Why Videos Are Climbing The Social Media Ladder

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November 8, 2017

In today’s competitive world, marketing a product is as important as producing a quality product. Gone are the days when simply producing a product, and putting its one or two commercials here and there, used to be enough to make it sell. Today, a product without a targeted, effective marketing is nowhere on the scene. Marketing can be compared to packaging of a product which gets responsible for leaving the product’s first impression on its viewers.

Social Media—a competition beater

It is said that unless you blow your trumpet no one will hear its melody, the same goes on with the marketing of your product, the better and louder you do it, the better you end up giving it a visibility in the minds of public. Having said this, the million dollar question still revolves around finding the best strategy to market a product. Surely, social media has been able to browbeat the competition in recent years from all corners, emerging as a clear winner in giving a promotion to a product.

Social Media Ladder

Until a few years back social media was all about texts as everything revolved around it. In fact, search engines were also designed with the algorithm to crawl texts and rank those contents higher that made sense, like it looked at words that appear on pages and the title tags etc. For the same reason, everyone looked to put a wonderful, engaging content on their website and other social media pages. But the frequent Google’s panda update (introduced in February 2011) almost always resulted into a changed algorithm, making a site that made changes accordingly rank higher (or lower). Amid all these frequent changes, the one point which still remained to be further exploited to the benefit of ranking of a site is the crawling of a flash site having a video content by search engines.

Videos are leading the pack of flash based content

The search engine Google is now able to extract content from flash files to include the content that was hitherto not available in search results. A 2011 Nielsen study reflects that a video content has almost 50x better chances of showing up on the first page of search results. This simply means a better visibility chances for sites having a video as a flash content, than the sites with plain text-based content. The other reason behind this preferential treatment given to flash based content is to make a search throw a content which is more refined and user oriented in terms of images, videos and other rich media content.

Texts are losing ground to videos

 The verdict is out; wholly-texts based websites are fading and no longer making a cut with net surfers. Flash based content; especially videos are deriving all the traffic through and around them. Cisco predicts that by 2013, 90% of all web traffic will be generated by videos. This clearly shows the reducing interest of people in texts based information. Instead, they today prefer to get informed in audio-visual form. This has made videos a curious, engaging and beneficial affair for both online users and commercial entities.

Climbing The Social Media Ladder

How videos can help both businesses and their clients:

  • Are able to reveal more in a less time: A visual speaks a thousand words. Same goes with videos which are a mix of texts, sounds, music, graphics and other necessary elements. These elements synchronize themselves and leave users getting a complete experience, making a business communicate faster with its audience. This means a saving of time for both the business and its audience.
  • Are able to simplify complex issues and topics: Videos have a tendency to communicate effectively the issues which are complex or things which cannot be seen from a naked eye. With the use of animation any imagination can be given a shape and highlighted to show its minutest detail. This lets businesses convey their messages in a sophisticated way, which simultaneously helps users to get informed in an easier way.
  • Are able to engage audience: Videos cannot only inform but also entertain, making audience gets engaged to them. Their short length is also a reason for attracting even the people with the shortest attention span. With easy engagement both businesses and its audience stand to benefit from the videos.
  • Are able to create a trust relationship between the business and its customers: Being interactive in nature, videos are able to generate emotions in viewers, thus creating a trust relationship between the business and its customers.
  • Are capable to go viral in no time: Graphics videos can go viral in no time. A viral video can help a business make its message reach far and wide, while at the same time users stand to benefit from the experience of watching an effective video.
  • Are able to target specific audience: Videos are made considering the choice, preference and nature of the target audience. The characters used therein are made to behave accordingly to attract and retain the viewership. This makes businesses target their specific audience; while the targeted audience get the content of their liking.
  • Are able to directly nudge a viewer to turn into a customer: Videos have a call-to-do action nearing its end which gently persuades viewers to take action in regard to the message conveyed. Simultaneously, they also assists viewers in making them aware of the steps to be taken in furtherance of the message of the video.
  • Can be used at multiple locations: Videos can be used not only on internet but also in several other places and platforms such as in an exhibition, event or a trade promotion fair. For the same reason, videos are able to generate curiosity across all the platforms they are used at.
  • Can generate testimonials and feedback: Videos are able to generate testimonials about the message given in it. This makes a business come to know the improvements that it has to make on its product or offering and, simultaneously, the viewers end up making an informed decision.

It goes beyond saying that videos are the most powerful social media in today’s time!


  1. Aditi says:

    Hi Sunny,
    Yes, I do agree with you that video are truly climbing up the social ladder. Videos can engage more people and for a much longer time they can pay a visit to your videos. That’s a positive side indeed. Apart from this, it also builds a relation between business and its customers. Thanks for the share!!

  2. html says:

    Really sir it is true that productivity depends on product quality.thank you sir.

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