35+ Artificial Intelligence Statistics For 2024 [Updated List With Facts & Figures]

Looking for interesting artificial intelligence stats for 2024? You’re in the right place.

Almost everyone is talking about and using artificial intelligence (AI).

The trend for AI searches is growing rapidly. 

Have a look at the Google Trends for the topic;

ai google trends

See that? In the past five years, the worldwide trend and searches have skyrocketed for the term “artificial intelligence.”

And… AI tools like ChatGPT are trending all over social media. 

So what’s really going on with the AI? Where is the AI heading? Let’s find out.

Artificial Intelligence Statistics [Top Picks for 2024]

artificial intelligence statistics

1. Is AI a booming industry? How big is the AI market? 

The market size in the Artificial Intelligence market is projected to reach $305.90bn in 2024 and is expected to reach $738.80bn by 2030, according to Statista.

According to Harvard Business Publishing, the AI market is expected to contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

2. Is AI helpful for businesses?

54% of executives say that AI solutions have already increased productivity in their businesses. (Source: PWC)

3. What percentage of people use AI?

97% of mobile users already use AI-powered voice assistants (IDAP). In case you’re curious, Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant are some of the best examples of AI-powered voice assistants. 

4. How does AI help with sales teams?

G2 reports that the companies using AI for sales increased their leads by more than 50%, reduced call time by 60-70%, and realized 40-60% cost reductions.

5. What companies are the leading AI patent owners of machine learning & AI?

Tencent was the largest owner of active machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) patent families worldwide, with 9,614 families, and Baidu ranked second with just over 9,500 patent families. (Statista)

In case you’re curious, Tencent Holdings Ltd. is a Chinese multinational technology company which owns popular video games, including PubG, Call of Duty, and more.

General Statistics about Artificial Intelligence 

Here are some of the general AI statistics that matter in 2024.

1. Which countries will get the most out of AI?

The most significant economic gains from AI will be in China (26% boost to GDP in 2030) and North America (14.5% boost), equivalent to a total of $10.7 trillion (Source: PWC)

2. Which are the top global countries adopting AI?

Chinese and Indian companies have the highest levels of AI adoption at almost 60%. It is followed by the US (25%), the UK (26%), Canada (28%), Australia (24%), etc. (Source: IBM)

countries adopting ai

3. Is India leading in AI?

IDC predicts that the India AI software market will reach $6,358.8 million in 2025, at a CAGR of 18.1%. NASSCOM reports that AI is expected to add $450 to 500 billion to India’s GDP by 2025.

4. How is AI helping the healthcare industry?

A report by Deloitte found that adopting AI in the healthcare industry is likely to lead to a reduction in healthcare costs of up to 26%, enhancing existing products and services by 27% and making processes more efficient by 34%.

5. Will AI ever be more intelligent than humans?

Probably yes. The billionaire and CEO of Twitter Elon Musk, warned that AI services could overtake humans by 2025. He also said that artificial intelligence would be 10x smarter than humans. (Source: Independent)

6. How many companies use AI?

35% of companies are already using AI, and 42% of companies are exploring AI for its implementation in the future, according to a TechJury report. 

The report also says that the global AI adoption rate grew steadily and is now 35%, a four-point increase from 2021.

companies using ai

Facts about AI In 2024

Looking for AI facts? This section is just for you.

1. How AI is useful in retail industry?

80% of retail executives expect their retail companies to adopt AI-powered intelligent automation by 2027. 

2. How can OTT platforms benefit from artificial intelligence?

Netflix’s recommendations engine (which is powered by artificial intelligence) is worth $1 billion annually. Netflix is literally saving $1 billion each year due to AI. If you’re curious, Netflix is a popular OTT streaming platform with over 230 million subscribers worldwide.

3. Are companies using artificial intelligence?

According to MIT CCI research, 90% of the world’s most successful companies already invest in AI.

4. How is AI useful in businesses?

63% of executives whose companies have adopted AI report that it resulted in increased revenues in the business areas (according to Forbes).

5. What are the major benefits of AI chatbots in marketing?

The major benefits of AI chatbots are 24-hour service (64%), instant responses to inquiries (55%), and answers to simple questions (55%). 

ai chatbot stats

6. Are startups using AI?

Yes, the number of AI startups since 2000 has increased 14 times, while investments in AI startups have increased six times (Source: Forbes)

7. Does Google use AI to process search queries?

Yes, Google uses global AI technologies to process over 6.9 billion daily search queries or a staggering 2.5 trillion searches per year worldwide.  

Artificial Intelligence Trends 

Here’s a handpicked list of AI trends and facts about artificial intelligence.

1. Is artificial intelligence demand in the future?

Definitely yes. By 2024, 75% of organizations will shift from piloting to operationalizing artificial intelligence, according to Gartner.

2. What is the size of the machine learning market in the future?

Fortune Business Insights predicts that the market size of machine learning is expected to grow to $209 billion by 2029, with a CAGR of 38.8%.

3. Is there a future in NLP?

Yes, indeed, there is. The global natural language processing (NLP) market was valued at $18.9 billion in the last year and is expected to reach $98.1 billion by 2028. (Markets and Markets)

nlp market

4. What is the future size of the wearable AI market?

The wearable AI market is predicted to reach $180 billion by 2025. 

5. What is the future size of the AI chip market?

The global AI chip market revenue will reach $83.25 billion by 2027. 

6. What is the usage of digital assistants in the future?

Digital assistant usage worldwide is expected to double to 8.4 billion by 2024, according to Semrush.

7. What is the market size of AI-based cybersecurity?

The global market for AI-based cybersecurity products is estimated to reach $133.8 billion by 2030, up from $14.9 billion last year (Source: CNBC)

8. How big is AI in the healthcare industry?

The AI in Healthcare Market is projected to grow from $14.6 Billion in 2024 to $102.7 Billion by 2028. (Markets and Markets)

9. Which is the top AI unicorn company transforming the Tech Industry in 2024?

Horizon Robotics became the world’s highest-valued AI chip unicorn, which has raised a total funding of $3.4 Billion over 11 rounds.

10. Is AI beneficial in nursing activities?

AI automation could free up 10% of nursing activities by 2030.  World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that there will be a shortfall of over 18 million healthcare workers during the same period.  (Source: EIT Health)

How AI Will Impact the Work & Jobs

Are you wondering about the AI impact on jobs and the future of work? Here are some of the fascinating stats you need to know.

1. How does AI impact manufacturing jobs? 

As many as 20 million manufacturing jobs all across the globe may be lost to robots by 2030,  (Source: Oxford Economics).

2. Can AI create jobs in the future? 

Yes, AI is predicted to create 97 million new jobs by 2025. 

3. Does AI skills required in the future?

Jobs that require AI or machine-learning skills are expected to expand by 71% in the next five years. 

4. How many jobs will be at risk due to AI?

According to PwC research, by the mid-2030s, one-third of all employment will be at risk of being automated. 

Here’s a great illustration from Statista predicting the share of jobs at high risk of automation by 2030.

automation fallout

5. Does automation reduce jobs?

According to McKinsey, automation might cause the loss of 73 million employees in the United States by 2030 and over 120 million in India.

automation reduce jobs

6. How can AI affect people with low education?

According to a PWC report, 44% of workers with low education will be affected due to automation by the mid-2030s.

7. How AI is changing the logistics industry?

Amazon’s average ‘click to ship’ time was reduced by 225%, from 60-75 minutes to 15 minutes (Forbes).

8. How does AI reduce costs in business?

According to McKinsey, 44% of organizations reduced business costs with artificial intelligence. According to Gartner, AI deployments in contact centers will save over $80 billion in labor costs by 2026.

benefits of ai

9. How does AI change customer service?

According to PWC, 43% of millennials and 28% of business executives would pay a premium for a hybrid AI-driven service offering direct human access.

10. What kind of Jobs AI is likely to replace in the future?

Here are a few jobs AI will likely replace in the future.

  • Customer service executives
  • Data entry
  • Bookkeeping
  • Proofreading
  • Receptionists
  • Courier services 
  • Food delivery

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FAQs On Artificial Intelligence

Here are some frequently asked questions about AI stats and artificial intelligence in general.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (commonly known as AI) involves using machine learning and NLP to do things FASTER than humans

Who is the father of AI?

John McCarthy coined the term “artificial intelligence” in the 1950s, and he’s considered the father of AI.

What is the purpose of artificial intelligence?

The most significant purpose of AI is to save time. Also, AI works 24/7 with unbiased decisions. AI can perform repetitive tasks without any human intervention. 

Does Elon Musk own open AI?

Elon Musk doesn’t currently own any shares in OpenAI, as he resigned from the board in 2018. He had a stake in the company a few years ago. OpenAI was founded by Sam Altman, Reid Hoffman, etc, in 2015.

What are the best AI tools for marketers in 2024?

Here are some of the useful AI tools for marketers.
– ChatGPT or Google Bard AI (can be used as an interactive chatbot)
– Jasper AI (helpful in creating content)
– InVideo (to create videos with the help of AI)

What is the future of AI?

Artificial intelligence is growing rapidly, and it’s going to impact millions of jobs across the world. According to research, the AI industry is expected to contribute over $15 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

How AI is beneficial in the medical field?

According to a report by Frost, AI-powered medical imaging is expected to save the healthcare industry over $28 billion by 2025.

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Final Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence Statistics (2024)

AI is changing the way we work. It’s going to impact millions of people. Knowing the importance of AI and acquiring the required artificial intelligence skills sets you apart from the competition. 

Have you found our exclusive list of artificial intelligence statistics as of 2024 helpful? Have any questions? Let us know in the comments. 

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