Top 15 WordPress Social Sharing Plugins To Boost Your Social Shares And Traffic

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October 16, 2019

Social media is the new SEO.

If you’re struggling to increase your website traffic or sales, focus on social media. I know how hard SEO is and I also know that it takes A LOT of time to get traffic from search engines. That’s why I always recommend beginners to focus on social media to attract more visitors.

If you’re looking for proven ways to increase your social media engagement or traffic, I’ve a simple tip for you. Focus on increasing your social media shares per each blog post.

Here’s where WordPress comes into handy. It has a ton of social sharing plugins that help you bring more social shares. In this detailed post, we’ll talk about some of the top WordPress social sharing plugins to grow your website’s traffic and more importantly social shares.

Are you ready? Let’s jump into the details to see the top free social sharing plugins for WordPress.

Top 15 Social Sharing Plugins That Are Mostly FREE for WordPress Users

Top WordPress Social Sharing Plugins

A quick note: The list of free WordPress social sharing plugins mentioned in this post is of no order or priority. So have a look at the features of each one of them and grab the one that suits your needs.

1. Social Warfare

User engagement is the key to build a better blog. Without With this WordPress plugin, you can add beautiful, lightning-fast social share buttons to your website.

With Social Warfare plugin, you can add tweetable quote boxes in different designs within your content box and also you can add custom tweet quotes to individual posts. However, it’s a complete premium quality social sharing plugin for hosted WordPress websites.

social warfare


Why should you use this plugin?

Social media sharing buttons drive more traffic. This plugin was endorsed by many well-known bloggers from the WordPress community. Here are it’s amazing features:

  • This plugin makes it easy to add visually stunning sharing buttons to your blog in a variety of locations above or below your posts or through short codes and even floating share buttons.
  • It comes with fastest loading social sharing buttons and will never slows down your site.
  • You can easily customize the look from over 5,000 different style combinations.
  • You can add custom widgets to posts if you want to show the number of shares.
  • You can display total and individual share counts also you can keep low share count hidden from users.
  • You can also track shares with UTM tracking code.
  • If you observe, most bloggers place social media sharing buttons either above or below the content. But there is another place which is generally more effective in getting more social media shares. When you add social media sharing buttons that float with content, users still have the option of sharing even if they don’t read until the end. With Social Warfare, there is an option to enable and disable these floating social media share buttons.
  • Content protection is another great feature. Just enable the Frame Buster feature. This will not only help you to get accurate metrics but also improves your bounce rate.
  • You can highlight your most popular posts in the sidebar. It adds a widget that lets you configure and add the Most Popular Post widget in your blog’s sidebar or footer.

2. Share by Sumo

Want to build your social media following and make it as easy as possible for your readers to share your content with their followers? Then you need the best social sharing plugin for WordPress.

This plugin helps in growing your website’s audience and finds an effective way to convert your visitors into email subscribers or social media followers. It is a suite of apps designed to help you grow your traffic. You can use these apps with any site that supports HTML as they have a specific WordPress plugin which makes setup extremely easy.

Here is what it can offer:

  • You can customize size and other aspects of your share buttons.
  • For mobile devices, you can choose various button placements.
  • It offers lots of placement options including floating/fixed share bars.
  • It displays the total number of shares for each network. You can choose to hide individual counts and show total counts or only display counts over a certain number.
  • It displays rules that allow you to choose which posts/pages your share buttons are added to along with other filtering options.

You can start with free version. However, you can upgrade to unlock advanced features on this and all other Sumo apps starting at $20/month. If you are looking for a great way to encourage your readers to share your content with their followers now then you have a good option to use that as it will easily add attractive share buttons to your website in a number of locations.

3. Ultimate social media sharing

If you’re looking for a customizable, easy-to-use WordPress social plugin that won’t slow down your website, Ultimate Social media sharing is an optimal solution. It will let you add icons for Email, RSS, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and upload custom icons of your choice.

Social networking plugins for WordPress often have a very negative impact on website load times. But, ultimate social media sharing was designed with speed in mind and you will be able to reap the rewards of having social media buttons for your content without sacrificing page load times.

Here are its  wide range of features:

  • You can give several actions to one social media icon. For example, your Twitter icon can lead visitors to your Twitter page, and also give visitors the opportunity to like your tweet or follow you.
  • You can give your social media icons an animation to make your visitors aware of them.
  • You can pick up from 16 different designs for your social media icons.
  • You can allow visitors to subscribe to your blog by Email.
  • You can add counts to your social media icons.

4. Share buttons by AddThis

With AddThis, your users can easily share your content on almost all popular social networks. You will have the ability to choose what buttons you wanted to show and what seemed like support for a various number of sharing services.

Here is what you can get from this plugin:

  • You can position buttons above or below your content and you can also choose between several button styles and sizes.
  • In order to encourage your visitors to share, you can include share counts.
  • You can also personalize which sharing services should appear on your blog.
  • You can control how many buttons should show up in the sidebar and also can choose which side of your page it should appear.
  • It offers additional share button configurations and analytics through AddThis dashboard where the analytics include your top performing content, tools and services.

5. Shareaholic

Do you want to improve your site’s traffic and social shares? Here is the best tool that helps you to engage and grow your audience, monetize traffic, and gain insights from how your content is being shared across the web.

It helps in increasing page views, repeat visits, time on site and sharing rates. It’s analytics dashboard will help you to understand audiences and deliver appropriate content.



Here are the amazing features of Shareaholic:

  • You can show related content as it helps in user engagement, increases page views, and time on site by highlighting relevant content or products.
  • It makes it 1-click easy for your visitors to share your content.
  • It provides insights like how your content is performing, who is sharing it.
  • By adding smart share buttons to the images on your website, you can get more shares and viral traffic.
  • You can place the ad at the bottom of the screen. When a user scrolls down the page, it remains anchored to the bottom. This kind of ad format monetizes far better than standard ads.
  • You can automagically turn your clicks into purchases.
  • One of the fabulous features is out streaming video ads which are served outside of a video player between paragraphs of text typically with no sound.
  • You can choose from several ready-made themes to personalize your own to create a custom look.
  • Worrying how it looks on mobile devices? It comes with awesome responsive design and is retina display friendly that works great on all mobile and tablet devices.

Even if your site generates 1 view or 1 billion, shareaholic scales with you and also gives you access to their support team.

6. Open Social Share

Do you want to drive more visitors from social media sites to your website? Then install this free plugin to enable social sharing on your WordPress sites. Did you know that based on their friends recommendations, 82% of users consider buying or trying products and services?

So, with Open social share plugin, you can give users the tools to share your content, product details and other information with their own networks or with your friends on social media.

  • You absolutely don’t need any programming skills.
  • You can share content on over 50 social networks.
  • Just from your WordPress admin, you can manage everything.
  • It’s highly reliable as it runs on Cloud Computing with failover server support.
  • You can add social sharing widget on homepage, posts, feeds, content pages, etc.
  • It provides a user friendly WordPress admin user interface with tab structure with various options for social sharing.

7. Mashsharer


This social media plugin is inspired by news blog Mashable.  Mashshare is a big and bold social media plugin. It’s free version supports Facebook and Twitter and displays the total number of shares and views. The subscription box is a fantastic addition to the plugin and one that distinguishes Mashshare from the competition.

  • To provide incredibly fast execution speed of social media icons, it has object and transient caches.
  • You can show the total social media share count at a glance and you can disable social media share count completely if you don’t want to display.
  • It is extensible with many add-ons like Google analytics, more social networks, responsive, YouTube video share and moe.
  • It is developer friendly with several filters and actions.
  • You can choose which social media network should be visible all the time.

8. WP social sharing

It adds attractive social sharing buttons to your WordPress site. This plugin supports major networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest  and Google+. The buttons are responsive and become smaller for devices with a resolution less than 480 px.

  • You can integrate with any theme easily as it provides shortcode.
  • The buttons can be reordered easily and you can add text before the share buttons.
  • To display social share buttons, most of the social sharing plugins uses images or api. But this plugin created large social sharing buttons using CSS3.
  • It is very lightweight and simple social sharing plugin.
  • It also provides option whether you want to include plugin CSS and JS or not.

9. Sharify

It is yet another excellent free option that includes some truly beautiful buttons in a lightweight package. It is the fastest sharing plugin for WordPress that comes with caching which makes your site load faster and reduce server load.

It features almost all the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Here are it’s some more features.

  • It adds responsive and beautiful sharing buttons to your WordPress posts and pages.
  • The buttons are responsive which looks beautiful on every device and theme.
  • You will also get access to additional networks like Reddit, Pocket etc.
  • As it comes with an admin panel, you can customize any settings you want. You can display and hide any sharing button.
  • If you are concerned about speed then sharify caches share counts to display them without external queries.
  • It includes sharing buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and even Email.
  • Sharify packs some fantastic looking icons in a lightweight and quick-loading package.

10. WordPress super socializer

With WordPress super socializer, you can integrate plugins like Social Login, Social Share and Social Comments at your website in an easiest and simplest possible way.

How these three plugins help you?

  • Social Login enables users to login to your website through their existing IDs on popular social networks. It helps in boosting login rate at your blog. As social networks authenticate individuals and don’t allow multiple accounts, false identities and spammers goes down.
  • Social Share enables users to share your website content over popular sharing networks that results in increasing user traffic. It also helps your website content get indexed faster and improves other factors that help in search engine optimization of your blog.
  • Social Comments helps in keeping your blog in front of new audience which further helps you in getting a new returning visitor.

Here are the amazing features of WordPress super socializer plugin:

  • It enables url shortening to use in sharing.
  • You can enable or disable sharing on custom post types on individual pages or posts on total or individual share counts.
  • It supports both horizontal and floating layout for sharing and it’s share counts are supported for Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, GooglePlus, Delicious, Buffer, Reddit, Pinterest, Stumbleupon and Vkontakte.
  • It is highly compatible with BuddyPress, bbPress, WooCommerce.
  • It supports HTTPS enabled websites and offers 24/7 quickest customer support.
  • It provides widgets and shortcodes for Social Share, Social Login, Social Comments and like buttons.

11. Monarch

monarch plugin free

It’s an incredible social sharing plugin created by the team at Elegant Themes. The plugin is free to those who have a developer license at Elegant Themes that costs $80 per year and get access to their 87 WordPress themes and five WordPress plugins.

It allows you to display social icons in your sidebar or other widget areas and you can monitor social shares in an impressive looking interface. It has everything to increase your social shares.

  • It is well optimized and built with speed in mind.
  • You can choose when share counts are to be displayed.
  • To help you encourage social shares, it is designed in such a way that it shows triggered pop ups and fly in share boxes.
  • It allows you to choose from various icon styles, shapes and colors.
  • You will also get access to a list building plugin, page builder plugin and a bunch of eye-catching WordPress themes.
  • It has an extremely user-friendly interface.

12. Easy Social Share Buttons For WordPress

It is the most feature packed plugin that you will get access to a wide range of placement options and visual designs for starters. If you are looking for a social media sharing plugin with lot many customization options, then this plugin is for you.

  • You will get access to far more features than in any other social sharing plugin. It offers 22 different locations to add your share buttons.
  • You can choose from over 40+ built-in templates.
  • It is compatible with WooCommerce, JigoShop, WP eCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.
  • It has dozens of different settings pages and 12 icon sets, 19 built-in templates, four button styles, a template customizer, nine counter styles, a shortcode generator, four total counter styles and much more.
  • It supports more than 20 social media networks.

13. Custom Share Buttons

This plugin itself provides an easy solution for adding basic share buttons at the top of your content or at the bottom. It gives you a good control that you can choose whether it should be displayed on your home page, pages, posts or categories or archives.

The floating share buttons are only mobile responsive in the pro version of the plugin. However, you have the option to disable these buttons for anyone who visits your site with a mobile device.

  • It has several options to set the position of floating sidebar, to set the position of social buttons and you can manage the style of the plugin.
  • It supports all popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+.
  • You have the option to define the Pinterest share image and for auto close sidebar buttons on page load.

14. AddToAny Share Buttons

The one fabulous feature about AddToAny is that there is a universal button which allows users to hover over and get the option to share to other networks.

This plugin helps users to share your posts and pages to any service such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and over 100 more sharing and social media sites. One of the best features of this plugin is that it will allow you to track your social media sharing using Google Analytics.

  • You can choose between several different icon sizes and also where you want buttons to be placed.
  • It supports a huge range of social networks along with email sharing.
  • You can add buttons around your content or use short code to place it anywhere.
  • If you want a stylish icon that is not included, you can use custom icons.
  • You can monitor progress with Google Analytics integration.

15. Jetpack

This is one of my favorite social sharing plugins for WordPress. Not only it’s free but it is  also the most versatile WordPress plugins available that includes 34 modules and more are continually being added by Automattic which is WordPress parent company.

Jetpack came up with a new feature called “Publicize” that will auto-share your blog content on multiple social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. It helps in securing your site, increasing  traffic and engaging your readers. It has the capacity to add many features to your blog.

  • It supports nine social media networks as well as email and print buttons and the sharing module is simple and effective.
  • You can display icons, text or official sharing button and these can be enabled on your home page, archives, search results, posts, pages and media.
  • From Related Posts, share buttons, Publicize, Comments and the subscription system, to site stats and site monitor, everything you will get from Jetpack.
  • It keeps your WordPress site safe and automatically protect against attacks.
  • Jetpack is lightweight. It is  also supported and backed by the makers of, so you can trust it.
  • If you have multiple self-hosted WordPress sites, then it offers a range of things that makes it much easier to manage from one location.

Browse more WordPress Plugins:

Final thoughts about free WordPress social sharing plugins and tools

As I said above, social media is becoming the new SEO. If you want more traffic to your sites, you should not only depend on search engines. Here’s where social media traffic comes into handy.

All the social sharing plugins for WordPress listed above are mostly free and I highly recommend you to pick the best one after reading their features.

So what are your thoughts? Which social sharing plugin do you recommend or use? Share your thoughts on free WordPress social sharing plugins and tools in the comments below.

Anil Agarwal

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  1. Entertainer says:

    The social plugins are good but how about Sharethis plugin

  2. Austin Steve says:

    I think it is very necessary for blog to install social sharing plugin because It enhances the traffic

  3. Nirmala says:

    Hi Anil,
    You have done a nice post for the bloggers. Driving the traffic from social media is indeed needed for the bloggers to stay authoritative in the eyes of Google.

    Social Warfare is awesome and I’m using it for my main blog. I also use Shareaholic, Monarch and few more social plugins for my other blogs that you have listed in this post.

    I’ll check the details of other helpful blog extensions for social networks. Thanks for the input, have a good day!

  4. Akash says:

    I tried #2 and #5 both are awesome plugins and very easy to use.

  5. Saurabh Dubey says:

    In my opinion, Social Warfare is the best plugin. I am using it now and the response is very good. But you work hard for creating this list and all the plugins are great.

  6. Vishwajeet Kumar says:

    Hello Anil,

    I am using Jetpack and Social warfare plugin for my blog. Both of them are excellent plugin. Social warfare helps me to increase the social share for my posts. While Jetpack helps me to sort out my most plugin requirements as it already have lot of features. However I am also willing to try some of the plugins listed here. Thanks for sharing this awesome list with us all.

  7. Durga says:

    I usually go with “Easy Social Share buttons for WordPress” plugin. And all the others also also very easy to use and include in the posts.

  8. ella parker says:

    Excellent article Anil,
    I was looking for something similar where I can compare the social plugins according to requirements and came through this blog. I have already used some of them but not some premium ones. Thanks for sharing.

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