WordPress Ad Management and Affiliate Marketing Tips for Weight Loss Blogs

Nowadays it is possible to find a plethora of ways to earn money from a blog. What I particularly have in mind saying this is the weight loss niche in which the number of ways for blog monetization has grown significantly over the past few years. Large companies are constantly working on finding new ways to promote their weight loss products and programs, and this is where most of the bloggers get their own piece of the cake. You can learn from them or focus on finding new ways to monetize your blog.

If you decide to follow their footsteps, which is a clever choice especially if you are not yet a blogging professional, the chances are you will start doing affiliate marketing for some large companies, helping them sell their products or services and getting a commission from them.

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WordPress Plugins – Ad Management

These plugins should be your tools if you are using WordPress, because they make ad management much easier.

  • Ad Injection – Amazon Associates will especially love this plug-in, but it works with many other networks. Control the number of ads based on the post length. Restrict who can see the ads by post age, visitor referrer and IP address. Configure ads to appear in the post (random, top, and bottom positions) or in any widget/sidebar area. Test ads and rotate them for best performance. There are plenty of options to play around with.
Ad Injection
  • Outbrain Reducing the bounce rate and improving monetization are the two most important features of this plug-in. Aside from having complete control over what is shown as related, you can earn money from allowing certain posts from other blogs to be shown as related. This additional income is not bad at all, right?
  • WP-Insert – Similar to Ad Injection, this plug-in also has some unique features. Blocking ads from showing on certain pages/posts, ad style customization and insertion of your ads into your RSS feed give you an increased level of control. If you want, you can add a Terms and Conditions page and a Policy page which are both ready-made to your blog.
WP Insert Plugin

Affiliate Marketing in the Weight Loss Niche

Affiliate marketing is basically what I have already explained in the previous passage – you promote a product or service someone else is selling and you get a commission on each purchase if the buyer came from your website via your affiliate link.

The recommendation is that you chose a small number of products or services you are going to promote, since promoting too many can be detrimental to your website. You should do your homework before you venture into affiliate marketing. Many companies offer great affiliate programs, and you should choose those who offer the largest commission but are also trustworthy.

Some of the best affiliate programs for the weight loss niche in my opinion are Amazon, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem and Medifast.

  • Amazon – Amazon is a trusted brand offering commissions which can increase if you sell more products. You start with a 4% commission, but depending on your plan, the commission can be raised up to 8.5 per cent. Another great thing is that you earn your commission not just on the product you advertised but on anything your referees buy within 24 hours from when you sent them to Amazon.
  • Weight Watchers offer a fixed fee for each specified purchase – subscription to Weight Watchers Online, Weight Watchers Monthly Pass or Weight Watchers e-Tools. Before being able to participate in their affiliate program, your website needs to be approved. Once you are in this affiliate program, you will be sure you are recommending something that really works and this is, beside the commission, a great advantage (check out Weight Watchers Program Review by Pam Marshall).
Weight Watchers
  •  Rakuten LinkShare enables you to participate in the Nutrisystem affiliate program. As with other affiliate programs you get paid for certain types of purchase. Again, you are recommending something which was proven to work. A 15% commission is offered on all of the products, which is about $38 per sale on an average sale.
  • When promoting Medifast, affiliates are given colorful and enticing banners to help them drive traffic. Medifast offers its affiliates 20% commission on all new purchases. With an average order value of $250, it’s an average 50$ earned with each sale.


The weight loss niche can be a gold mine if treated right. Before venturing into it, make sure to do the research and find the best possible option. Put in the effort and be prepared for hard work, and with the help of some tips and management plug-ins you can come a long way. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Make the first step right away.

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