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On August 11, 2011
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With WP Answers Plugin, You can create Yahoo Answers Type Full Fledged Question Answer website. You can create a Questions Answer website from scratch and even can convert your existing WordPress with the help of this premium plugin.

There is a plugin available from WP Answers website that helps you convert your existing WordPress blog into Yahoo Answers type question answer website. We can use the same plugin to develop new question answers websites on WordPress. Websites created using this premium plugin will be very similar to Yahoo Answers where people can ask questions and reply to open questions. The only condition they need to fulfill is register themselves for that question answer website like we do on Yahoo Answers.

WP AnswersOn WP Answers website, there is a demo also available that we can use to see what kind of question answer website, we actually will be able to make using this plugin specially designed to help people create question answer websites on WordPress. With this plugin, you will get 10 custom WordPress theme that you can use to design your new question answer website with ease.

WP Answers plugin allows you to post questions and answers directly from Yahoo Answers on your brand new website. So you will have a website full of questions and answers from the day one using this amazing plugin created specially for WordPress websites and blogs. Question answer websites used to get lots of contents from it’s users, so you don’t need to worry much about content as the owner of a question answer website.

Plugin for creating Q&A website on WordPress

WP Answers Features

Here I’m sharing some features you will enjoy after buying WP Answers one of premium WordPress Plugin that will help you convert your existing WordPress blog into a Questions Answer website and even can use this plugin to create a Question Answer website from Scratch:

1. Asking Questions and Replying Answers

WP Answers WordPress PluginUsers need to create an account before start asking their questions. And people who are interested in replying to questions and need to register them. This is standard approach that you will notice with all question answer websites like Yahoo Answers, Quora.com, Mahalo Answers etc.

2. Point System in Place

Point system feature will be available in all Question Answer websites which will be created using this Plugin. Users will earn points for every answer they sent for an open question and at the same will lose points for every question they ask. Points system will keep users on your website motivated to reply to more and more questions and which means lots of free and targeted content from your website for free. Whole of the point system is configurable, so you can change it as per your wish from the admin panel of your WP Answers account. Person who has asked the question, will have the right to choose the best answer and with this question will be solved and closed.

3. Profile Page in Place

For each user, a profile page gets created automatically where all of their questions and answers will be listed. Users can set avatars of their choice, which will be shown, in their profile pages and against their names where they ask a question or replies to any open question.

4. Pulls Content from Yahoo Answers

You can use this plugin to pull content from all major Yahoo Answers websites like Yahoo Answers US, UK, India, Canada Australia, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain etc with the keywords of your choice. So you can publish targeted question answers from Yahoo Answers every day, every hour and even every minute even. So this is the best feature I like about WP Answers plugin.

5. Facebook and Twitter Integration

This plugin gives users the facility to ask questions and send replies using their Facebook and Twitter login details. So Twitter and Facebook integration are in place on WP Answers powers websites.

6. Full Control Over Ads

Once you start getting some traffic on your Q&A website, you can look for ways to make maximum money from it. You can place Google Adsense Ads, private ads or even affiliate ads with ease using WP Answers premium WordPress plugin. You will have full control over the placement of various ads on your new Q&A website.

7. 10 Ready To Use Premium Theme

When you buy it’s license, you will be provided with 10 premium WordPress themes that you can use for your new Yahoo type answers website. They have adding new themes to their gallery. Few days back, they have 6 themes available and now they are increased to 10. And in the coming days you will see many more premium themes available in their theme gallery. So you don’t need to may even a single penny for designing your new question answer website.

8. Support Available Through Email and Forum

You will get full email support from the owner of this plugin, Oliver Dale. They also have a support forum where you can ask questions. They have created some tutorials in the forum section to help you in getting maximum success with WP Answers plugin.

WP Answers Regular Cost

WP Answers plugin is available with three license types:

Single License – $89 – Can be used on Single Website
Multi-Site License – $179 – Can be used on multiple websites that you own
Developer License – $249 – Can use on your own as well on your client websites

With any of these license types, you can create Yahoo Answers type website instantly using this plugin.

WP Answers with 40 Discount Coupons till 15th August 2011

You can get a discount of 40% using the coupon code SUMMERSPECIAL40 till 15th August 2011. So this offer is limited for the next few days only, you need to make your decision quickly if you want to save 40% on your shopping of WP Answers product. So here is you will be exactly paying using SUMMERSPECIAL40 discount coupon:

Single License – You Pay $53.40 – Save $35.60
Multi-Site License – You Pay $107.40 – Save $71.60
Developer License – You Pay $149.40 – Save $99.60


  1. Jenni says:

    Most of these type of website are like crap and don’t have any rank in new google panda update.

    • I don’t see any reason why such website will not perform well with Google. If you as Q&A website owner is able to get decent amount of content from our website reader, that will be amazing. Such kind of plugins are really helpful for people who are thinking of creating a question answer website but are unable to start due to technical challenges. As WP Answers plugin is solving all of your technical challenges, you can focus more on your website promotion and look at ways to bring more people who could contribute content on your website in the form of question answers

      • Agreed with your answer but again i would like to say people would love to post their queries and answer on a much reputed website like stock exchange but would refrain themselves from a startup, at-least this is the trend in india.

  2. Kavya Hari says:

    WP answers gets a lot of content from outside on here. Thank you so much for sharing your post on here 🙂

  3. Evelyn says:

    Best plugin from wp , superb explanation here…good to see it along with discount

    thank you

  4. Hey . It’s Nice .

    Best deals and discounts get your shopping bill reduced.

    🙂 🙂

  5. pawan says:

    That was a nice news hope this will be helpfull for the need, nice post appreciable..Good stuff ….Thank you so much

  6. Anil Saini says:

    can you tell me which plugin are you using for “””Subscribe to Free Newsletter”””” this is a nice design i have ever seen. i wanna add it on my site….. please can you tell me the name of this plugin.

    thanks bro……

  7. Uday Ghulaxe says:

    Wow you have mentioned here really nive plugin anil sir.This post really helps me to start a question answer website for my college website.Thanks for sharing about this plugin I am going to use this on my college website.

  8. Pramod says:

    I was thinking how could we do this but with this guide I am surprised that it is so easy to do with just one plug in. Thanks for the great post.

  9. I am planning to make 1 blog for asking questions and answers about seo and web design and for this I was searching for good question and answer plugin and here my search ends. Hey Anil thanks for guide me here…

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