Top 10 Free Responsive Email Templates Online You Can Try

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June 10, 2019

Want to grab the best looking email templates without coding all by yourself? Are you looking for responsive email newsletters that can load up on any device?

“Where can I find the best responsive email templates?” is one of the widely asked questions by people who are just going to enter into email marketing.

Email marketing is growing rapidly. People started realizing the importance of building and growing a list to boost their online visibility and brand.

If you are looking for an easy way to customize stunning emails to send to your audience, you should definitely give a try to the top 10 free responsive email templates mentioned in this page. But before discovering them, let’s first talk about few essential factors you need to consider before picking any responsive or free email newsletter template online.

Note: All the email templates you are going to discover in this page require an account. You need to sign up for their email marketing software to start using their templates for free.

5 Things You Should Look for Before Picking an Email Template

  1. Responsiveness: Mobile users are growing rapidly. Desktop internet usage is going down and mobile internet usage is immensely increasing every single day. If you don’t send responsive emails that load well across all the devices including smartphones, tablets, androids etc you will have tough times in increasing your conversion rates.

Make sure to pick those email newsletter templates that are well optimized for mobile devices. Trusted companies like GetResponse, AWeber can help you send well designed mobile responsive email templates to your audience.

  1. Customizations: Lot of email templates that are free are NOT easy to optimize or customize however you want. It takes lots of time and coding skills to set up a great looking email template.

Find out those email templates which are easy to customize and don’t require any coding skills to make them beautiful.

  1. Who created it: You shouldn’t consider using email templates from anonymous people. Who knows? They might injected bad coding into them or trying to get backlinks without your notice.

Always make sure to pick the email templates from trusted sources like GetResponse, Litmus, Template Target etc. They are in the business for a long time and they know how to value their customers.

  1. Deliverability rate: Most of the email templates might get caught in your audience spam folders. So make sure to get the best templates from the email autoresponders such as AWeber, GetResponse.

The best email marketing software providers always give top priority to their email deliverability rates so your chances of getting your emails into spam box will be very less. As a matter of facter, GetResponse has over 99% email deliverability rate.

  1. Pricing: There are so many newsletter email templates that you can get for free online. There are also premium email templates that have more features such as drag and drop, split testing, adding iStock images etc. So it completely depends on your budget and choice to pick either a free or paid email template.

If you are using an email autoresponder like GetResponse, you will get lots of stunning email templates for free. You just have to pay them $15 a month and you will get access to list building software, gorgeous looking email templates and landing page builder to create high converting landing pages.

I’m going to cover few of them in this list post so you can find out which best email template you can start using to mesmerise your audience.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in the details.

Top 10 Free Responsive Email Templates to Try Online

Free Responsive Email Templates List

You are going to discover 5 free email templates from GetResponse (will be covering from 1 to 5).

Over 350,000 people worldwide trust GetResponse for a reason. If you want to grab the best looking responsive email templates, nothing comes closer to GetResponse. They offer one of the best in class email templates which can be customized easily even if you know nothing about coding.

So let us first talk about how can you launch their email template section.

Once you logged into your GetResponse dashboard, click on “Create Newsletter” under Messages tab.

Getresponse dashboard

Now, it will take you to the next page that will look like this:

Getresponse email

Once you click on the “New Email Creator”, it will take you to the email creator section where you need to enter the subject line for your emails. Once you click on the Next Step, it will redirect you to the email templates page where you will find over 500+ free email templates designed by GetResponse team.

Hundreds of beautifully crafted and mobile responsive email templates ranging from Agencies to education to online marketing to real estate to technology and travel. It doesn’t matter what your niche is, you will find an appropriate email template that suits your needs.

Have a look at the following screenshot which was taken from their email template gallery.


On the left side, you will see a wide range of predesigned templates ranging from Agencies to Holidays and birthdays. So you can select any of those to load particular email templates from that section.

Now, let’s talk about 5 of the most gorgeous free email templates designed by GetResponse.

1. Webinar Invite from GetResponse

webinar invite

Webinar Invite is an email template designed by GetResponse team which includes a logo which you can use to upload your own logo at the beginning of the email.

It also includes a nice photo with circular design (again you can use your own image) and ask your audience to join your webinar. This email template is perfect for the bloggers, marketers and everyone who wants to grab more email conversion rates using webinars.

It has a nice ending which include the date and time which you can use to increase conversion rates or to get more sign ups from your audience.

2. Marketing Library

Marketing lib

If you are a marketer and looking for the best responsive free email templates, you should definitely check this out. It has a big headline template which can grab your audience attention. You can also include your logo above the headline and beginning of the template.

And you can use bullet points to carry your message with an image embedded (which you can replace with anything else) within the email template. And a big sign up button at the end of the template can help you boost your sign up rates.

3. Marketer TV

mark tv

If you are running webinars frequently, this template is made exclusively for you.

We all know how essential webinars and videos to build online presence and increase conversion rates. This email template with the most minimalistic design helps you focus on just ONE thing. To increase your click through rates.

4. Azimuth White

Azimuth email

Azimuth White is another extraordinary responsive email template from GetResponse. Designed especially for the people who cover travelling stuff such as vacations, summer camps, summer sales etc.

It includes a big header image on the email template with two columns content which allows you to cover detailed information in less space.

It also has a HUGE yellow colored call to action at the end of the email template which can help you get more sales or sign ups (depending on your CTA).

5. Financial Guru


If you are offering consulting services, you should give a try to Financial Gurus email template made by GetResponse.

It’s so minimalistic and focuses on the CTA and elegant enough to increase your conversion rates.

It also has a “Read our top articles” section at the end of the email template which you can use to show up your best contents by including your headline and small summary of each post.

6. Newsletter from Litmus


It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in or to whom you want to send an email, this is the perfect choice for any email newsletter. It also a large image header and multiple columns to customize your email copy however you want.

At the end of the email template, you can also your blog recent entries. It can really help you get more click through rates along with your offering from email.

7. Generitech from MailChimp


If you are into email marketing for a while, you might already heard a lot of good things about MailChimp. They offer lots of free email templates which are mobile responsive.

Generitech is one among them. It has a nice 3 column text section which includes image thumbnails. It also includes a big header section where you can show off your offers, services or deals.

All in all, it’s a great free responsive email template from MailChimp which is designed by keeping “keep it really simple” slogan in mind.

8. Send With Us

send with us

Send With Us has an open source email template section where you can download all of their newsletter templates absolutely for free. Their email templates are so simple yet elegant.

You can create whatever text you want with their templates without even you don’t know how to code. And their email templates are easy to use and mobile responsive.

9. Gunner email template by Fresh Mail


Fresh Mail is another great email marketing service provider which was launched in 2008 and they offer absolutely gorgeous email templates for free (although they have paid templates).

Their Gunner email template is the perfect fit for those who are running a fitness related blog or email list. If you want to promote food supplements or accessories, this email template helps you increase your conversions.

It is not only easy to customize according to your needs but you can also change the colors, background and content without any hassle.

10. SendBlaster


SendBlaster is another great source for finding responsive email templates for free. If you are searching for email templates that not only look stunning but give more emphasis on your call to actions, give a try to their email templates.

If you are searching for an email template that’s best suited for sending promotional offers during weekends or special holidays such as Christmas, this email template is the right option for you. It allows you to cover so much text within one email and it’s responsive. So what else can you expect?

So, that’s all from my end! Above are the top 10 best free responsive email templates you can use to send emails to your subscribers easily.

Final Thoughts About Using Free Responsive Email Templates Online

There are many ways you can customize email templates either by using HTML coding or using predesigned templates. If you are a beginner who knows nothing about coding, it’s always a great idea to start using free responsive email templates.

Not only pre designed email templates are easy to customize but takes very less time and create and send emails to your audience.

Make sure to find out the email templates you are going to use are not only free but also responsive. They should load across all the devices including smartphones, tablets, PC’s etc. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter how many email subscribers you have, most people don’t see your emails if the templates are not responsive.

So what are your thoughts on using free responsive email templates? Do you have any more in mind? Share your suggestions in the comments and feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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