How to Write A Compelling About Me Page That REALLY Works in 2023?

Did you know what’s the best way to sell something online?

“Best way to sell something: don’t sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect, and trust of those who might buy”. – Rank Fishkin, SEO guru

So what’s the best way to create awareness and trust from your website? If you said, “about us page”, you’re absolutely right.

According to Siege Media, people who view your ‘About Us’ page spend 22.5% more than those who don’t. That’s a surprising fact, right?

Seriously we all underestimate the power of creating compelling about pages. If you’re also one among them and looking for a detailed guide to create such pages, this guide is for you.

How To Create An About Me Page That Converts in 2023?

about me page 2023

Why Your About Us Page Matters So Much?

Before we get into the details, let’s first talk about the importance of these pages.

Whether you know it or not, for most blogs and websites, about us page is one of the highest traffic generating pages. People who visit your site, spend some time on it would definitely want to read your about page if your content or products are interesting.

Yes, starting a blog is easy but the real work starts once you launch it.

It also gives you an opportunity to express yourself, your brand or website. If done right, you can turn these pages into a high converting pages which can generate more leads, email subscribers and even sales.

If you’re still wondering why should you care so much about creating a perfect page, here are few benefits of it.

  • Communicate the story of your website or business
  • This us page helps you engage with your website audience (where you can tell why you started it and how it can help them)
  • You can use it to describe what kind of content or products you’re going to create and promote
  • You can also explain how to get in touch with you or your team (where you can share contact information, maps, social media profiles and so on)
  • Above all, this page helps you put a face to your business (where you can feature the founders along with the people on your team)

3 Of The Best About Us Page Examples

Here are some of the best about us page examples that you can refer while creating them in 2023.

1. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is one of the best marketing project management platforms which offers all-in-one editorial calendar for planning, promoting and executing your content strategy. It also has one of the best about pages on the web right now.

What makes it unique?

CoSchedule nicely mapped out their company history which looks something like this.

coschedule about us page

As you can see, they are showing an easy to digest and really appealing mapping structure to illustrate their company starting from the launch to their major milestones and so on. It’s really a simple yet most effective way to tell about your company or website where you can differentiate yourself from your competitors.

If you’re going to use this kind of illustration, you should include the following.

  • When did you launch your site or business
  • What’s your first major milestone (such as reaching $100K in sales, 10K subscribers and the list goes on)
  • What are the major victories (such as generating 1 million pageviews a month, getting featured on Forbes etc)

2. Backlinko

If you’re into blogging and SEO, you probably have heard about Backlinko or its founder Brian Dean. He is known for creating really in-depth content around SEO which mostly changes the dimension of SEO industry.

Skyscraper technique is one of the best examples and it’s also one of the best creative about us pages that you can read.

What makes it truly unique?

About Brian Dean and Backlinko

Brian knows how to write for online audience. He doesn’t beat around the bush – he talks the talk!

You can see on his about, he includes

  • how the audience can benefit from his blog
  • Social proof (he namedrops big companies like Apple, IBM, Amazon etc)
  • He also includes his email optin form to collect emails

3. Evernote

Evernote is one of the widely used apps which helps you organize your tasks, to-do lists and so on and it’s used by millions of people worldwide.

Why is it great?

about evernote

The color scheme, visuals, the font styles etc are used by keeping users in mind. They are so much appealing and look really elegant.

It also shows who they are, how their app can help people including a section where they show “press” information (where Evernote has been featured). It’s simple, elegant and compelling.

Important note: If you’ve gone through the above 3 mentioned pages, you’ll notice one thing that they are all mostly short (they are not filled with too much of information) but they are also visually appealing. You can keep these two things in mind while creating these pages.

How to Write An Irresistible About Us Page [Template]

Here are few easy yet most effective tips to create an irresistible pages that convert like a charm in 2023 and beyond.

Don’t use generic headline

99% of the blogs and websites do ONE mistake on their about pages: they use the same “about us” as their headline.

How lame is it to use a mediocre headline for your most important page on your site?

If you’re already using the headline such as About “your blog name”, you should change it right now. Instead of showing it, you should use some compelling headlines.

For example, if your domain name is “Fitness Freaks” which mostly covers fitness related tips and techniques, instead of using “About Fitness Freaks” as headline, you can go for compelling headlines such as;

  • Your one stop destination for fitness
  • Fitness tips for [your target audience]
  • The ONLY Place Where [Your unique selling point]

Are you getting it?

For example, you can check Bloggers Passion about us page to see what kind of headline we used.

bloggers passion about page

As you can see, we used a magnetic headline which tells audience what to expect from the blog.

Introduce yourself (but don’t be lame!)

You can tell a story of yourself. You can analyse how your competitors are doing or check out websites from other industries who have written compelling stories in their pages.

Storytelling sells. It especially works great if you’re sharing your journey, experience along with the skills you have. You can talk about everything from your journey to family to mistakes to prior experience.

It immediately connects with people who’re interested in your content, website or products you create. Just make sure NOT to brag about yourself too much and include a profile photo so others can see your face.

Include “what’s in it for them”

One of the most common blogging mistakes most people make while creating these pages is that they don’t talk about their audience. That’s a huge mistake. If you want to build a money making blog, make sure to cover “what’s in it for them”.

The key here is this: “instead of focusing on you or your website, focus on how you are going to help your target audience and customers”

Here are few tips which can help you cover.

Define your target audience:

The first thing you need to do is to define your target audience. Who are you going to target? What kind of demographics do they have? What are their wants and needs and their annual income?

By having knowledge about such things, you can clearly define your audience who are interested in what you are creating on your blog or websites.

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Include the benefits of your blog or website:

There’s no point of creating “bragging about us” pages. You should talk about how your audience can benefit from your blog or website. Talk about all the topics you cover on your blog so they will be interested to find out what your blog is about.

Make sure to give compelling reasons why your blog is unique from other sites and why should your target audience care about your content or products you promote. Are you offering anything extra? Tell them how you’re differentiating your blog from a gazillion number of other blogs out there.

Include social proof

Social proof is the key to creating perfect about us pages which actually covert. If you want to immediately grab the attention of your website audience, you must include your expertise. Show them the REAL social proof.

In the most popular psychology book “Influence,” Robert Cialdini describes social proof as “the tendency to see an action as more appropriate when others are doing it.”

Here’s how social proof looks like in real life.

social proof tweet

As you can see above, Jay Baer who is an NYT bestselling author is giving a testimonial about a book. It definitely impacts the overall impressional and sales of that particular book which is showcasing his endorsement. That’s why social proof works.

You can use social proof in the following ways;

  • By including website logos (where you’ve been featured online): Include only those sites which are known worldwide. For instance, if you’ve been mentioned on Forbes, you can include that as social proof as it’s one of the most popular sites.
  • By showing testimonials: Testimonials given by others (industry experts or thought leaders in your niche) or real testimonials provided by your customers or blog audience can give you a huge impact on others.
  • Expert social proof: You can get an endorsement from an expert or authority blogger in your niche. Ask them to make a short video about you or your website or simply ask for a short testimonial which you can use to instantly boost your website’s authority.
  • Subscribers or social media fans: If your website or blog has thousands or millions of followers on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram etc you should definitely want to show those numbers in your about page. The same thing applies to your email subscribers as well as it works amazingly well!
  • Ratings: If you’re running a food-related business or any kind of eCommerce online store which is selling stuff either online or offline, you can start showing ratings only if they are really good. Otherwise, it can give a negative impact.

Build a connection with your audience

The best about us pages don’t create hype. They build an emotional bonding with their audience or the people who are reading their about pages. That said, you don’t have to make people cry but try to forge a connection with your audience so they can relate to your website or business immediately.

Here’s how Pat Flynn’s page looks like;

About Smart Passive Income

As you can see above, Pat Flynn from Smart Passive income (where he earns $100K every single month in passive income) shows a photograph of his family including wife, kids and a cute puppy.

There’s a reason why he’s doing that. He wants to connect with his audience emotionally and when he shares his family photo, most people who are reading his page instantly gets connected. That’s the whole point.

You can also do the same if you really want to build an authority site and engage with your audience personally.

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Showcase your best information

You can include your best performing posts or the pages which generated the most traffic, social shares and comments. By showing your “best content” from your about page, you’re helping your audience to learn more about your blog or business.

Call to actions

Another important thing to remember is that, you need to use CTAs (call to actions). Show your visitors what to do next after reading about page.

That way, you can direct them to take some action immediately after reading about pages. Here are few call to actions you can use.

  • Use an email optin form to collect more emails (make sure to use a unique email optin form so you can easily track how many people are actually converting into email subscribers)
  • Use your product links (if you’re selling your own products such as books or promoting affiliate products such as tools, software or plugins, you can simply put a link to them describing how they can help your audience)
  • Share your social media profiles (you can share your social media profiles such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc so interested people can follow and connect with you)
  • You can also share your best resource pages which your audience can read further


Here are few of the important questions around about us pages along with their examples which you may find extremely useful.

What are some of the most creative about me pages?

Here’s a list of websites which have some of the most creative about me pages.

→ Airbnb
→ Canva
→ Tumblr
→ MailChimp
→ Ideaware
→ 500px

What to include in about me pages?

Here are few things you must include in your about page.

→ About you (or your business) where you can share your story, journey, failures, successes and so on
→ Social proof (it works like a charm, show logos of where you’ve been featured, testimonials, your social media fans, subscribers count etc)
→ Include the benefits of your blog or site (you must give compelling reasons and show your target audience “what’s in it really for them”)
→ Your picture along with your full name (address of your company along with Google Business Page and such information)

What kind of writing tone should I use to create about me page?

Professional tone is great if you’re running a corporate site. But most of the times, these pages that use the personal tone get highest conversions because you’re creating a personal connection with your audience by using the words like “YOU”.

Should I optimize my about page for SEO?

Definitely yes. Here are two things you should do to better optimize these pages

→ Find out relevant keywords you want to rank for (so you can use those keywords in your page title, meta description, sprinkle within your copy and so on)
→ Build backlinks to your about page (backlinks play a key role in getting more organic visibility from search and you can use link building strategies like guest posting to build backlinks to these pages)

Final Thoughts

If you’re someone who’s looking to increase your brand exposure, website conversion rates and overall authoritativeness of your site, you must create an about me page that converts.

Spend quality time in creating your about us page instead of treating it like just any other random page on your site. Check out other sites to get ideas and implement the tips mentioned above to create an effective page for your blog.

Do you’ve any more questions? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Anil,
    Thank for the useful article and really good examples of “About us” page. I’m reading your blog for a while now and this particular article was found on time!
    I’m launching my blog about fitness and health now (yes, super big niche and competition, but I’m sure that I can bring something useful to the world) and my problem right now is an “About us” page. The thing is that I don’t want to share who I am – just not personalized brand name and I also don’t want to share my personal social networking profile etc.
    So in this situation, I’m not sure how to build the “About us” page and what to write on it.
    Maybe you can give me some advice?

    • Hi, glad to hear you’re launching a new blog in the fitness industry. In deed, it’s a competitive niche, so make sure to find unique ways to market and create your contents and products to see success. If you don’t want to share who you’re, it’s absolutely find, you can skip it for now and just go ahead with your content and SEO related stuff to make your blog a success. Once your blog starts getting enough traction, you can consider what to do with your about page. For now, don’t think too much, just get started!

  2. Hi Anil

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    They have also great page as about page and with Backlinko Evernote has also great & attractive about page. Those present great sound for visitors.

    • Hi Nia, yes Backlinko has a stunning about page which is not only compelling to read but I also think it converts well for Brian Dean as he is also using his email sign up forms everywhere.

  3. Hi Anil,
    The About me page is an important page of any online business. And for a blog, it is also a very important page. We should have a killer about page in our blog.
    I got a very unique idea from this article. That is, writing a unique title for the about page instead of just “about us”.
    I would like to give you a lot of thanks for this idea. Thank you.

    • Hi Liton, so true, about us page is the most important page for most websites. But it’s also the page that most people don’t take care of. All they do is write ordinary headline and content and expect great results. That’s why we’ve written a detailed guide around how to write about page that converts. Hope you’ll use it create better about us pages.

  4. Hi there,
    Me again, the call to action:) So here is my dilemma… I write a travel blog – just travel not a lifestyle, not points, not food, not a bit of everything – just travel. My two niches are Florida and hacking (not solely points focused). Every single travel blog I have seen to date that is monetized is selling the “here is how I make money while traveling” or, the “here is how I can help you make money”, or the “here is how to start a blog” which I think are all overplayed to point of diminishing decent content. I am stuck on ideas…………… I think my about me explains who I am and what I think I bring but I don’t want the call to action others seem to default to. Any ideas? Nikki

    • Hi Brit, that’s a great idea to start a blog exclusively on Travel. Actually, there’s nothing wrong in making money by telling people how to start a blog and how to make money online (if the bloggers are already making money). If you want to start a profitable travel blog, find your own unique voice and a less saturated niche so you can succeed.


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