How to Write A Great Guest Post to Get More Comments, Links And Shares?

guest blogging tips

Guest blogging is the most effective way to increase traffic, boost your blog subscribers, increase page rank and build strong connections with other bloggers in your niche. There are so many people who have built most successful blogs online by just using guest blogging alone. Bloggers like Leo Babauta, Jane Sheeba, Onibalusi, Danny Iny etc. are just a few.

If you done it right, guest blogging can give you massive chances to grow your blog in 2018 and beyond. But there are many people who do it wrong. They don’t know how to use guest blogging to their advantage.

So here’s the article for you on how to write guest posts to get more comments, links and shares.

Tips on writing a guest post to get more comments, links and shares

guest blogging tips

“Name dropping” can get you more traffic, links and shares

Name dropping means linking to other bloggers using their names. This strategy works really better if you want to get more comments, links and shares on your guest posts.

How the name dropping works?

First, write a great guest post on solving your readers’ problems. Link to specific bloggers blog posts, but be relevant. Once after your guest post gets published, ask for a tweet from the bloggers whom you linked to.

There may be few bloggers who even link to your guest posts to get more reach. Even if they don’t link, they may at least give a shout out to your guest posts using their social media sites. Mind that, even a single tweet from a top blogger can give you hundreds of shares and more comments. Because the top bloggers often have huge loyal readership and are ready to read their tweets, shares and links.

But before linking to other bloggers, make sure to ask the author of the blog (where you’re guest posting) that is it okay to link to the relevant bloggers. Most of them will say yes until the links are relevant and quality.

So use this name dropping strategy to your advantage to get more comments and links on your guest posts.

Write in-depth articles

Most bloggers don’t give their best stuff to other bloggers aka guest posts. They often keep their best articles with them and submit mediocre or less quality articles to others.

This is completely wrong. If you want to get more out of your guest blogging efforts, you should always submit your best articles. It’s the only way to build a name for yourself out there with your guest posts.

What happens if you post mediocre guest posts?

You might get more traffic, or links but you will never get quality traffic and people will not subscribe to your blogs. Most people want quality stuff, if you can provide them quality guest posts, you will attract them to read and subscribe to your blogs.

Write powerful headlines. If you don’t create top notch headlines for your blog posts, no one will read your blog. If no one reads your blog, no one buys your products. So always make sure to spend quality time in creating great headlines that make your audience click.

Optimize your guest posts for the search engines

Want to get more attention on your guest posts? Optimize them for the search engines as it can give you long lasting traffic to your guest posts. More traffic to your guest posts means more traffic to your own sites, more comments, likes and shares too.

Here are few surefire ways to get more traffic from search engines.

  • Always make sure to optimize your headlines (as they weigh more in search engine eyes)
  • Use proper subheads (h2, h3 tags)
  • Relevantly link to other posts (but don’t look like a spammer)
  • Use images with relevant alt tags
  • Write detailed posts (as they tend to rank higher in search engines when compared to short posts)
  • Frequently link to your guest posts from your own blog (this relevant linking alone helps you get more search engine traffic)
  • Whenever you write a new guest post, link to your previous guest post (be sure to linking to specific articles)

The above exercises can definitely help you get more organic traffic to your guest posts.

Use proper call to actions

Did you know that using a strong call to action can get you more likes, comments and shares on your posts?

According to a survey, 65% of the people take action after reading a post if they are provided with a call to action. Call to action is nothing but asking your visitors or readers to take specific action after reading a post or completing a task on your blog.

For example, if you want to get more comments on your guest posts, at the end of it, ask them to leave a comment or share their views about the guest post. It grabs their attention and it will lead to take action. You will have more chances of getting comments if you ask them to take action (than doing nothing at the end of the post!).

A call to action can be of many types. You can ask them to comments, share or subscribe to your blogs. But if you want to get more conversions from the readers, ask them to do only one action at the end of your posts. Don’t ask too many as it may leads to taking no action at all.

Promote it on your networks

Most bloggers don’t promote their guest posts as they promote their own posts. How do you think your guest posts get more reach without promotion?

If you want more recognition and comments on your guest posts, promote them using

  • Your email lists
  • Social media sites and
  • Blogging forums like Blokube, Indiblogger etc.

And also ask your blogging buddies to share your guest posts on their networks as it can give your posts more reach. Before asking them, you have to promote their posts (win-win approach).

So what are your thoughts on writing great guest posts that help you get more comments, links and shares? Do you have any strategies to write useful guest posts? Leave your comments below.


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