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Review of: WP Robot Plugin
$169 for Complete Package

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On February 14, 2012
Last modified:October 16, 2018


Use this plugin for AutoBlogging on WordPress. You can create blog posts around Amazon Products, ClickBank Products, eBay Products and YouTube videos etc on Autopilot on your niche specific blogs.

WP Robot is the premium plugin for AutoBlogging on WordPress. It is the number one WordPress plugin for AutoBlogging and can help you make money online from your blog on Autopilot. So you Must Give a Try to this plugin. WP Robot Plugin can create large number of blogs on WordPress on Autopilot and thus can help you earn lots of money while doing blog automation with this ultimate AutoBlogging plugin.

Click Here to give a Try to WP Robot Plugin for Autoblogging on WordPress

WP RobotWP Robot Plugin can help you create Autoposts around Amazon Products, Targeted articles from Top Article Directories, RSS feeds, ClickBank products, YouTube Video’s, eBay products, Targeted images from Flickr and Questions and Answers of choice from Yahoo Answers kind of websites etc.

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WP Robot Installation Process

This plugin does not take much time like any other WordPress plugin. Once you have purchased the WP Robot plugin and downloaded the .Zip File:

  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard and Click Add New Plugin
  • From the Upload File, upload the .Zip file and activate the WP Robot Plugin from Plugin directory in your WordPress Dashboard

WP Robot WordPress Autoblogging
Once you are finished with the above plugin installation, you will start seeing WP Robot Tab in your WordPress Dashboard as shown in the screenshot shared below.
WP Robot WordPress Dashboard

Then you need to enter details for the modules that you purchased clicking the Options Tab. And the last step will be adding the targeted keywords. You can do so by Clicking the Bulk Add Tab as shown in the screenshot.

Apart from this, you can decide the category in which you want to publish the content, frequency of content being published and the modules which will be used for keywords of our choice.
Add Keywords in Bulk WP Robot

After this, you are ready to publish lots of targeted posts on your Autoblog from different modules and in different categories.

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WP Robot Modules List

WP Robot comes with 22 modules that you can use for creating Autopilot blogs. Here is the list of some of popular modules that you can purchase as per your requirement:

Amazon Module

Amazon module with cost $40 can be used to create blog posts around keywords of our choice. With this module, we can add product reviews in the form of comments and product images, ratings and pricing as part of a blog post. We can make lot of money selling Amazon products while working as an affiliate with Amazon website. As an Amazon Affiliate, you can make earnings in the ration of 4% to 15% which varies from product to product on Amazon.

Article Module

Article module which cost you $25 will make sure your Autopilot blog gets lots of targeted content from top article publishing websites. Right now, we can post contents from two articles directories namely ArticleBase.com and SooperArticles.com on autopilot as per the keywords we want to target on our blogs.

eBay Module

eBay module costing $20 will help you add latest and popular auctions from eBay on autopilot on your blogs. We can also mix eBay module with other text and video modules with the new Mix feature to help us make extra money from our Autoblogs.

ClickBank Module

ClickBank module is available for free with any of WP Robot bundle you purchases. So you can test ClickBank module on your blog for free and can be used to make lots of money while working as an affiliate with ClickBank.

Yahoo Answers Module

Yahoo Answers module which cost you $20 will enable you to add questions and answers directly from Yahoo Answers into your Autopilot blogs. Answers to a question will be shown as comments to a blog post and best answer being showcased as first comment on a blog post.

YouTube Module

YouTube module that costs you $15 will help you add videos as per your requirement into your Autopilot blogs. Apart from videos, this module will automatically append 25 comments from a YouTube video into our blog posts as comments.

Translation Module

Translation module which costs you $15 will help you convert your blog contents into different language. This translation module can be used to rewrite articles and for producing unique contents instantly. This translator module will help you convert your blog posts into 9 different languages.

Flickr Image Module

Flickr module which costs you $20, will help you include images on any topic from popular image hosting website Flickr.com.

Yahoo News Module

Yahoo news module which cost $15 will help you publish news on any topic from Yahoo news directly into your Autopilot blogs. You can add up to 5 news items into a single post that you publish on your WordPress blog.

RSS Module

RSS Module that costs you $20 will help you include any RSS Feed directly into your blog. With this module, you can publish full articles that are available through the RSS feed.

Commission Junction Module

Commission Junction module is available as a free bonus in WP Robot 3.0 version. This module will help you add advertiser’s products directly into your blog posts. You will be able to earn commission for every sale you make though your affiliates account on Commission Junction.

Oodle Module

Oodle module that is available as a free bonus with WP Robot 3.0 can be used to post classified ads from Oodle.com website, which is one most popular classified website in the industry.

Shopzilla Module

Shozilla is one of most popular shopping website for products comparison. Shopzilla module that is available free of cost in WP Robot 3.0 version will help you publish content related to products comparison on your blog at autopilot.

Press Release Module

Press Release module available for free in WP Robot plugin helps you publish press releases directly from PRweb.com website into your WordPress blogs.

Twitter Module

Twitter module is also available for free in WP Robot WordPress plugin. This plugin will help you post tweets related to your niche directly into your blog posts.

Click here to start using WP Robot Modules of Your Choice

WP Robot Features List

This plugin has lots of features that make it special we look out for Autoblogging solutions on WordPress. Here is an overview of features you will enjoy being a WP Robot member:

  • It does not matter which plugin we are using but the content we are publishing on our blog should natural and not automatic to be successful with Autopilot blogs. And WP Robot has lots of Randomization feature to help us achieve the same.
  • We can create content on Autopilot on any topic of our choice using this plugin. I have yet to find a keyword for which I’m unable to generate any content using this automatic content generating plugin for WordPress.
  • We can create contents for n number of keywords at a time. So plugin can be a goldmine in case you are looking to generate targeted contents for long tail keywords.
  • We can use large number of post templates with unlimited number of keywords on an Autopilot blog.
  • You will never face any copyright issue on the content generated by this premium WordPress plugin as it is directly retrieved from Official website API program.
  • Help options are available at very option and thus you will never need to read a help find to do any kind of activity through WP Robot plugin.
  • You can auto post content around a particular keyword in a specific category and this plugin can create categories of your choice on Autopilot.
  • You can easily customize the time frame between each post on your blogs.
  • Right now WP Robot has 22 ready to use modules and you can expect to see more modules being added to this list in the coming days.
  • This plugin supports all standard Image features.
  • This plugin can add targeted tags for every post on autopilot.
  • It can automatically cloak all affiliate links used in the Auto posts generated by this premium plugin for WordPress blogs.
  • Backdating feature will allow adding lots of targeted contents in the past days, months and years.
  • You can easily do user management and can assign particular type of posts to a user of our choice.
  • Fee Support through their support forum
  • Available with 14 days money back guarantee. So in case you are not satisfied with this plugin, can get all your money back without any question being asked.

WP Robot Pricing

PricingAlthough you can buy individual modules as per your requirement but I would recommend buying the full version of WP Robot and it will cost you $169 only. In case you decide to purchase these modules individually, you will be paying $220 in total. So by purchasing the full version of this premium plugin for $169, you actually will be saving $51 in total. WP Robot developer version will cost you $549 in total and you can select modules of your choice in WP Robot Custom version.

In case you have decided to purchase WP Robot plugin for your WordPress Blog, I would recommend you go for Hostgator Web Hosting as this plugin works without any problem with Hostgator web hosting.

Click Here to Start Using WP Robot Plugin for Creating Blogs on Autopilot on WordPress


  1. Varun Bansal says:

    are the articles and posts copyscape passed ? I mean would they be original and good for SEO ?

  2. Bala says:

    Does this plugin capable of fetching full posts with images using rss feeds?
    Do I need to set the featured image manually or will that also be done by itself?
    How about videos inside the post?

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