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8 Best Free Online Punctuation Checker Tools for Bloggers And Writers

Did you know the secret to growing a successful blog? It’s writing viral blog posts. Jon Morrow, Neil Patel, Brian Clark, Seth Godin – all these successful bloggers built million dollar businesses by writing magnetic blog posts.

Writing irresistible blog posts is the key to drive more traffic, increase social shares and boost your income. If you are not a regular writer, it is extremely difficult to write flawless content.

Whether you are a blogger or writer, you need to create articles to achieve results. Anyone can go out, grab a pc and start writing but writing flawless content takes skills. You need to make sure that your punctuation is correct and there are no typos in your content whatsoever.

Are you thinking about writing a blog to establish growth? Finding it difficult to write flawless blog posts?

You should start using online punctuation checker tools to make sure your content is flawless and is free from all kind of errors like punctuation, comma and other Grammar related errors.

If you ever want your blog readers to take you seriously, you should first start taking yourself seriously. The more dedicated efforts you put into your blog and writing, the better results it will generate. It’s as simple as that.

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I know there are a lot of punctuation and grammar checker tools but most of them are not helpful. So I’ve researched a lot and created a list of incredible free grammar correction tools in this detailed article to help you write content without any typos or grammatical mistakes. Let’s dive into the details.

Top Free Online Punctuation Checker Tools

online free punctuation checker tools

1. Grammarly

If you are a blogger, writer or a student, you must make sure you are writing content that is free of grammatical and punctuation errors. Unfortunately, proofreading and blog editing can cost you a lot of money as they are mostly offered by professional writers.

So if you are on a budget, you need to make use of few grammar checkers to find the flawless grammar for your writing. Here’s where Grammarly comes into handy.

The great thing about Grammarly tool is that it makes you a better writer by finding and correcting up to 10× more mistakes than a general word processor. Grammarly has built-in powerful algorithms that are developed by the world’s leading authorities on linguistic technologies.

So you will always be able to write flawlessly anywhere on the web as it also corrects over 250 grammatical mistakes at one go. So what are you waiting for?

Click here to start using Grammarly and check my review of Grammarly from here

2. White Smoke

White Smoke is the most popular choice for all the bloggers and writers who want to use a convenient and most advanced grammar checking tool.

The good thing about ‘White Smoke’ is that it works everywhere you type: in MS-Word, Outlook, web browsers and other text editing programs!

  • Hone your English writing with the most advanced software. Correct your Grammar, Punctuation and even Sentence Structure
  • Improves your writing style
  • Use it Anywhere – Works on any computer, smartphone or tablet connected to the internet
  • Translate full texts from over 45 languages
  • Plagiarism checker is also available with the tool
  • Get usage examples with matching adjectives
  • Corrects regular & contextual spelling mistakes
  • Alerts to word repetitions and missing words
  • Hundreds of ready-to-use letter templates

Although White Smoke is a paid tool but you can get a free trial for few weeks by entering your email address. It’s one of the easiest ways to correct your punctuation and improve your English writing. So you can give this tool a try without hesitation.

Start using White Smoke now to check your punctuation, comma and other Grammar related errors.

3. PaperRater.com

If you want to perfect your writing and check your text for any possible punctuation errors, this tool is for you.

This grammar checker tool allows you to find those grammar mistakes and correct them before turning in your document or text.

This tool also helps you find out if your paper or document contains plagiarized text. This tool compares your text to over 10 billion documents so that your content gets checked thoroughly for any duplicate content. You can easily find and rectify if your copy contains any duplicate sentences.

Here are few reasons to use Paper Rater to rectify your punctuation errors.

  • It’s 100% completely FREE
  • It’s simple – just copy and paste your essay in the box provided in the site to check your copy for grammatical errors.
  • View detailed stats about word choice, grammar, spelling and more
  • Your text or documents will be analyzed immediately in real-time so that you can write flawless content fast.

Click here to start using Paper Rater to check Grammar, proofreading and spelling mistakes

4. LanguageTool.org

LanguageTool is an Open Source proof­reading program for English and 20 other languages. They have a simple proofreading and punctuation checking dialogue box on their site that helps you correct your grammatical mistakes.

Using a punctuation checker tool has several benefits when proofreading a document or text. First of all, there’s no software installation required for you to find out the grammar errors in your copy. Everything is online, safe and secure in fact no texts are being stored or cached in most of these tool servers.

Click here to start using Language Tool to check Grammar and spelling mistakes

5. Ginger Spell Checker

Ginger is the widely used and #1 English Spell Checker and Spelling Corrector that is currently available. This top notch proofreading checker tool corrects your typos, phonetic mistakes, severe spelling mistakes and misused words based on the context of a sentence.

And it uses a great software to automatically detect your writing mistakes to allow you write flawless contents. It uses a breakthrough, patent-pending technology to correct any type of mistake, including those left undetected by other spell checkers.

Here are few notable features of Ginger grammar checker tool.

  • Grammar Checker
  • Sentence Rephraser
  • Personal Trainer
  • Text to Speech
  • Translation
  • Dictionary
  • Spell Check

Start using Ginger now to write great content

6. GrammarCheck.net

This free online grammar editing tool finds many errors that a simple spell checker cannot detect and several grammar problems.

This tool helps you proofread any English text with a simple “Copy & Paste”. This tool won’t save any text you enter nor does it keep your log files. All texts get processed instantly and deleted immediately after processing your text.

This special grammar checker tool helps you proofread your content thoroughly to create flawless content. If you see see colorful underlined prompts, each one of them points out a different spelling error, grammar suggestion, or style suggestion.

Check your grammar using GrammarCheck

7.  Reverso Spell Checker

Do you want to use a fast yet efficient spell checker tool online? Then, try Reverso tool as it helps you find all your grammatical and punctuation mistakes accurately.

The good thing about using this tool is that it is an automatic and interactive online spell-checker, which means, you can send them feedback if it is not rectifying some of the words or sentences, so their team will fix and make the tool more efficient.

Here’s how it works;

  • Visit their website
  • Enter any text (or copy paste the content that you want to proofread)
  • Choose your language (available both in English and French)
  • Click Check button and it instantly corrects any mistakes

Click here to start using Reverso Spell Checker 

8. Scribens.com Grammar Checker

Last but not least. Scribens is one of the most powerful tools available online which helps you fix 10 times more mistakes when you compare it with MS Word.

Literally it helps you fix everything ranging from common grammar and spell mistakes to punctuation to typography and over 250 other types of spell mistakes which makes this tool an incredible editing tool for fixing your text.

Just visit their website using the following link, copy paste whatever the text you want to proofread for punctuation mistakes or any other writing typos and click on the Check button. That’s it, it will start showing all the suggestions along with the rectifications needed for your text to make it perfect.

Start using Scribens for perfect grammar

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What are the 14 punctuation marks?

Period (.), question mark (?), exclamation point (!), comma, semicolon (;), and colon (:), Dash, hyphen, Brackets, Braces, Parentheses, Apostrophe, Quotation Marks, and Ellipsis.

What is the best free grammar checker?

Grammarly is one of the best grammar checkers which is available for basic writing corrections for free along with chrome extension and MS Word integration.

Which is better, Ginger or Grammarly?

As compared to Ginger, Grammarly offers native apps for Mac, plagiarism checker, and user-friendly interface, which makes Grammarly a better choice certainly.

Is there an app that corrects punctuation?

Yes, some of the online platforms offer a native app as well. Grammarly is one of them that offers apps for both Windows and Mac.

How do I check if the sentence is grammatically correct?

All you need to simply copy-paste your text you want to check in any grammar checker tool or better use a web browser extension for instant results.

Final thoughts

Whether you have 2 hours, 5 hours or 10 hours a week on writing blog posts or articles, using the right grammar editing tools will help you fully exploit the time you have. If you want to write great content, start eliminating the punctuation, comma, spelling and grammatical errors from it first. Then your writing improves automatically, by using the tools mentioned in this article, you can easily eliminate errors.

Did you know that most readers skim through the post they find anything on the web. There are over 2 million blog posts are getting published every single day, so skimming through articles is not a sin.

If you want to make your first time visitors stick to your blog, you need to ensure that your writing is flawless. If they find any punctuation mistakes within your blog posts while they are skimming, they will get irritated and most possibly abandon your blog.

That’s the reason why you need to start using these free online punctuation checker tools to write flawless content even if you are writing blog posts for years. I’ve been blogging for over 5 years now and I am still afraid of publishing my blog posts and I never post something without proofreading twice.

So what are your thoughts about using these tools? Do you have any more recommendations to write flawless contents? Please share your thoughts in the comments below and please share this post with others so they can benefit.

About Author
Anil Agarwal is the Founder of Bloggerspassion. He is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable blogs for over a decade Now. He has been featured in Over 100 Publications including Forbes, The HuffPost, HubSpot, Shopify, Semrush, Kinsta, Bluehost, Hostinger and G2.com etc. Know more about Anil Agarwal from here.

Reader Comments (17)

  1. Hi! I’m really enjoy your post)
    This is a great list. Another tool I would add is Unicheck. As a blogger I’ve been using this the past 5 months after seeing my content was being taken and duplicated on a few other websites I did not give permission to. I suggest this for anyone publishing content online!
    Best wishes!

    • Unicheck is something I’m hearing for the first time, thanks for the suggestion. I’ll have a look at it to see how effective it is.

  2. Cool post! I like Grammarly! But apart from grammar and punctuation checking, it is also worth checking for plagiarism. I use this tool, and i think it is perfect for bloggers.

    • Hi Anu, yes it’s so true. You must check your content for any plagiarism as duplicate content so many issues in the long run. Thanks for the tip and comment.

  3. In my opinion, all of the above are great free punctuation checkers. The one you select will heavily depend on its user interface and other personal touches.

    That being said, it is tough to measure just how accurate these are when compared to one another. If you are unsure about any of them, I would alternatively suggest a premium Grammarly account, which appears to have a great reputation among publishers.

    And you can use something like comma checkers.

    • Grammarly is great for so many reasons and that’s the reason why millions of people use it. Just it has some paid options to get full features and benefits out of it. Glad you found the post useful, Comma!

  4. Hey Anil,
    I’m back to your blog :-). These free online punctuation checker tools are extremely useful whenever we write something online. I personally use Grammarly for writing a blog post.

  5. Grammarly is one of the best free punctuation checker tool that I have been using to write article for my blog. Ginger is also good tool but it has some limit. In this article, I have got some new tools like Grammar Base and Grammar Check. Now I’m going to use these tools. Thank you for your great information.

    • Grammarly is no doubt one of the best tools and it is available as an app or as a chrome extension. You can use it with Firefox or Chrome (only browsers which I have tried it with, might be compatible with more). So yes, go check out other tools as well from the list.

  6. Thanks for this list! I’m an indie author and blogger, and extremely busy-multi-tasking mother of two kids. So, I tend to mess up my writing, on occasion. Tools such as these surely shouldn’t be depended on 100%, but it does help.

    • It’s okay to mess up with your writing as long as you are consistent in posting something on your blog. Just make sure to take proofreading tools help so you can quickly improve your writing. All the best.

  7. Hi Anil,
    I am finally coming on your blog in searching for best free online punctuation checker tools.
    But, it seems majority of these tools are paid. Can you suggest me any free or low budget and reliable online punctuation tool.

    • Yes, few of the tools are paid but there are so many other tools like Grammarly that offer you some what free features so you can make use of them. Also grammar is very important so you can invest some money on the best paid tools to improve your writing.

  8. Hello Anil,

    Thanks for sharing valuable tools for newbie bloggers and writers. I have just started blogging and i preferred Grammarly and ginger till now to check spelling and punctuation. Both are working really good for me. I will try to use which you have suggested.

    • Hi Anant, both grammarly and ginger are great tools and work well and you must know that, grammar is important and spending a few hours learning how to use it properly is definitely time well spent.

  9. Thanks Anil as newbie bloggers who generally neglect this aspect but if anyone wants to become a successful blogger then they must maintain good writing skills specially grammar and punctuation part so that it looks more professional

    • Hi Rohit, yes that’s true. As a blogger, you must learn the art of writing and you should hone your writing skills to be able to create great content that attracts both readers and search engines.


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