datta says:

    Yes, I would definitely agree with all the points that you have highlighted. Yes, it is absolutely true. Twitter is definitely the best marketing platform and also the best kind of advertisement for your business development. It has gained a lot of importance among people. Well, I think one thing should be keep in mind before twitting is that the tweet should be appropriate and related to your site. Also tweets should be updated at a regular interval. Thanks for the important update.

  2. Kuladip roy says:

    Thanks Dev for shearing your views about twitter marketing. Using brand adds twitter is best. I’m newbie in this internet marketing it really help me.

  3. Vivek says:

    Thanks for the post. I agree to your words, but what you said here “Twitter Is A Kind Of Advertising”, is something which is absolutely correct. And its important too. In today’s trend of SEO you must have a twitter and other social profiles.

    • Dev says:

      Twitter and all other social profiles are great sources of traffic as well as income. but gaining twitter followers in unallowed way may harm your online presence.

  4. Nizam says:

    Well yes, through twitter one can get immediate customer feedback response to the business and agreed connecting twitter account to blog/business helps to create brand awareness. Thanks Dev for this informative post 🙂

  5. George says:

    Sorry dev but the question is for anil. You have a huge following on twitter 17k. How did you do that. Did you buy them at fiverr or it came naturally to you like blogging follow me my twitter id is this or some other tips

  6. Dean Saliba says:

    I have been trying to use Facebook and Twitter for the past each to try and gain traffic with very little success, although I think I have received more traffic from Twitter but only just. I wonder if I have more bots than real followers which is why I fail?

    • Dev says:

      If you have bought followers from fiverr or similar places, then it is likely to have more bots than followers. Though it is not always true. If you are really into buying followers then I would recommend to buy it from professional sellers. Alternatively you can utilize the methods pointed out by Anil here how to increase your twitter followers

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