Email Marketing: How To Build Lists The Easy And Efficient Way

email marketing

List of emails – why should an online marketer use it? What is it? These are some obvious questions that could arise in the minds of novice or beginners who are venturing out in the online business domain.

email marketing

Importance and benefits of email marketing:

The simple reason that seasoned online business owners have made millions, build a stronger fan following and spread the recognition of their brand worldwide are some of the reasons but there are some more reasons which will compel you to incorporate an email list building process in you online business:

1. Almost every single business that you have purchased from online, offline or via phone, credit card has some sort of record to send you promotional and business offerings. These are also a sort of lists. Email lists are also an extension these.

2. Emails helps you keep in touch with your customers and make customer support a breeze and customized.

3. Money is in the list – This saying is really true once you come into online marketing domain. If you don’t have a double-opt in, targeted email market list at your disposal (We will discuss these terms in detail later) chances of your making money online are meager.

4. An email list is what differentiates the top of the line online marketers from the rest of the crowd. If you are wondering what is it that they are doing that I am not – what is stopping me from making that kind of money – well you have your answer.

5. Email marketing lists are better than traditional marketing lists: A lot of things can be said on this topic but here are few things that you will help understand this business in a very easy way.

a) Cost-effective and easy to implement: No paperwork required, all you need is a computing device, it could be a computer, laptop, a mobile phone or a tablet connected to internet whether wirelessly or physically and you are ready to go. There are lots of email service providers like mailchimp, iContact, etc. which help you make the entire process of sending beautiful emails and measuring their impact very easy.

b) Imagine the speed of sending an offline letter, catalog vs sending it via email, which one is faster? Well you know it and you want the fastest option to send the message across to you users.

c) You can personalize, segment an make emails interactive so that your customers feel like they are being paid special attention and get only what they requested. Feedback mechanisms can also be incorporated inside emails so that the users can interact and give their responses to the email right from their email client and hence enhance responsiveness and user experience.

d) Beautify your email and spread your message across more efficiently with pictures, colors, fonts, videos etc. and see the responses to your emails skyrocket.

e) Email sending programs are getting sophisticated everyday and they can tell you valuable insights as who has opened your emails, clicked on what links in them an a lot of other things that can help you streamline your email marketing strategy. This is simply not possible in such an easy way via traditional mailing lists.

f) Scheduling of your email list on when you want send is now a cakewalk. You can do it well in advance when you are personally not able to do it, do all the work and schedule it for a future date and time to send it. The email sending program will send it on the stipulated time.

These are some of the benefits that you get when you incorporate emails into your online marketing schedule. The first thing when starting for email marketing is the process of building. Though the introduction of this post has become rather long but it was necessary so that you get a clear understanding on what you are missing out if you are not using email as your internet marketing tool. But all said and done this post will help you get started with the best practices on building an email lists. So here we go with the best tips available to build the email list in a fast, efficient, rightful and most importantly build a list that helps you build your online business or scale it up. After that we will also touching on the subject of how to get emails into your clients email box and how to make them open it.

Email list building tips:

1. Create a stunning lead capture page. This is the page where people will submit the information you need and unless it caters to its purpose very efficiently you will lose out on building a great email list. Make sure that the page is well designed, professional, carries your logo and corporate identity and has only the form fields that are required. Do make your offer very clear and tell the users what they’ll be getting after the fill up the form and if possible include a bait such as a free ebook, weekly, monthly or fortnightly newsletter etc in your offer.  Images of your professionals or that enhance the credibility and give a human touch to your lead capture page will only benefit your goal of building the email list.

2. People are very much concerned on how you will use the information that they are sharing with you for example the email , first name, last name, phone numbers etc are very sensitive in nature and the last thing a person sharing these with you would like that you misuse it, distribute it all over the net and offline or share it with third parties who might not take the privacy policy that you agreed to on the lead capture page very seriously or rather negate it in totality. So make sure you let your users know on how you will be using the information and whom will you be sharing it with.

3. Always go for double-opt in emails for the uninitiated this means that you should always send a verification email once a user signs in on your email list building page and ask him explicitly to click on the confirmation link that you have sent in your confirmation email. This helps you in many ways. Firstly the user genuinely wants to sign up for your service. Secondly when you go for double opt-in you are very much welcomed by email service providers to use their service, which won’t be the case if you have stolen or borrowed a list from some sneaky source. Thirdly when you go for double opt in you get the IP address and time of signing for your email list so that in a case of dispute you can defend yourself that you have not stolen or borrowed any email but it is a genuine sign up.

4. Transactional emails are a great time saver and can be set up via autoresponders. Autoresponders are emails that are generated automatically in response to some service request via emails like password change request, address or personal details updation, sending up of service upgradation information, new offers etc. These emails can be personalized depending on how much information you have gathered while building the email list and secondly how much segmentation of your list have been done during the process. The more personalized and targeted emails you send the better will be your success in email marketing.

5. Always have a thank you page after the entire process of adding a new user to your email list has been done. People appreciate gratefulness and even better offer them something on that page. There is a good chance of making things viral on the thank you page – for example you can ask for recommendations or the users friends to sign up for the service in exchange for a gift or you the benefits your website provides. There are a lot of tools which can pull out the email addresses, facebook credentials and other social networking usernames of your friends and ask you to to introduce your website or product to them as a test or freebie. Make it a win win situation and chances are good that your list will grow at a faster rate.


Email marketing is one of the greatest and most successful tool in the hands of any organization who wants to promote its product, provide great customer service or simply keep their users informed about the latest happenings in their organization. If done correctly email list building which is the first step in email marketing, gathering the right information and segmenting the list while doing so, it will give great rewards to the concerned organization in the pursuit of its goals.


  1. Dean Saliba says:

    I am not having a problem building a mailing list, with little effort I have a mailing of nearly 300 real people (I make people confirm twice to join my list), the problem I am really struggling with is how to get them to open my emails. Last week I sent an email with the title “How I Made Over $150 Writing Forum Posts” and only 7 people opened it, and two of them was me testing it out!

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Hi Dean , We are soon writing a post on how to improve on your email open rates it is a very valid point that unless someone opens and sees your offer how are you going to get business?

  2. Sohan says:

    Email marketing always helps to keep in touch with customers and improve our online business.Thanks for sharing awesome information with us.

  3. Anil Agarwal says:

    Indeed Riza — personilzation is the key to improve open rates and response rates

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