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Looking to target the right audience to boost your sales? Want to get more visibility for your ads? You’ve come to the right place.

BloggersPassion is a popular blog in the blogging, make money online, SEO, web hosting and affiliate marketing niche. BloggersPassion readers are not only the most engaged readers, but they buy if you sell the right products! We concentrate on one of the most widely read niche blog of the blogosphere and gained a strong reputation in a small time. And I dare say, these numbers and stats will increase with time.

BloggersPassion is read by thousands of readers every month and most of them have their own websites or blogs. So if your product or services are targeting the bloggers or readers, who are interested in blogging, Bloggers Passion is the best blog for you to advertise on.

We have started advertising here at BloggersPassion keeping in mind the industry rates and the maximum Return on Investment. After all, this is what you are looking for, right?

Following are our stats as on 22nd July, 2018

Alexa Rank – 88219

Domain Authority – 51/100

Facebook Fans – 8854

Twitter Followers – 17.8K plus

Google Plus Followers – 4574 plus

Average visits per month – 85000-100000

Average page views per month – 140000-1800000

Here’s the advertising cost per month at BloggersPassion

300 x 250Sidebar$400/ month
468 x 60Single Post After Title$500/ month
300 x 250At the end of Single Post$350/ month
300 x 300In the middle of the page on the top$400/ month


I write review at a very minimal cost. You can get a review here at BloggersPassion for $500 only. The review will be made for a blog/site/service only from this niche. Porn, gambling, poker and health medicines, please excuse. I will be sharing every paid review or sponsored post on my social media networks where I have a follower base of 30000 plus. Promotion of your review on such websites will make them more search engine friendly and thus more traffic to your review and advertising website from search engines.

For additional information, Use contact us form available here or email me directly at

Guidelines and Rules

1. Ads from this blog’s niche will be given preference than other niche ads.

2. Currency is USD only.

3. One month = from date to date i.e. 28 Feb to 28 Mar. 31 Jul to 31 Aug.

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