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Who else wants to increase their search engine traffic?

If you are searching for ways to improve the visibility of your websites, this page is exclusively for you where I’m going to share few incredible SEO tips and tricks to boost your search rankings.

What is SEO and what are the key factors of SEO?

SEO can be elaborated as Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of improving your website (or blog) visibility for variety of keywords. The search engine traffic you get depends on over 200 search engine factors. Here are few essential rankings factors you can’t ignore if you want to improve your search traffic.

  • Domain age
  • Keywords
  • Content length
  • Keyword density
  • LSI keywords usage
  • Page loading speed
  • Image optimization
  • Broken links and error pages
  • Website design
  • Alt tags

And the list goes on and on.

There are two types of SEO.

  1. On page SEO: The optimisation that is be done on the pages of the website itself (ex: using multiple keywords on your articles)
  2. Off page SEO: The optimisation that is be done on the pages out of your website (ex: social sharing, bookmarking, getting links from other blogs to your pages)

If you want to increase your organic traffic, you have to focus on both on page SEO and off page SEO. Ignoring any one of them can only lead to a bad SEO strategy which doesn’t give you lasting results.

SEO Tips & Tricks You Must Follow

SEO tips and tricks

Do you have any question around SEO or looking for some best SEO tips? You have landed on the right place. Lots of topics in brief and detail will be discussed here. I will be pointing to some of my posts where I had written about SEO tips though this page.

SEO Friendly Titles

Whether you know it or not, title of a web page is one of the essential ranking factors. If you want to increase your search traffic, include your primary keyword in the title of your post or page, search engine algorithms to give more weight to the title tags. So here are 10 tips which will help you make better search engine friendly titles for your blog posts and website pages.

SEO Tips for WordPress

Are you using WordPress? We all know how good the WordPress is to increase search engine traffic. If you are finding for proven ways to increase traffic of a WordPress blog or website, this post is for you. This post cover some basic SEO tips one need to use to promote your WordPress based blogs in search engines.

Check Website Traffic

Who else wants to check website traffic to analyze both keywords and competition? It doesn’t matter whether you want to find out your own website traffic or others traffic, here are top 5 ways to determine traffic to a website or blog whether you own it or its your competitor’s website. A must read for all the traffic lovers, you will find out 5 free ways and tools to analyze traffic of any website.

Website SEO

Want to get on to the top 10 search results of Google? This post will share you step by step process that you need to follow to get top 10 rankings on Google and other search engines.

Google Panda Recovery: A Simple Guide to Recovering from Panda Penalty

Are you lately seeing any traffic drop on your websites or blogs? If yes, you might have hit by Google Panda. Google Panda focuses on penalizing the sites with low quality and spam contents. If you are hit by Panda, still you can recover your traffic following few tips. In this detailed guide, I shared Google Panda recovery tips to increase your website traffic and rankings again. Make sure to follow the guide and implement the steps properly and you will soon notice the results.

Google Sitelinks

Do you know what are Google Sitelinks and how you can get Google Sitelinks for your website and blog, SEO Tips mentioned in this blog post will help you get Google Sitelinks for your website quite easily.

Best SEO Tips for WordPress Websites to Rank Higher In Search Engines

Are you searching for innovative and unique SEO tips and tricks to boost your search engine rankings for almost any keyword? If yes, this detailed article is for you where I shared few unique SEO tips and tricks like creating a mini blog network, writing keyword rich articles, using the BEST SEO plugin and few other things to increase your search rankings.

How to Do Keyword Research Like A Pro

Without a doubt, keyword research is the ONLY key to increase your organic traffic. Unfortunately most bloggers forget about the importance of researching their potential keywords. If you are also one among them, you are wasting a lot of time and money in order to increase your search engine traffic. Here’s a detailed guide on how to do keyword research like a professional SEO guru where I’ll show you how to exactly perform keyword research to find profitable keywords for your websites and businesses.

How to Make A Search Engine Friendly Website

Who else wants to create a search engine friendly website? If you are serious about making your blog or website into a search engine friendly design, this article is for you where I not only talked about the important factors about the web design that impacts your search rankings but I also taught about the things you need to implement.

Top 10 On-Page SEO Factors That Really Matters

Want to increase your on page SEO? Here are top 10 factors that majorly affect your on page SEO rankings. It doesn’t matter whether your blog is brand new or not, if you always use these 10 on page SEO factors, your traffic grows almost always.

How To Find Long Tail Keywords for Increasing Website Traffic

Google gives #1 priority to long tail keywords as they are more specific and give a lot of value to search users. If you use long tail keywords like “SEO tips and tricks” over short tail keywords like “SEO”, you can always rank better than your competitors. The great thing about using long tail keywords is you can grow your organic traffic even without having a great domain authority or a lot of back links because the competition is almost always low for long tail keywords. Here I’ll discuss how to find profitable long tail keywords to increase your search engine traffic.

This page should help you fix some of your questions related to SEO like

  • How to make SEO friendly websites
  • Themes, Plugins, extensions, software’s usefulness for SEO community
  • SEO mistakes, checklists, companies, blogs
  • How to increase your website traffic and page rank kind of topics
  • Latest changes in search engine and SEO industry

So all in all, lots of topics related to search engine optimization has been covered on this page. I’m just keeps on adding new tips and tricks related to SEO on this page regularly.

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