Email Marketing Checklist You Need to Follow to Build A Great List

email marketing checklist

Are you searching for a perfect email marketing checklist that can bring you more leads and subscribers? If yes, this post is for you where I’ll explain a proven email marketing checklist to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Let’s face it, email marketing is the king if you want to make passive income or profits from your websites. No matter how busy you are or how much experience you have, without email marketing your business won’t survive. Email marketing can provide you BIG bucks if you are smart enough to invest some money and using “few insider email marketing tips”.

Unlike Google AdSense, email list is highly profitable and you can make much more profits from your website visitors. Although you can make a lot of money from Google AdSense, but email list is still an unbeatable passive income source.

Here are few surefire ways to build a great email list around your blog to make your online businesses successful. Consider it as an email marketing checklist if you want to make most out of your list building campaigns.

Email marketing checklist to boost your sales and leads

email marketing checklist

Email marketing checklist #1. Start building your list  as soon as possible:

Most bloggers, especially those people who are new to online world don’t care much about building an email list. They actually don’t find any use in email marketing. If you ask any top blogger what’s your biggest mistake in blogging, most of them will say “I didn’t start building list from day 1!”

Don’t repeat that mistake – start building an email list on your blogs as soon as possible if you are targeting to make passive income from your blogs or websites. Don’t start off by launching a vague email list, set few priorities and goals to build a successful email list.

Email marketing checklist #2. Use the best email auto-responder:

Using a best auto responder for building your email list is the most crucial factor in email marketing checklist. Without this, you can’t go ahead and start building your email list, you have to use the industry recommended email providing software. Blogging is an online business and any business needs investment to succeed. Without investing the money you can NOT make money out of it no matter what. Spend the money on buying the best email auto-responder (I use and suggest anyone AWeber – it’s the BEST in its line).

Email marketing is the key to online business. If you want to make more money and online visibility, then email marketing can do it for you. Building a great email list will take much efforts and time, but you will surely have more benefits in the long run. Invest money on email auto-responders like GetResponse (affiliate link) to grow your list. Add genuine value to your readers by writing engaging newsletters frequently.

Email marketing checklist #3. It all starts with engaging content:

Most of the successful online businesses are built on great readership. Observe any successful blog (say Copyblogger, Smart Passive Income, Problogger etc.), you will notice that they have huge email subscribers and that’s where 90% of their income comes from. Without having great blog contents on your blog, no one will be interested in reading or subscribing to your blogs. Spend quality time on writing high quality blog posts to create impact on other bloggers.

Don’t repeat what others are saying, instead, follow your own rules to find and solve your readers problems and ask them to subscribe to your list to get more updates. They will surely do it, if you are creating great contents all the time.

Email marketing checklist #4. Bribe your visitors.

Give away something for free. No matter how great contents you have, you should also be give away something for free to quickly build your email list. Create products related to your niche, make videos, podcasts and/or eBooks and give them away for free in return of their email addresses. You will get more conversion rates on your mailing list if your offer is good. Don’t assume that you will get more subscribers just by offering something that’s USELESS. Find and create the products based on your targeted audience frustrations – this will surely get you more subscribers on your list.

Email marketing checklist #5. Use landing pages to boost your conversion rates:

Landing pages are golden to build an email list. Landing pages have less distractions, and your readers will find less call to actions. If you have grabbed their attention with your offer using your landing pages, they will immediately consider subscribing to your list. But, keep your landing pages clean and uncluttered. And don’t try to confuse your readers by giving too many options to do on your landing pages, give them ONLY one option – subscribe or leave!

Email marketing checklist #6. Don’t sell anything when you are just getting started:

This is the most common mistake that many new bloggers make while building their email list. Sustaining your email list is also as important as building an email list. You need to keep your “unsubscriber percentage” as low as possible. Don’t sell anything by giving affiliate links to your email subscribers when you are just started building it, no one will be interesting in buying something for FREE when you don’t offer them anything.

First of all, gain their trust by offering great contents all the time (even on your newsletters) and let them know that you care and ONLY share those things which are extremely useful for them.

Final thoughts about the email marketing checklist

Whether you are running a small business or building websites for profits, you need a thriving email list of subscribers. You need subscribers who are ready to buy stuff from you and who gives your business more exposure. If you start building email list by following the above email marketing checklist, you will soon be able to start a raving fan base around your blogs or websites.

Do you have any more tips to build a great email list? What suggestions you have to gain trust from the readers?

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