WiseStamp Review: The Best Email Signature Creator For Businesses

Wisestamp Review
WiseStamp Review: The Best Email Signature Creator For Businesses

Product Name: Wisestamp



Wisestamp is the best email signature creator on the internet. It’s a tool you can use to easily create professionally looking email signatures that will end up boosting your business reputation and profits.

Wisestamp is a tool every marketer should not fail to use. In this wisestamp review, I will be sharing with you what it’s all about and why you need. I will start by asking you a very simple question…..

How many emails do you send out daily, weekly, and monthly?

I believe you might not be able to keep count of the number right? This is because you send out emails regularly. It could be to your email list, to your team, to your business partners, to influencers in your niche, to prospective clients/customers, the list goes on and on.

WiseStamp Review

Now tell me also, do those emails usually have some sort of call to action (CTA) attached to them? The answer to this one is most likely to be NO!

However, do you know you can skyrocket your blog’s visibility and build traffic by just maximizing your email signature? That is precisely where Wisestamp comes in.

You are probably asking now, “But dude, how is it even possible to get website traffic using my email signature?”

Well, keep reading because, in this post, I will share with you:

  • What Wisestamp is
  • How to create your free Wisestamp account.

With that out of the way, let’s get started at once.

What Exactly is Wisestamp?

Unless you don’t have an email address or, you have one but don’t regularly receive emails from marketers, you’ve seen Wisestamp in action at one point or the other, but you might not have known what it is.

The first time I saw someone using Wisestamp was when I got an email from Brian Tracy some years ago as you can see on the screenshot below:

wisestamp in action

As you can see from the screenshot, Brian does not only have a link for his subscribers to watch a bonus video he offers them, but he also has links to his social media accounts.

The benefit of having this email signature is for your subscribers to further connect with you deeply which might end leading to more sales, etc.

Wisestamp goes beyond just creating a pretty interesting and brilliant HTML email signature, but the other powerful features of Wisestamp will surely get you excited and fired up to building your own successful business over an email marketing system like Gmail.


I guess it would interest you if I show you some screenshots of Wisestamp and how it can actually help you build a thriving and fruitful business.

Please stay with me.

Create account in wisestamp

Figure 1: Homepage and What to expect

Wisestamp as I have said is a professional email signature service which helps in growing your business, whether it is online or offline.

In the world we live in today, there’s the huge need to become social to connect and build relationships which are sure to skyrocket your business growth in time record. That said. You get to choose the option of showcasing your social profiles, from Facebook to Twitter to Google Plus.

This way, you get to building followership on your social media accounts which will further shoot up your business visibility and chances of earning you not just money but a lifetime of rest and holidays in hotels around the world.

How to use wisestamp

Figure 2: Professional users

You see that?

Actually, those are real and huge numbers. Is it not?

Now, that’s to tell you that there are loads of professionals out there using Wisestamp to send out emails and in the process, grow their business.

Wisestamp for free

Figure 3: Email Signature Options

With Wisestamp, you get to choose several options of displaying the email signature your business needs. Wisestamp has helped in creating a vast variety of templates, apps, and designs to fit any type of business. You can see the lovely ones displayed above. This, of course, requires your imagination to look explosive and convert well.

Wisestamp benefits

Figure 4: Glowing testimonials

You know how great product or a tool is when you read what people are saying about them. Not so? When you make a visit to Wisestamp website, you’d see loads of testimonials from individuals who have used the tool to build their successful businesses.

Review of wisestamp

Figure 5: Outcomes of Wisestamp

Before I make decisions to buying products or tools, I always like to be sure of what I’d be taking away from using the product. If I don’t get good outcomes from using your product, you can trust I won’t stake my money for that product.

When you decide to fly with Wisestamp, you will almost immediately start getting more replies to your emails only because the person from the other side of the computer can see your picture. You know what; people connect well with you because they feel you are a real person and not just some bot sending out spammed emails.

Your social media following will increase exponentially because of the option of adding your social accounts.

With Wisestamp “Schedule a meeting app” you get to increase your chances of generating leads for every email you sent out.

And if you have a good budget, you can quickly increase the clicks on your signature by signing up for Wisestamp upgraded version and be able to use their PRO features.

Wisestamp free email signature builder

Figure 6: Partners and about

As you can see from the screenshot above, great companies such as Mashable, TechCrunch, Readwrite and their likes are also maximizing Wisestamp nifty email signature tool.

Oh, I didn’t tell about Wisestamp to you above. Or did I? If I did not, just be sure to mouse over the screenshot to zoom to read about Wisestamp.

All about wisestamp

Figure 7: Credits

So someone said, “Does this app only work for Gmail email system?”

Well, that’s not true.

You can use Wisestamp on Outlook, Android, iPhone, Mac, Yahoo, Email Signature Generator and of course on Gmail.

Less I forget. I’d like to share with you another screenshot from another site of a particular Wisestamp user who gave his review and his experiences of using the email signature tool.

wisestamp for business

Figure 8: Stefano’s great review

What else are you waiting for after reading Stefano’s review and the ones I shared above?

Dude, just jump on Wisestamp’s website and register with them right NOW!

How To Create Account in Wisestamp

There are basically two types of accounts in wisestamp, and that is the premium and the free account. Although the free account will give you all you need to create a professional looking email signature apart from the fact that you will have their promotional links on the footer of every email you sends as seen on the screenshot below:

why you need wisestamp

If you take a look at footer of this email, you will see the “Designed with Wisestamp- Get yours”  notice on the footer. That’s basically what you will be seing on your email when you’re using the free version.

Secondary, another difference between the free and paid version is that with the premium version, you will be able to:

  • Select from different premium templates
  • Upload custom social icons
  • Export to Outlook, Thunderbird, IOS 7 Mail, and Mac Mail
  • Have unlimited different signatures to create and make use of

If you’re like most people and don’t care much about these things then, you should be OK with the free version. Although, you should think of paying for the pro version so you can fully enjoy the other benefits that comes with it.

Now, assuming you’re going to use the free version, the next thing will be to simply visit Wisestamp Homepage and create your free account:

Email Signature Creator

As you can see, there are three ways you can create your free account. You either signup with your Facebook account, with your Google plus account or you sign up with your email address.

Now, If click the third option to sign up with your email. Once you click the link, a small form will pop up asking you to input your name, email and password:

WiseStamp Email Signatures

Once you’ve entered your information and click the bold Sign Up button, the next page will be where you will finally set up your email signature.

Free Email Signature Generator for Gmail

That’s all. Just remember that you’re very much limited to what you can do and the features you will enjoy with the free version, so you might consider choosing the premium version.

What are The Pros Of Wisestamp?

  • WiseStamp helps you compose and create an appropriate and useful email signature
  • You can include dynamic content such as your latest tweet, sale or post
  • A well-structured and uninformed email signature
  • Browser add-ons make WiseStamp work with Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and other web-based email

Does Wisestamp Have Cons?

You bet! Remember every good thing usually have some bad side of it. Nothing is 100% perfect in life so, Wisestamp cannot be exceptional.  Below are few things I consider to be cons of wisestamp:

  • WiseStamp, not through its fault entirely, does not offer a plain-text signature alternative
  • You cannot have the signature change automatically based on recipient or subject, for example
  • More formatting choices and design tools would be nice
  • You can’t use Wisestamp on your Smartphone, not sure I like this one but it’s still bearable.

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FAQs About WiseStamp

Here are few FAQs that you should know before getting your hands on WiseStamp email signature solution.

What is WiseStamp?

WiseStamp is one of the leading email signature solutions for professional email users and currently there are over 700,000 professionals who are using it for managing their email signatures to get more leads and business.

How much does it cost to use WiseStamp?

If offers various pricing plans such as;

→ Email signature which costs you $6 per month
→ Business web page which costs you $6 per month
Business listings that costs you $6 per month

What are the features of WiseStamp?

Here’s a list of all the features and benefits that you get along with WiseStamp.

→ Customize your email signature however you want in just 1 single click
→ Choose from a collection of professional email signature templates from their library
→ Add a Photo or Logo to your email signature
→ Add Social Follow me buttons to your email signature and include Facebook, Twitter and so on
→ And many more

What if I’m not happy with WiseStamp?

If offers you 30 day money back guarantee which means, no matter what package you choose from WiseStamp, you can get a full refund of your money if you contact their support team within 30 days after signing up.

Are there any better alternatives to WiseStamp?

There are also two other major alternatives to WiseStamp which are Blade and SignBot which are also absolutely worth your money.

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Wrapping Up the Wisestamp Review

This is where I call it a wrap on my simple but honest review on Wisestamp. And if you are serious about growing your business in 2023, I will strongly advise you to turn to using Wisestamp as your #1 Email Signature Tool. I am sure for certain that you will thank me later.

Please, this review post took me some 3hr.35minutes or so to pull up, and I’d like or you to like, comment and help share this post with your community of friends on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You will be doing me a huge favor if you will spend that extra time to share this post with your friends.

Thanks for reading and sharing! 🙂

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Reader Comments (3)

  1. This is a great help topic for those like me who are not very familiar with HTML coding. I just started using the wise stamp for my email signature. I found it is straightforward to create an email signature. But there are more features available in the pro version, which are actually cool features. Thanks for sharing with us and especially for introducing the wise stamp email signature creator.

  2. Sorry to be the negative voice here but I found Wisestamp to be buggy, inconsistent, and I’m guessing that you did not try to setup and place a signature file into Apple Mail using an iPad? WiseCrack does not work with iPads. That’s a big deal. A bigger deal is their really awful tech support. I’ve had two engagements via chat with Arien in their support department and conclude that they have a boatload of glitches in their system that they prefer to cover up instead of fixing. This is a bad product and should be avoided in my opinion.

  3. WiseStamp was WAY BETTER 5 years ago. I can not update the signature blocks I made then. My Business signature block contains 12 city and country names and 12 telephone numbers around the world. Sorry you can’t do that now. My personal 2 signature blocks contain substantially larger images than are allowed now. I also have a personal motto and a picture of our family crest. Sorry you can’t do that now. Nor can you pay them to create a custom signature for you. I hope a better company comes soon that listens to the needs of their customers. WiseStamp is awful..


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