Why White Space Isn’t Always Bad for Your Banner Ads

We are told over and over again the sorts of things to avoid and things to do in your advertising campaign. From the appropriate models to the right tittles to the right colors; the right way to create our banner ads is being told to us over and over again. And that’s not a bad thing: banner ads, specially Flash Banner Ads are a very important part of any marketing campaign and they can make the difference between a good campaign and a bad one just by the placement of a model’s eyes. But there is something that is often overlooked: white space.

Many people don’t like white space. They treat it as a challenge and try to fill it as quickly as possible. However, white space can serve an incredibly potent purpose if it used correctly.


Wide Open Space

Wide Open Space – Good For You and Your Banners!

The Benefits of White Space

White space, when used properly, mainly serves to emphasize your text and pictures in a way that clutter does not. There is no distraction from your main message and image and viewers are clearly able to see what you are trying to convey. White space is the most professional tool to use when it comes to making the most of your advertising message. While doing things like having large text or flashing lights is common, the proper use of space makes your advertisement look more professional and thus more trustworthy and so stands out best in a sea of advertising campaigns.

More white space also cuts down on the amount of time it will take to load up your ad and the amount of space it will take up on a page. It’s a little perk for website owners and browsers alike, but sometimes the little things are all it takes to help you be seen.

How to Use White Space Properly

Now, obviously you don’t want to have a ton of white space or else you just end up having a distracting ad all over again. the standard convention is to have about 25% of your advertisement by used up by white space and generally you want it around your main message. Cluttering up your main message with other text and images only makes it hard to see; white space makes it pop out.

You may look at your advertisement and wonder how you’re supposed to fit in white space when you have so much stuff to say about your product or services! Well the fact is that you probably have to do some pruning of your advertisement. Save the pile of information for your landing page and use your advertisement like the first sentence or two of a sales pitch; something to entice and intrigue, not explain. By pruning your advertisement down, you will be able to find that white space just fine.

What’s interesting is that we don’t even realize how much we like the white space until we are unconsciously choosing them. Advertisements with the right amount of white space make the marketer more money than those without, even when we think that the larger banner ad without so much white space would perform better. It’s mostly unconscious, but the reality is that people react better to white space.

Kill the Clutter

Part of the use of space also includes where to put your space. Photos and your main message should be clear of distracting clutter or else the eyes of the viewer will slide away from where you want them to go. Clutter also makes your ad look unprofessional and gaudy and many internet users have been trained to filter out such things as spam and so your site will never be seen.

Streamline your banner ads by getting rid of the flashy text, the giant pictures and the strobe lights. Make your message plain and to the point, your image solid and helpful and tie the whole ad together with the right balance of a good color scheme and the proper balance of white space.

If you think you’ll have trouble getting rid of the clutter, try doing things like changing the size of your advertisement (which may also help you be noticed better because changing banner ad size gets rid of banner blindness) and try making it a goal to only have one message in your banner which only has a few words and one picture. By limiting yourself, you can find the white space you need to make your advertisement stand out properly and thus be more effective.

It will take some fiddling and practice, but the right combination of white space and good design will make your advertisement pop in ways that you could never have imagined. It is as important to do nothing with the space you have as it is to do something with it; keep that in mind when you design your banner advertisements for your business. White space is not something that must be filled at any price; it can be an important tool for your advertising if used appropriately.

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  1. Albert Rox says:

    Useful point of view…I’ve read various resource talking about the white space on advertising.

    ps: I’ve checked out your Adwords portfolio and I love your banners!!

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