These Are the WordPress Plugins That We Use At Bloggers Passion

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July 11, 2019

Are you curious about knowing which plugins we are currently using at Bloggers Passion? This post is exclusively for you then.

In this post, you will find the list of all the WordPress plugins we are using to run this site.

Quick note: Although we use a lot of plugins (over 20 plugins) but we often disable some of the plugins to ensure the speed and SEO of our site.

You should go through the compete description of a WordPress Plugin before trying that plugin on your blog. And you should only use a plugins if you really need it. In case you end up installing too many plugins on your WordPress blog, that will just slows down your blog speed and will have negative impact on your blog rankings on Google search as website speed is now one of rankings factor on Google.

So let’s get started without much ado.

WordPress Plugins We Use At Bloggers Passion

wordpress plugins at bloggers passion

1. Author hReview

If you’re promoting affiliate products, this is a must have plugin. Although there are both free and premium versions for this plugin, we are currently using the premium version of it (to get additional features) at Bloggers Passion.

Just in case if you’re wondering, here’s how it looks like:

Author hreview widget

This plugin helps in increasing search traffic by making SERP results more eye-catching. It supports only the editorial ratings submission. This plugin adds a box to your post and it has some options like adding a date, a name and other things. However, the plugin requires a self hosted WordPress blog of at least version 3.0.

You can hide certain features or add others but your rich snippet will still show the star rating in the search results. You will have several options to customize this plugin. If you only require a simple and easy tool that would provide you with just the basic ability to showcase product review and its ratings, then you can opt for this plugin.

Sharing a screenshot showing star rating for Bloggers Passion for one of review related query:

Star rating for Bloggers Passion

2. Auto Optimize

With Autoptimize, you can make optimizing your site really easy. It makes your page really lightweight by aggregating, minifying and caching scripts and styles, injecting CSS in the page head by default. You will find several advanced options to tailor Autoptimize to each and every site’s specific needs.

3. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

It is an open source initiative that aims to provide mobile optimized content that can load instantly everywhere Accelerated mobile pages or AMP makes your website load faster on mobile devices. And, fast loading websites offer better user experience and can improve your traffic.

Accelerated Mobile Pages will help you rank higher in Google and it improves the user experience for mobile users on slow internet connections. As AMP uses limited set of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, you cannot add certain widgets and features to your mobile AMP website. It also limits your ability to add smart email optin forms, facebook like boxes, and other dynamic scripts.

Sharing an image showing AMP results for Bloggers Passion below:

AMP Results for Bloggers Passion

4. Contextual related posts

This powerful WordPress plugin allows you to display a list of related posts on your website and in your feed where the list is based on the content of the title and content of the posts that makes them more relevant. This allows you to retain visitors, reduce bounce rates and refresh old entries.

Here’s how it looks like in general (at Bloggers Passion)

related posts

Contextual related posts tries to improve relevancy by contextually matching posts. For text only related posts, it works out of the box and has a simpler settings page. It uses images inside a post as thumbnail when no featured image or post thumbnail is found.

To display thumbnails, the plugin does not come with any template. Instead it just displays thumbnail images in a bulleted list. You can add your own CSS to style it, but beginners may find it difficult.

Managed WordPress Hosts like WP Engine has blocked this plugin because on larger sites it will slow down your site.

5. Custom post templates

Do you want to create a custom post templates in WordPress? The Custom post templates plugin allows you to select different templates for posts from the post edit screen. It is just like creating a custom page template. You would be able to select your template from the post edit screen.

However, this plugin will not switch the templates for the different posts in a listing page like a date or category archive. It will only affect the template used for single posts and pages.

You can check one sample landing page created using this plugin here where we have removed the sidebar to improve the conversions from this post.

6. Easy affiliate links

If you are looking a way to optimize your affiliate links, then Easy Affiliate Links plugin helps you to manage all the affiliate links on your website. If you are an affiliate marketer then this is the  one free WordPress plugin that you must have.

Currently all affiliate links are clocked using this plugin on Bloggers Passion.

7. Heatmaps for WordPress

Heatmaps are extremely beneficial in your content marketing strategy. It helps you determine the areas of your web page which get the maximum number of clicks.

It provides real time analytics and mouse tracking that helps you to understand which are your best performing contents. It is also used to optimize the traffic flow on websites and significantly reduce exit rates.

Here’s how they generally look like when installed on a site.


8. Really simple SSL

The plugin handles most issues that WordPress has with SSL. All incoming requests are redirected to https. You can also enable a .htaccess redirect. It changes the site url and home url to https.

It replaces all your insecure content by http:// urls with https://, except hyperlinks to other domains. Really Simple SSL automatically detects your settings and configures your website to run over https. To keep it lightweight, the options are kept to a minimum. The entire site will move to SSL.

9. Regenerate Thumbnails

It allows you to regenerate the thumbnails for your image attachments. Regenerating images sizes does not affect your original upload. It creates additional copies of images in the newly defined sizes.You can either regenerate the thumbnails for all image uploads, individual image uploads, or specific multiple image uploads.

10. Revive old post

This is the plugin that helps you to promote your content. It picks up your old content and share it on your social media accounts automatically and drives more traffic to them from social networks. You can set sharing interval and number of posts to share to drive more traffic.

11. Simple redirect

It provides an easy method of redirecting requests to another page on your site or elsewhere on the web. This plugin also changes permalinks to point directly to the new location of the redirect. It also prevents bots from getting a redirect and helps boost your SEO.

12. Social warfare

Wanna get more shares and drive more traffic? Then Social warfare plugin is for you.  It helps you get your content shared the way you want it to be shared. Social Warfare is a lightning fast and highly customizable social share plugin with loads of features.

It gives you the ability to have floating share buttons follow your readers down the screen when static buttons are not in view. So that reader will always have easy access to your share buttons, no matter where they scroll on your page.

Here’s how the social icons look like;

Social warfare plugin

We are using the premium version of this plugin. We started using this plugin when we moved to https and we lost all of our social shares we got for our posts and pages. This plugin helped us in getting all of those shares back in https version.

13. Table of contents plus

This user friendly plugin automatically creates a context specific index or table of contents for long pages. More than just a table of contents plugin, it can also output a sitemap listing pages and categories across your entire site. You can create your own custom style for your table of content box.

By default this plugin will generate the table of contents if a page or post has at least four heading tags which are <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, etc.

Here’s how they look like;

Table of contents plugin in action

14. Tablepress

It allows you to easily create and manage beautiful tables. You can embed the tables into posts, pages or text widgets with a simple shortcode. An additional JavaScript library adds features like sorting, pagination, filtering and more for site visitors.

Table you are seeing here is created using this plugin.

15. VaultPress

To defence against any sort of security threat, have a complete up to date backup of your site. If you are updating your site daily, then you should have daily backups. If your site is really huge and get a lot of comments then you should consider having backups few times a day. VaultPress protects you from the most common and most serious security threats.

Again, we are using premium version of this plugin (it is bit expensive but worth every penny) to protect our site. If you’re really serious about securing your WordPress site, you should invest in this tool too.

16. W3 total cache

Simply to put, W3 Total Cache is the fastest and most complete WordPress performance optimization plugin.

For SEO and for a better user experience, page speed is important. W3 Total Cache is easy to configure extensively. It reduces download times through features like content delivery network integration.

The sites like Mashable, Matt Cutt’s blog, CSS-Tricks etc uses W3 Total Cache plugin. This plugin is recommended by popular hosts like HostGator. The plugin also offers caching abilities like Page Cache, Database Cache, Browser Cache, Object Cache, CDN integration and more.

17. WP-Optimize

It is an effective tool for automatically cleaning your WordPress database so that it runs at maximum efficiency. It allows you to optimize and shrink your posts table by removing unnecessary post revisions from the database. It also allows you to remove comments in the spam queue, un-approved comments and many other junk within few clicks.

18. Yoast SEO premium

In the Yoast SEO Premium plugin you can pick up to 5 focus keywords where in free version you can pick up only 1 focus keyword. These are the keywords that helps your post or page to rank for in the search results. You can see how your post appears on Facebook and Twitter until it looks absolutely irresistible.

Here’s how it works (the internal links).

Yoast SEO premium link suggestion feature

You can optimize every single post or page on your website as Yoast SEO comes with a powerful content analysis tool. You will find Yoast SEO metabox with a snippet preview, focus keyword field and content analysis just below the post editor.

The snippet preview shows how your site’s title and description will look in search engines. Yoast SEO automatically uses your post title as title and excerpt as description, but you can change it by clicking on the edit snippet button.

Just enter your focus keyword in Yoast SEO and it will allow the plugin to analyze your content for that particular keyword. The basic free Yoast SEO plugin comes with no support. So, for professional support, you will need to buy Yoast SEO premium.

You can analyze the readability of the copy you wrote and calculate the Flesch Reading Ease score. This plugin is updated every 2 weeks, so you are sure that your website is optimized for the most recent Google algorithm.

19. Akismet

Akismet plugin gives us the freedom to fight against Spam comments coming on our WordPress blogs. As the popularity of your blog increase, it will become difficult to manage Spam comments manually and will waste lots of time doing so. We need a solution where spam comments are automatically stores in Spam folder and they don’t mix with the genuine comments that we get on our blog.

Akismet plugin does exactly that. But if you are using Akismet or decided to use it for Spam comments detection, you should check your Spam folder on regular basis because in some cases, Akismet plugin sends even genuine comments into Spam folder. Click here to go to Akismet plugin website.

20. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin will add a contact form on your blog. After installing this plugin, you can easily add a contact form on any of your post or page. You can customize this form as per your requirement.

21. WP

It is one of must have plugins for WordPress. WP plugin will reduce your image sizes automatically using their API within our WordPress Dashboard. Since website speed is one of rankings factor on Google these days, so using WP plugin can improve the speed of your WordPress blog to some extent at least. Click this link to start using WP plugin for reducing sizes of images used in your blog.

Apart from the above plugins, we also use (time to time) the following plugins.

  • AMP analytics: It offers extend AMP to support analytics for your WordPress site.
  • Compress JPEG & PNG images: Optimizes your JPEG and PNG images automatically with TinyPNG.
  • Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP: It makes sure the default WordPress AMP plugin uses the proper Yoast SEO metadata.


So with this it comes to the end of special post featuring all WordPress plugins that we are currently using on Bloggers Passion blog. Would be interested in sharing the list of plugins you are using on your WordPress blog, Share in the comments below. Also let me know in case you are thinking of using any of the above WordPress plugin on your blog below.

Browse more WordPress Plugins:

Final thoughts about WordPress plugins used at Bloggers Passion

We are currently using just over 20 WordPress plugins at Bloggers Passion. I know using too many plugins can slow down the speed of the website. That’s why we carefully use the right plugins to improve our user experience, speed and SEO.

So what are your thoughts? Which are your favorite WordPress plugins? Did I miss any of your favorite plugins that we should be using at Bloggers Passion? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwal who owns, is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable websites for over a decade. Bloggers Passion has been featured on premium online sites like, Huffingtonpost, SEMrush, Problogger, Crazy Egg, The Next Web and so on.


  1. karamjit kaur says:

    I tend to write a lot of long word posts and I think that this plugin would be awesome for adding a table of contents into each post. Right now when I need a table of contents for my posts, I will code it in.

  2. Haroon says:

    Hi Anil.
    Great to read this post. Thank you for providing plugin list that you use on this blog.

  3. Susan Velez says:

    Hi Anil,

    Love the plugins that you’re using and I was just introduced to some that I hadn’t been using. I don’t really like using a lot of plugins for my blog, but I really like the Table of Content Plus plugin.

    I tend to write a lot of long word posts and I think that this plugin would be awesome for adding a table of contents into each post. Right now when I need a table of contents for my posts, I will code it in.

    It’s a lot of work, I’d love something that was a lot easier to use.

    Thanks for taking the time to share this information with us.

    Have a great day 🙂


  4. Deepak Prajapati says:

    Can you suggest me the best and plugin for inserting adsense ads. That do not effect website loding time.

  5. Michael says:

    How do you use 21 plugins and let your website load faster ? Any tips

  6. Rahul Kumar Shandilya says:

    Wow! that was a huge list. I was aware of just a handful but Thanks Anil for sharing the rest of it.

  7. Uday Ghulaxe says:

    WP smush it ,WP super cache and YARPP and contact form 7 are some of the most famous plugins used buy every blogger.I am intarested in ad rotate it seems really interesting to dispaly ads I am lookong for such pligin from some day and found it here.Thanks anil sir

  8. sandeep kumar says:

    Hi Anil….
    Great list of Plugins….
    All your plugins are really must have…..
    But I didn’t have a god experience with Akiemet….
    Most of the time it puts valid comments in spam folder which create unnecessary filter work for you.
    I have delete this plugin and now i am using GASP that is much better and efficient plugin.

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      That’s true Sandeep. Akismet plugin uses to send some of good quality comments into spam folder. I’m going to give a try to GASP plugin and lets see how it goes.

  9. Kevin says:

    Interesting article. Some plugins just turn out to be waste of time and while others do exactly what we are expecting from them. This is very nice list of plugins. WP Super Cache is a must have plugin for WordPress blogs. Thanks for this sharing.

  10. Colton says:

    Only very few blogs get to share their “secret” plugins to their readers. I’m glad you’re one of them! I will take a look on FeedBurner FeedSmith, Peter’s Collaboration E-mails and WP as I haven’t heard of those yet. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Dean Saliba says:

    I always say that I lik reading posts like this as I like to see what makes a blog tick over nicely, thanks to this post I have discovered two plugins that I have added to my blogs:

    – Peter’s Collaboration E-mails
    – WP-DBManager

    I think the Peter’s Collaboration E-mails plugin will make my life a lot easier as I will not have to keep emailing guest posters as much. 🙂

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Great to know Dean, you liked this post and got few plugins that you will be using on your blog. Would you be interested in sharing the plugin details that you are using on your blog?

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