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Do you want to build a blog that makes real money? If yes, you are in the right place.

Hi there! My name is Anil Agarwal, I launched BloggersPassion on Jan 01st 2010 on the world’s most awesome blogging platform- WordPress.

BloggersPassion is my virtual home, this is where I make money and serve audience who wants to make money blogging.

I share PROVEN blogging tips and affiliate marketing strategies that are working for me to make a living from online. Unlike other blogs, I share real methods to make money blogging so that you can too make money from your blogging efforts. I personally think that blogging is an art and the more you do it, the more you perfect you become.

The main motive behind BloggersPassion is just one – to help you make REAL money from your blogs. Making money from blogging is not easy and you need guidance throughout so that you cruise along. I will try my best to help you with whatever I can and will share everything you want to know to make money online.

And for those who are thinking of starting a new blog, do not wait. Act today and get a domain name and hosting now. If you want any help on selection of hosting or domain, feel free to contact me on my email id info@bloggerspassion.com

The kind of topics that you can expect from this blog will be around blogging tips, WordPress help, ways to make money online, seo tips, facebook, twitter marketing, affiliate marketing and most importantly lots of stuff to help you with choosing the best web hosting and domain name for your business website or blog. Recently I started Bloggers Interview Series with the aim to inspire and motivate newbie bloggers to do well with their blogs.

BloggersPassion is featured on the top blogs like Problogger, DailyBlogTips, SEMrush, Zac Johnson, Successful Blogging, ShoutMeLoud, Basic Blog Tips and many others.

Who is behind BloggersPassion?

Anil Agarwal Man Behind Bloggers PassionHi, I’m Anil Agarwal, professional blogger from New Delhi, India. I was doing blogging part time, but recently started taking blogging as my full time hobby, passion, career and a way to earn money from my blogging skills. I’m having a master degree in computers and I got the motivation to start BloggersPasion blog after seeing the success of some of leading blogs in blogging and make money online niche like Problogger, ShoeMoney and JohnChow.

I had developed great knowledge about the topics related to blogging, seo, affiliate marketing, making money online, social media networks including Twitter and Facebook, WordPress etc over the period of time. I welcome all new and experienced bloggers on BloggersPassion.com. Apart from BloggersPassion, I own a niche site for Bluehost Coupon Codes here.

I not only made $16,000+ with affiliate partnership with India’s most renowned blogger Harsh Agrawal, but I also helped thousands of bloggers to better understand blogging and marketing with the help of detailed posts that I share on this blog.

Affiliate Partnership With Harsh Agrawal Helped Me Make $16,433!

Blogging has not only supported me to make passive income but it also providing a golden opportunity to serve others to make money blogging.

I’m looking at nice support from you. You can help me take this blog to next level with valuable comments, content sharing on social networks, by covering bloggerspassion on your blogs and by contributing guest posts on BloggersPassion. I’m also looking for some passionate bloggers to extend Bloggers Passion team.

You can contact me via Email at info@bloggerspassion.com, Google Plus and Facebook here.

Rahul Kuntala

Rahul KuntalaRahul Kuntala is currently the content marketing strategist for Bloggers Passion, who blogs at www.learnblogtips.com


If you have killer blogging skills and want to join Bloggers Passion Team, contact us at info@bloggerspassion.com

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