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Note: Review Me website is closed now. For other paid to blog options check this post.

Recently I wrote a post around Sponsored Reviews an easy way to make money from your blog while writing paid reviews. If you are looking at additional ways to make money from your blog doing the same kind of activities i.e. writing paid posts, you must go through this post. In this post, I will be sharing honest thoughts about Review Me Website, one of most popular paid blogging website.

You need to have an active blog to start making money with ReviewMe website. For making money online with this paid review website, you need to publish posts as per advertisers requirement on your blog. Bloggers are able to earn from few dollars to hundreds of dollars per review with this paid review network. Amount of money you will be able to earn per review will mostly depends upon certain factors like your blog link popularity, RSS Subscribers Count, Page Rank, Technorati Ranking, Alexa Rankings etc.

Make money doing reviews with ReviewMe

ReviewMe Bloggers Approval Process

You should first Sign Up as Blogger by filling all the required information and select mode of payment you would like to use. Now submit your blog for approval using the ‘Submit/Manage My Blogs’ link under Blogger section in your Review Me website account.

You should submit your blog details correctly and into right categories. You can select up to 5 categories and you can have 6 active websites into their marketplace. Right now, I can accept up to 20 paid reviews in a month on my blogs through ReviewMe website. I can increase this count if I happen to increase the popularity of my blog.

When submitting your blog on this paid blogging website, You should make sure that you submit your most popular blog that has good page rank, RSS Subscribers, link popularity, Technorati and Alexa Ranking. A blog with a page rank of 3, with 100 plus RSS subscribers and Alexa Rank in six figures should get accepted into Review Me website marketplace. Once the guys at ReviewMe accept your blog, you are eligible to accept review requests from advertisers on your blog.

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Working As Blogger

You can earn decent money writing paid reviews on your blogs every month with the review writing website. I had great time with Review Me website as I was able to make $100-$200 every month doing paid reviews only on my blog when I was active on ReviewMe website. But these days I don’t accept paid reviews due to shortage of time and resources.

Once you receive a request for review, you can either accept that or decline that. If you accept a review offer, you have to write a post as per the advertiser guidelines and publish that on your blog. Your post content length should be greater than 200 words as 200 words is the minimum requirement for each approved opportunity. You should include links for advertiser website using the given anchors in your paid post. Once you have published the review post that meets all advertisers’ guidelines, submit it in your ReviewMe account against the accepted opportunity.

There are certain guidelines you should follow when submitting your paid reviews on ReviewMe network:

  • 200 Word is the minimum length for review.
  • You must accept someway within your blog post that it is a paid review or sponsored review.
  • You should link to advertisers website using the given exact URL and Anchor text.
  • Review should be properly written and should not contain any grammatical or spelling errors.
  • You should not include affiliate links within your review.
  • You should not copy content from other websites in your review.
  • All links to advertiser website should be dofollow.

Working As An Advertiser

Advertisers are able to select the blogs they want to get paid reviews by three methods:

  1. By browsing the blogs categories available
  2. Directly buying a paid review from the targeted blog
  3. Create an opportunity with your exact requirements and share that with targeted bloggers

Advertisers can get reviews for as low as $10 and as high as $1000, depending upon their budget and the kind of blogs they want to get their reviews published. So advertisers are able to build high quality backlinks, traffic, buzz and branding for their website products and services on most relevant blogs in their industry with ReviewMe paid blogging website.

Review Me Website Payment System

They send payments to all eligible bloggers on the 1st of every month. Bloggers can accept payments via Check, Payoneer Card and Paypal. Minimum payout in case of check and Payoneer is $25 and there is no minimum amount limit to get paid into your Paypal accounts.

So all in all, Bloggers are able to make some quick cash writing paid posts and Advertisers are able to get more business for their websites though these high quality reviews from best blogs in their niche.


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