10 Wordpress Shortcodes By Elegant Themes - Don't Miss Them

10 WordPress Shortcodes By Elegant Themes – Don’t Miss Them

Custom Warning Boxes Shortcodes

A shortcode is a WordPress-specific code that lets you do nifty things with very little effort. Shortcodes can embed files or create objects that would normally require lots of complicated, ugly code in just one line. Shortcode = shortcut.”

Shortcodes can be used for various functions and can be inserted into any type of content. Most often shortcodes are employed for creating beautiful eye catching content by just inserting a simple line of content into the post or page. Many new wordpress plug-ins themes come with their own version of shortcodes which make the life of a content writer and website owner easier because they can make their posts catchy and pleasing to the eyes of readers with almost no programming effort. Elegant Themes – one of the popular professional themes creators gives quite large options to their users by providing many such shortcodes. Here we are listing 10 such shortcodes which can be used to insert various styling elements in your content as well as enhance the typography of your website.

1. Buttons: Be it action elements or directing the readers to a particular part of website, buttons have become an essential part of content. Gone are the days when a website owner had to go through cumbersome process of designing a button in some image editing software and insert the image into content to get things done. Now all this can be accomplished using a shortcode. Elegant provides its user to insert button of various sizes and colors along with the call to action with just a shortcode. All this can be done from the text editor itself along with advanced options so that the writer or blog owner can choose the parameters in a visual manner and the theme inserts the shortcode markup in the post or page on its own.

Custom Button Shortcodes

2. Content Boxes: Colored boxes which contain content that needs to be emphasized or provide some extra information to the reader are very popular these days. The [box] shortcode from Elegant Themes allows user to insert these boxes. The boxes automatically flat according to parameters specified to occupy the entire screen, half of the screen, one third of the screen as per the requirements of the blog owner. Again the colors can also be specified along with other parameters so that the content box gets the required look.

Custom Warning Boxes Shortcodes

3. Toggled Content: The [ learn_more ] shortcode can be used to create toggled content on the blog. The Toggled div offers many options which can be passed on as parameters and the blog owner can decide whether it should be of horizontal or vertical orientation, or should open or close on page load etc. All the Toggled content are of fluid width, which means that it can adapt to the size of page post or widget.

4. Tabbed Content, Slideshows, Image Sliders: The [ tab ] shortcode can be used to create horizontal or vertical tabs in the page. Additional parameters that can be specified are auto – rotation, timing of rotation (the rotation speed) and how the tabs should animate while appearing. The tabs are also of a fluid nature meaning that they can automatically adjust to the page size. This shortcode can also be used to create slideshows and image sliders.

5. Tooltips: Sometimes you need the blog reader to show more information when he or she hovers over some piece of content or a hyperlink. The Tooltip shortcodes allows the blog owner to do this in an attractive way by wrapping the content in a [ tooltip ] shortcode. A great feature of this shortcode is that it can be used when combined with text, images, and even other shortcodes!

6. Social Media Icons: Thanks to the social media shortcodes provided by Elegant Themes, no more coding or plug-ins are required to add the power of social sharing to your posts. This shortcodes can add social media icons to your posts in a quick and easy way.

7. Password Protect Your Content: There are many instances when you don’t want a non-registered user to see some or entire part of your content. Though there are many plug-ins available, which add this property to your blog, but Elegant Themes have provides a shortcode for this. Just enter the [protected] shortcode, around the content which you want to block from un-registered users. When they try to access this content they’ll be prompted to login or register with your website in order to reveal the content. Simple – isn’t it?

8. Author Info: People are interested to know more about the author of the blog post and it is good for your blog also to introduce the person who has written the blog post. It is especially important for blogs which have multiple authors. This garners a fan following for the authors as well as gives credibility to the blog. The author bio or info can be inserted after the blog posts by using the [author] shortcode. It will provide a decent appearance to your post with the author photo or gravatar (if your blog is gravatar enabled) along with information about the author.

9. Column Layouts: Splitting your text into columns using css, div’s and coding becomes quite frustrating for the user and it is not very uncommon that the post authors simply give up and write the post in simple way instead. Elegant theme provides the users to format the content of their posts into columns by using shortcodes. Columns can be created in halves, thirds, fourths and two-thirds. The last column of the shortcodes must have _last attached to it so that the theme can understand it and format the columns accordingly.

10. Custom Icon Lists: Lists are most common form of presenting content in a post. Bullet points are well accepted by both readers and search engines. The help enhance the readability of the post. However the traditional text editor of wordpress offers a rather simplistic bullet points options. The Elegant Themes have provided lists with attractive bullets like (green check mark, red x or gray dot), which can be embedded into the posts with [ custom_list ] shortcode. These are very handy when we are writing checklist or not-to-do-things in a blog post. The simple green tick catches eye of the reader and he quickly imbibes that it is a right thing to do. Same goes with red dot with a cross- which tells the reader to beware of the thing.

Custom Shortcode Lists

Besides these shortcodes there are many other shortcodes provided by Elegant Themes and the list is increasing by every new release or popular demand. Pricing tables, testimonials, dropCaps and blockquotes are such examples. The beauty of shortcodes is that they seamlessly integrate with the visual text editor provided in the wordpress. This makes it very easy even for a novice to use them in their posts and make it more visually appealing as well as digestible for the reader.


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