How to Quickly Increase Your Google AdSense Earnings [Without Increasing Traffic]

To increase your AdSense earnings, you have to first increase your overall website search traffic, right?
Wrong. There’s a proven strategy to quickly grow your ad revenue without increasing your blog traffic.

The only problem with the AdSense is, you can’t make more money if you don’t know how to strategically place your ads.

Proper placement of your ads + continuous testing = More ad revenue!

Do you find out the proven methods to boost your AdSense income?

Let’s jump into the details.

How to quickly increase AdSense earnings effortlessly?

Increase Google Adsense Earnings Quickly

Did you know that the #1 way to increase your ad revenue is through testing?

Continuous testing of your AdSense ads helps you find the BEST spots on your sites. By testing your ads, it can help you

  • attract lots of clicks
  • increase your CTR
  • improve your overall ad revenue

Unfortunately most AdSense users randomly place the ads all over their sites. So how can you properly position your ads in such a way that will help you optimize your AdSense revenue?

The answer? AdNgin.

AdNgin is an AdSense friendly tool that helps you increase your AdSense income, create better user experiences and improve your overall click through rates.

In a sentence, if you want to quickly grow your AdSense earnings, you should give a try to AdNgin, I guarantee that you won’t regret using it.

If you are wondering what AdNgin is all about, don’t worry, I’ll discuss about it in detail. Also, I’ll tell you how you can use it to grow your ad monetization.

Why should you use AdNgin?

We all know Google AdSense is still one of the best ways to make money online. But one annoying thing about AdSense is that it kills your website loading speed. If you are blogging for a while, you already know how crucial your website loading time is to increase your Google rankings.

If your website takes more than 3 to 4 seconds, majority of your visitors will abandon your site. This is the reason why most publishers (be it bloggers or marketers) stopped using AdSense on their sites (and started focusing on other monetization strategies such as Chitika, banner ads, affiliate marketing etc).

If you are one among them, you’re in luck!

AdNgin is exclusively for you

  • if you want to optimize your ad revenue
  • find out the best positions on your blogs to increase CTR
  • increase your ad income without irritating your readers

AdNgin helps you place AdSense ads in specific pages and selected locations. That means, if you are using affiliate marketing as a major source of income on your blog and not making any money from your top visited posts or pages, you can use AdSense ads on them.

It uses the most advanced proprietary algorithm to automatically test your website best positions to increase your click through rates.


Try AdNgin for FREE by clicking here

How to use AdNgin?

First things first. Here’s how to use AdNgin to grow your ad revenue.

Once you set up and login to your account, you need small snippet of code into the head element of any page you’d like to track and monetize. And make sure to download and install this free plugin (if you’re on WordPress).

From your AdNgin dashboard, Go to Settings and click on “Add site” and get the Snippet code. Then, connect with your AdSense account.

Adngin Settings

Once you’re done with this, click on “Experiments” section at the top of your dashboard.

AdNgin: Add Pages

Click on it and add the pages where you want to run Adsense ads. You can run ads through your website or you can manually choose the pages where you want to show your ads.

Now, it will take you to the next step where you have to customize your page. Just enter any name for the page and include the URL for it and click save.

AdNgin: Customize Pages

And that’s it! You’ve successfully set up your page to run ads that are going to perform well.

Once you set up your page, click on “Add Experiment” to pick a location on the page to show your ads.

Add Experiments: AdNgin

Once you click on the “Add Experiment” button, you are ready to roll!

Remember, this is the final step, where AdNgin will take you to the page you want to experiment on.

Here, you can either choose the “Banner” option or “Video” option.

I’ve already added several pages, and here it how it looks when you select the banner ads to show up on a specific page.

AdNgin: Pick Adsense Ad Size

Just choose any banner ad size you want to show up on your page and click on “Test”. You can also choose the devices where you want to show them. Do you want to show your ads only on mobiles or desktops or both? Pick your choice and click on Test.

See, how easy the customization is? The best thing is, it won’t take you more than 2 minutes to set up this process and you will enjoy best ad patterns to increase your ad income.

Now, what AdNgin will do is, it will create various experiment pages on your site. And it optimizes your ads according to the user behaviour on your sites to help you increase your click through rates.

Try AdNgin for FREE by clicking here

Are you interested in knowing more details about AdNgin? Let’s talk things in detail.

How AdNgin helps you quickly increase your AdSense earnings?

AdNgin optimizes your user experience and give you the performing ad locations to increase income.  And you don’t have to be a tech savvy to use their service, just sign up for them and add pages you want to test and put the ads where you want to show. You can monitor how your ads are performing from your dashboard.

So what are the benefits that you will get with AdNgin? Here I’ve listed few of the most admiring features of AdNgin. Have a look at them.

Increase ad performance

Most publishers wrongly assume that they need to bring massive visitors from search engines to increase their AdSense revenue.

Although it’s true that you can optimize AdSense earnings by bringing more visitors but it’s NOT the smart way of making money from AdSense.

If you are not properly optimizing your ads, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Why leave money for your competitors if you can grow your ad revenue by simply increasing your ad performance? Start using AdNgin to grow your ad revenue without hurting your blog audience.

Here’s a sample screenshot of the ad performance which includes the optimized page views along with the clicks and CTR.

AdNgin review

Optimize user experience

Certainly you can make more ad revenue by putting your ads on most visible place on your blog design such as top of the sidebar, footer, adjacent to logo etc. But that will surely annoy your blog visitors.

So if you don’t want to do that, start using AdNgin, it allows you to show your ads in the right places by continuously testing. Just focus on creating the right content for your audience and you will see the most amazing results in terms of AdSense income.

Flexibility at its best

AdNgin helps you place your ads however you want and wherever you want. This always helps you place your ads on the high trafficked web pages on your sites, allowing you to make more revenue from ASense.

You can either customize a single page or multiple pages at once. You can also exclude pages where you don’t want to show ads (like your about us page, contact page etc).

Another good thing is that you can tweak your ads for mobile visitors. This ultimately results in bringing more revenue.

No more coding needed

Are you afraid of coding? Not a tech savvy? No problem. With AdNgin, say goodbye to all the unwanted coding. You can now easily create ads by drag and drop.Adsense Experiment on Informative Pages using AdNgin BP

In the above screenshot, AdNgin showing 3 ad variations for a single post where I’m currently showing AdSense. Just add a page and it runs different variations, it’s as simple as that.

You can monitor how your ad variations are performing by just logging into your dashboard. You can easily find out which variations of your ads are giving you more impressions and click through rates. Based on that, you can further modify your ads to increase their earnings.

Sounds easy, right?

Not only that, you can choose the type of ads you want to display. Place the “targeted ads” that your visitors want to see and when they want to see them.

You can clearly optimize your website user experiences to increase your click through rates and overall AdSense income.

Click here to request a free demo

Here’s how to make the most out of AdNgin

I highly recommend you to identify the right keywords to increase your website traffic. Without targeting the right keywords, you will attract random traffic that won’t convert at all.

You need visitors who are interested in reading what you say and buying what you offer. Once the proper keyword research and content creation is done, AdNgin helps you take your ad income to the next level by smart testing.

Also make sure to find out the keywords that bring you more ROI and scale it from there by using AdNgin.

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Final thoughts about increasing AdSense earnings with AdNgin

There are two important factors that will help you boost your AdSense earnings. One is traffic and the other is your CTR (Click Through Rate).

It doesn’t matter how much traffic you get unless you increase your CTR. Unfortunately most publishers focus on increasing traffic instead of increasing their ad click through rates.

Here’s where testing or A/B split testing comes into handy which helps you find out the best performing ad variations on your sites to increase your CTR. And AdNgin does exactly the same.

If you are looking for proven ways to increase your AdSense income effortlessly, start using AdNgin.

You don’t have to pay anything as they are offering a free demo. Sign up for them and start using it to find the best positioning of ads on your sites to increase your click through rates and income.

So what are your thoughts on increasing AdSense earnings? Do let me know if you have any questions related to AdNgin and I’d be glad to respond to you in the comment section.


  1. Deepanker says:

    I tried but was not impressed with their templates and layut changes concept. Thanks for sharing this tool. I will try to use this and see how it can help me..

  2. Dan Ewah says:

    Hi Anil,

    Thanks for this tip, I’m glad I read this post.

    Another tip for increasing Adsense earning without increasing traffic is to target Keywords with high earning per click, some Keyword tool will show you the Earning Per Click of a Keyword while dong research.



  3. Preeti says:

    Hi Anil,

    Thanks for Sharing Good Information .

  4. rahul says:

    Thanks for this great article… haven’t heard about adNnig before but it certainly look like something to try.. keep up the good work mate.. cheers..

  5. sanjay choudhary says:

    Thanks for the guide!
    I am going to use adNing right now.
    fall in love with your site!
    keep it up dude!

  6. hi, anil sir
    superb and effective article with step by step guide. it also helps newbie bloggers to improve their absense earning quickly by this method.

  7. Nisha says:

    What a Glorious Information to all bloggers. It’s key to Make More And More Revenue.
    Thanks A Lot @Anil
    Now I m going to use it.

  8. Ravikumar says:

    Thanks Anil for sharing this article. I will make a try with this tool. Currently I have around 250 visiters to my website, however the revenue generating from Adsense is almost negligible. I need more such tips from you.
    Ravi N

  9. Pankaj says:

    Hey, should I remove other ad rotating plugins, so that it can show ads?

  10. Hello Anil.
    I tried this tool called Adnign. But its not impressive. You have to wait for the results for atleast 1 month. It didn’t do much to increase my income. It’s waste of time. Better stick to the standard sizes of Adsense and experiment with different positions.

    The above tool tries to experiment too much.

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