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Hi, I’m Anil Agarwal, a full-time blogger and SEO expert. I launched BloggersPassion on Jan 1st, 2010 to help people launch money-making blogs.

I have a master’s degree in computers and started my blogging journey in 2005. I sold one of my websites on Flippa in 2011 for $35,000.

From 2010 to 2022 - in my blogging journey, I’ve seen all the ups and downs of blogging and I’m here to teach you all the strategies I use to make $10,000+ per month from my blog.

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Sharing the resources that we are using to run BloggersPassion. I highly recommend them if you want to take your blog traffic and revenue to the next level. Links mentioned here are my affiliate links and thus I will get a small commission if you buy these products.

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