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BlueHost WordPress Hosting is a PR 3 Blog having Alexa Rank around 21k and listed among the Top 100 Small Business blogs by Technorati website. At Bloggers Passion, Apart from me, there are hundreds guest bloggers who are contributing their valuable content around Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Affiliate marketing, Web Hosting, WordPress, Email Marketing Solutions, Money Making Ideas, Themes, Plugins, Products and Services around Blogging etc. We used to write detailed reviews about products or services from different advertisers matching the mentioned categories.

Why Request a Review on

You can easily make a request to get your website, products or services reviewed here on BloggersPassion for a small fee. You can contact us directly at [email protected] in this regard. Here are some reasons why should think of using Bloggers Passion blog to spread honest words about your website in the blogosphere:

Technorati Rankings

As mentioned above, Bloggers Passion blog has been ranked among Top 100 Small Business Blogs by website, which is the biggest search engine and directory for blogs.

Bloggers Passion being Among Best 100 Small Business Blogs Technorati

Alexa Rankings

Alexa Rank for Bloggers Passion blog is 21k (Approx.). And if you don’t know much about Alexa Rankings, website used to calculate the rankings of a website on the basis of its traffic and number of people who are visiting a website with an Alexa widget or add on installed in their browsers.

Alexa Rankings for BP

Traffic Details About Bloggers Passion

BloggersPassion is currently getting 20k visits per month and monthly page views does around 35-40k. As far as the traffic sources are concerned, 66% of  total traffic is coming from search engines, Referral websites contributing to 16% and rest of traffic coming from direct sources. Majority of traffic on BP is coming from US, India, UK, Canada and Australia.

Other Details about Reviews on Bloggers Passion

it’s a PR 3 Blog. We are using WordPress as our CMS, Hostgator as our web host and Thesis Theme, which is very SEO friendly and can be customized to great heights. We used to publish 30-40 blog posts every month and used to publish 5-10 guest posts every month on top blogs in the blogging niche like,,, and etc. You can see some of latest published guest posts in our guest blogging services section here.

Benefits of Getting Reviewed on Bloggers Passion

  • You will get lots of benefits like better search engine visibility, page rank, authority and trust rank in the eyes of major search engines. Apart from this, you will be improving as a brand and will also be able to drive some targeted traffic to your website from links which will be included in your website review.
  • We may add a small box as part of review with a small description and ratings about the website being reviewed.

    Review Ratings and Description Box

  • We will be sharing your review post on our Facebook Page (2274 Fans), Twitter Profile (17k plus Followers) and Google Plus Page. We can run special campaign to make sure your product review gets good amount of votes on major social media websites including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin and StumbleUpon etc. (Additional $25)
  • Your product review post will remain online on our blog for lifetime and thus it’s going to be lifetime investment.

Review Payment Details

You can get your website, product or service reviewed here on by making a payment of $250 only. Currently I’m accepting payments through Paypal only.

  • It can take up to one week time in publishing a review post after receiving payment into my Paypal account.
  • You can expect receiving 1-2 links to your website home and internal pages from review post.

You can Email me at [email protected] or can fill in the form given below in case you want to send a review request or have some questions in this regard for me.