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If you are a beginner to WordPress and searching for a one stop place to master WordPress skills, this page is for you. I’ll walk you through few awesome WordPress tutorials to go from zero to hero. Make sure to use this page to your advantage, implement all the necessary actions to be taken if you want to build a profitable WordPress website.

Wordpress HelpThis Page is covering lots of help related to WordPress and related topics. All of your questions related to WordPress like WordPress tutorials, themes, plugins, templates, features, updates etc should end here. I will be writing reviews around latest and most popular plugins and themes created around WordPress on this page. From time to time, I will keep pointing to some of my posts where I had details analysis done around topics related to WordPress.

WordPress Help: Must Have WordPress Plugins And Themes

Here I’ll talk about the essential WordPress plugins and themes for beginners. Once we’re done with this, we’ll talk about the WordPress tutorials.

OIO Publisher Plugin Reviewed with Discount Coupon

Are you more interested in using ads to monetize your WordPress sites? If yes, OIO publisher plugin is just for you where it makes easy for you to manage your ads. OIO Publisher plugin will help you manage all advertising space on your blog. As a member of OIO Publisher, your website will be listed in its marketplace that lots of advertisers use to buy advertisement in the form of banners on top blogs.

10 WordPress Plugins for Traffic Building

Who else wants to increase their website traffic? Without a doubt, website traffic is the lifeblood for any profitable blog or website. If you are not getting enough traffic, you won’t be making any leads or sales. Use the plugins mentioned in this post to increase traffic on your WordPress based blog.

Elegant WordPress Themes

Elegant Themes website is the ultimate collection of 87 plus Premium WordPress Themes for our blog and we can get them all by paying $69 only. Over 250,000 people are using Elegant WordPress themes on their WordPress sites, that says it all about the importance and efficiency of Elegant themes.

Woo Themes Reviewed

Web design is the king, most visitors will decide whether or not to stay on your blog after seeing your design. If it’s not appealing, they will choose other blog over yours, so make sure to create a great first impression to convert visitors into sales. Woo Themes website contains 105 plus premium WordPress Themes. We need to pay $125 as initial fee and $15 as the monthly subscription fee.

Magic Members Plugin

Want to create a passive income stream from online? There’s no other better way to create a passive income online than creating membership sites. But most of us don’t know how to create membership sites without hassle. Here’s where Magic Members plugin comes into play where we can convert our website into Membership website using Magic Members WordPress Plugin. You can get it for $87 only using the MGM876MM discount coupon.

SEO Plugins WordPress

If you are searching for ways to increase your search engine traffic, WordPress is a pure gift for you. WordPress has access to a lot of plugins and tools that make your websites search friendly. Here are 10 SEO plugins to help us make our WordPress based blogs search engine friendly.

Keyword Winner SEO Plugin

Keyword research is the only way to increase your organic traffic. It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or professional, you have to optimize your posts and pages for specific keywords to increase your organic traffic. We can target top rankings for low competitive keywords using Keyword Winner premium plugin for WordPress blogs.

Blogging Tools and Resources I Use And Highly Suggest

Here are few blogging tools and resources I personally use on my websites to grow my income and traffic. Have a look about the page if you want to find out the BEST blogging tools to get started and start making money from WordPress websites.

Genesis WordPress Theme Review: Why Use Genesis Theme?

Did you know that most professional bloggers and web masters who use WordPress as their blogging platform prefer to use Genesis as their theme? Most professional bloggers I know use and highly recommend Genesis theme for a reason, the reason is it is not only cost effective but it is the most search engine friendly design that is ever created.

By just paying around $60 you will get this theme and you don’t have to fret too much to tweak your design to make it look appealing. You can also use Genesis child skins to make your blog design awesome.

WordPress tutorials to get started

Starting WordPress Blog

Starting a WordPress blog is really hard especially if you are a beginner. If you want to start your own blog on WordPress, this is for you. Learn how to start your first self hosted WordPress blog from Scratch. Or you can also use my free WordPress installation service if you want to buy Bluehost web hosting for WordPress sites.

How to Reduce Bounce Rate and Increase Page Views for WordPress Blogs

Bounce rate is what makes most WordPress users scary. Even Google penalized your site search rankings if your website has high bounce rates. If you don’t focus on reducing your bounce rates, it will only kill your search traffic, rankings and overall usability. Here are few proven tips to increase your website page views and reduce bounce rates without hurting your website visitors.

How To Secure Your WordPress Blog From Hackers

Creating great content and driving more organic traffic to increase your sales is not only the part of a WordPress blogger. You also have to secure your WordPress sites from hackers and crackers if you want a long lasting business online. Although WordPress is highly secured blogging platform but most of the times few hackers still using some hacks to crack into your websites. Once they hack your websites, they can alter anything they want and they can even suck your income. Here’s a detailed guide on how to secure your WordPress sites from hackers.

WordPress Website Backup 101 For Beginners

Most beginners to WordPress don’t realize the fact that securing and backing up their databases and files is the most important thing. If you don’t have a backup of your WordPress sites you are going to face a lot of troubles in future (if your site gets hacked!). Here’s a detailed guide on how to take backup of your WordPress sites, don’t miss this out.

Final thoughts about WordPress help and tutorials

WordPress is the #1 CMS in the world and almost every successful blogger I know are using WordPress as their blogging platform. WordPress not only offers a wide range of tutorials, plugins, themes and tools but it also makes it easy for you to increase your search traffic as Google loves WordPress by default!

If you are stuck at anywhere, just let me know by emailing me at info@bloggerspassion.com with the subject line “WordPress help” and I’ll respond to your queries.

I’m aiming at updating it with all help and techniques I know or will learn in the coming days. So keep coming and checking this amazing page created around WordPress help.

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