Semrush Review 2024: My Experience & Results – Worth It?

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semrush review 2024

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I’ve been using Semrush for 9 years and it continues to impress with its comprehensive suite of over 55 tools. From robust keyword research and site audits to in-depth competitor analysis and PPC research, Semrush remains a top choice in the SEO industry.

Semrush leads the market with an impressive user base of 10 million, a keyword database of 25.8 billion, 808 million domain profiles, and 43 trillion backlinks.

With over 9 years of hands-on experience, I’ll share everything you need to know about this powerful SEO tool.

my experince with semrush

In Today’s Review of Semrush,

I am going to review Semrush common tools which I and most of the marketing experts are using this tool. 

Yes, it’s more like a quick walkthrough but I will also try to explain How I am using those Semrush features to grow my site traffic effectively.

Let’s start with a quick summary.

Semrush Review Summary

Here is my quick take on Semrush:  If you’re looking for a single tool that offers SEO features, plus extra modules like advertising, content marketing, and agency features, then SEMrush is definitely worth considering.

The key points to be noticed here is its extensive set of features (50+), rich & accurate database, and detailed competitive analysis.

For SEOs, it offers advanced tools like keyword research, traffic analytics, site audit, position tracking, and more. 

I use all these tools daily to improve my website rankings.

My only complaint with SEMrush is about the cost. First of all, their Pro plan is not really fair in terms of resources. It does not provide access to historical data, which is a big problem. Because of this, you have to opt for higher plans.

Additionally, in any plan, you are only allowed to add one team member. To onboard extra team members, you need to pay extra. 

Some useful features for competitor research, like .Trends are also available as paid addons, which increases the overall cost.

What Is Semrush?

SEMrush is a popular search engine marketing tool in the digital marketing world.

It was founded by Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitri Melnikov, two big names in the digital marketing space.

They started their journey in 2008 with just 2 tools. Now, they have added over 50 tools, making SEMrush number one in its category in the market.

SEMrush is highly trusted and has won many awards, proving it’s the best SEO software around.

They offer SEO tools, Content Marketing tools, Marketing Research tools, Advertising tools, Local SEO tools, Social Media tools, and Competitor Analysis tools.

Additionally, SEMrush’s data is the most comprehensive in the market. Check out below data:

ToolKeywords (Billion)Links (Trillion)Domains (Million)
SE Ranking5.62.9N/A

These days they are headed to AI and bringing AI functionality into their tools. 

New Semrush Features 

So these are the core features of Semrush that I use as a blogger on a daily basis.

However, there are more small SEO tools I use on a regular basis. Here are my views on them.

1. Google’s AI Overviews Tracking

The Google AI Overview has started taking over the SERP. On May 14, Google confirmed it.

Semrush Features  ai overview

It started in the USA, but it won’t be long before you’ll see Google AI Overview feature snippets all over the world.

GSC doesn’t provide specific optimization guidelines for content to appear in AI overviews.

But how can you know if your page content is showing up as a Google AI Overview summary in the SERP?

Well, Semrush’s position tracking now includes an AI Overview option.

SEO > Keyword Research > Position Tracking > Overview > SERP Features > AI Overview
Semrush position tracking with ai overview option

You can check which of your tracked keywords have AI Overview showing up.

And this is also possible for competitor domains.

2. Semrush Sensor

Semrush Sensor is another tool I am using on a regular basis.

semrush sensor

Over the past year, Google has been releasing algorithm updates more frequently.

Recently, it was announced that Google has merged the Helpful Update into the Core Update.

It can be difficult for SEO professionals to detect ongoing algorithm updates in the backend.

Semrush Sensor helps by detecting these changes in the SERP and shows how much our tracked keywords’ positions are fluctuating.

Using this information, we can avoid taking frequent actions on our site to address ranking fluctuations caused by algorithmic changes.

Not just for your website, you can analyze how Sensor is reacting to other niches at a global level.

semrush sensor - global

3. Daily Traffic Data with Semrush Trends

The Traffic Analytics (Semrush Trends) feature now allows users to explore weekly and daily traffic trends of competitor domains.

traffic analytics feature now allows users to explore weekly and daily traffic trends of competitor domains

Previously, only monthly trend data was available.

Daily traffic data can be a game-changer for businesses where trends shift rapidly, such as eCommerce.

This advanced traffic analytics feature is available with the Semrush Trends add-on, priced at $289 per month.

4. ContentShake AI

Semrush has entered the world of AI writing.

semrush content shake AI

Yes, ContentShake is a unique and new feature of Semrush that helps generate quality content using AI.

The best thing?

Unlike other AI writing tools, this tool uses Semrush data (From keyword to competitive analysis) and optimizes your newly generated content with it.

If you use AI writing tools and are looking for a good, reliable option, you should try ContentShake AI.

Compared to other AI tools on the market, ContentShake AI is priced lower at $60/month.

5. SEO Writing Assistant

I have also used “SEO Writing Assistant” – One of the viral Semrush tools you’ll find a lot of SEO Guru talking about.  

I tested it a lot of times and I found suggestions for improving readability, the content tone is weird. 

semrush writing assistant

And this is not a Semrush fault, its major functionality lies in SEO tools and since it is not a dedicated writing assistant tool like Grammarly, I better ignore it.

6. Topic Research Tool

As a blogger, I was stuck a lot of times in brainstorming new content ideas for my website.

Yes, I have used various popular topic ideas generator tools (including AnswerThePublic) but the Semrush Topic Research tool is pretty solid and extracts additional metrics.

Semrush Topic Research Tool

The reason behind is, It not just generates “related topic ideas” but also gives users a list of top performing content pieces. 

You have to subscribe to tools like Buzzsumo for this crucial information but not anymore. 

Semrush saved you a lot of additional bucks by providing the same information without charging extra pennies.

So, a lot of times I also used the Topic Research tool as an inspiration to understand what type of content (topics) users are already enjoying in my niche space.

Not all content ideas you find through this Semrush tool are useful. 

But if you ignore some weird suggestions, you’ll still have some potential ideas left for content creation. 

Hence in this review, I am rating “Topic Research tool” 8 out of 10.

7. SEO Content Template Feature

Another hidden gem of Semrush is this SEO Content Template tool.

It asks you for a “Seed keyword” and it will give various SEO recommendations for your upcoming content by scanning the top 10 results of SERP.

Specifically, it gives me recommendations about:

  • LSI keywords (I mainly use this tool for finding semantic-related keywords)
  • Backlinks
  • Readability
  • Recommended Text Length (My another reason for using this Semrush feature)
semrush SEO content template

It also provides more recommendations about Page Title, Meta Description, and H1. To be honest I am not really a fan of these Semrush recommendations.

Semrush Core Features: A Comprehensive Review 

Since Semrush has been added to my blogging tools, my team and I have used it a couple of times throughout the day.

It’s not that I need all 55+ tools every day, but I regularly use the core features on a daily basis.

So here is my opinion on my Semrush favorite SEO features.

1. Semrush Position Tracking Module

SEO > Keyword Research > Position Tracking

Supported search engines: Google, Bing, & Baidu.

The first thing I start my office hours with is the Semrush Position tracking module.

My blog has over 600 posts, and updating or publishing new content is a daily task.

In such a situation, my team cannot manually search for each keyword in the SERP one by one to determine if the rankings have improved or not.

Semrush Position Tracking

That’s why we have added over 1300 keywords to the Semrush rank tracking module. It tracks our keywords on a daily basis.

The Semrush position tracking report is comprehensive but most of the time you get what you need from its “Overview” summarized report.

Showing Keywords improved & dropped in the last 24 hours

From this report, I got to know about keywords that have improved/declined in the top 100 in the last 24 hours.

Yes, it also shows for which keywords your pages have started appearing in SERP features.

featured snippet trends

The rank tracking module is simple yet comprehensive and offers deep insights. You can enable tracking for different countries or devices as well.

Plus, if you want to track the ranking positions of your competitors for the same keywords, that is also possible. 

You can compare the rank tracking information of keywords for up to 5 domains at any time.

To get the most out of this module, try to dedicate at least 10-20 minutes at the start of your day. This way, you can take action on the keywords whose positions have dropped.

I have also enabled email alerts, so Semrush sends me a daily “Ranking Summary,” which I can forward to my team with a single click.

Such alerts can be helpful if you have a large team.

Overall, I am happy with how Semrush position tracking works, with no problems so far.

2. Domain Overview: Comprehensive Analysis of Competitors

SEO > Competitive Research > Domain Overview

Domain overview is the first tool you will find under the “Competitive Research” Semrush dashboard. 

“It’s like Getting a Bigger Picture of Competitors’ SEO strengths and weaknesses in one click”.

domain overview report

This overview report itself is a good starting point to quickly glance at competitors profiles.

Obviously, you can expand the tabs and see the bigger picture in detail.

In the past, I used to analyze competitor backlink profiles, keywords, and traffic sources one by one, which was quite overwhelming.

Now whenever I come across any competitor, I simply put here, take my notepad, and note down the important metrics:

  • Authority Score
  • Organic Search Traffic (2012 – Present)
  • Number of Backlinks
  • Traffic by Location
  • Main competitors 
  • Top keywords
  • Ad Copies
  • More

This domain overview report becomes more interesting when you compare multiple domains (up to 5) at once. 

I generally use this tool to compare the performance of my site with other rivals in terms of traffic, backlinks, gained or lost keywords, etc.

Semrush domain overview

I also use the “Growth Report” tool to track my site’s and competitors’ performance in traffic, backlinks, and more over time.

Showing the domain growth in terms of ranking, organic traffic, backlinks

The Domain Overview tool is essential to explore. You can export this report to share with your team or clients.

I generally use this report in planning SEO strategies and work plans for my domain and client projects to reach competitor levels.

Remember, the information available in this competitor analysis report depends on your plan. 

For example, the Pro plan doesn’t include historical data from 2012 to present, but the Guru plan does. – I know this is a big limitation.

historical domain data  by semrush

Just below the Domain Overview report, you will find Semrush Traffic Analytics. 

Semrush Traffic analytics tool is a replica of SimilarWeb.

Its main job is to provide domain traffic source data. You will get a complete breakdown of how traffic flows through a given competitor’s site.

Traffic Analytics - The detailed traffic flow report
finding hidden traffic channels - from where does the traffic coming from on your competitor

3. Semrush Keyword Magic Tool 

When we first subscribed to Semrush, our main reason was Keyword Research. 

Since then, many keyword research related tools have been added to Semrush, taking this process to a whole new level.

semrush keyword research tools

They got:

  • Keyword overview tool (Gives you insights for one keyword)
  • Keyword magic tool (For detailed suggestions)
  • Keyword strategy builder (newly released)
  • Keyword gap tool (Discover missing opportunities)

Whenever we plan content, we first use the Keyword Magic tool.

Most of the time, we get dozens of keyword and topic ideas from this tool alone.


Semrush has a huge database of keywords (25 billion).

Because of this, you can find the keywords related to any niche and in any location. 

Other tools like SE Ranking (5.6 billion) and Ahrefs (12 billion) fall short when compared to Semrush’s keyword database.

SEO > Keyword Research > Keyword Overview

I sometimes use the Keyword Overview tool, especially when I already have a seed keyword and need information about it.

It is a good tool to get quick metrics of your seed keyword right in front of your screen – Keyword volume, Keyword difficulty, Intent, CPC, SERP analysis, and more.

Keyword clusters are also included in the same report. I usually target them along with the primary keyword which increases the ranking potential of my blog posts.

semrush keyword overview report

The SERP analysis, which displays the competitors metrics ranking for the keyword, seems basic to me. 

Here, you can see the total organic traffic coming to the URLs, instead of showing how much traffic your searched keyword is getting at different positions.

Previously, Semrush showed Keyword Difficulty based on overall search results metrics.

But now, with AI integrated into Semrush in 2024, we can simply add our domain to determine personalized keyword difficulty and ranking potential.

Based on this information, we can decide which keywords to target. 

Targeting the right keywords strengthens our SEO strategy, something that was impossible without Semrush.

personalized keyword difficulty in semrush

There’s one important thing missing from this personalized keyword overview report: it doesn’t show the traffic potential for the top position.

SEO > Keyword Research > Keyword Magic Tool
semrush keyword magic tool

This is a place where you collect keyword suggestions (related, long tail, question, exact match, more) based on your seed keyword.

I generally use the filters (Volume, KD, word count etc) to quickly extract those long tail keywords which have low competition.

And to save time, I just select the potential keywords and export to the custom lists. This way the important keywords remain stored and accessible any time.

The info whether the keyword is eligible for a SERP feature is accessible too. 

Overall finding keywords for the content from this Keyword research tool is easy. Plus the data is mostly fresh, you can manually update the metrics and get the most recent keyword data as well.

Regardless of everything great, I am a bit disappointed because Semrush doesn’t have a filter for extracting “Search engine auto suggestion keywords”.

I hope they bring this feature because these types of keywords are generally the most searched.

SEO > Competitive Research > Keyword Gap
keyword gap tool of semrush

When we try to optimize our existing posts, the Keyword Gap tool is very useful. 

It compares up to 5 URLs and identifies keywords that you might have missed but your competitors are targeting. 

Including these keywords in an on-page SEO strategy always brings extra traffic for me.

Quick Note: Did you know that Semrush has all these keyword research tools for PPC use as well? You can find them separately in the Advertising section.

4. Organic Research

SEO > Competitive Research > Organic Research
performing organic analysis on a competitor

The Keyword Magic tool definitely provides good keyword suggestions that can help you gain traffic to your site.

But there is a challenge. 

If you don’t have much SEO experience, you might end up targeting the wrong keywords, wasting effort and money.

To avoid such situations, I generally use the “Organic Research” tool. 

It works like reverse engineering and directly shows me the keywords that are driving traffic to my competitors.

This SEO strategy also reveals competitor topics that I forget to cover.

Huge benefit!

Not just traffic, you can analyze how your competitors pages/keywords ranking position fluctuates in SERP.

Competitor organic Keywords Positioning Details

For me, the best way to use this tool is to navigate to the Pages tab. 

There, you can enter the URL of the competitor for which you are looking for keywords. 

As soon as you do this, you will see the keywords that are currently driving traffic to your competitor.

Finding competitor keywords

Creating better content by targeting these keywords is my best strategy to succeed in SEO.

5. Semrush Makes “Link Building” Process Easy

You won’t get the full value of your investment in Semrush if you don’t use the link building tools available. I find the Semrush Link Building toolkit quite useful.

It has 43 trillion links in the database (the highest compared to other SEO tools), This is why you’re likely to find more “Link Building” opportunities here. 

Semrush Link Building UI is as intuitive as Ahrefs offers.

They got 4 link building tools:

semrush link building toolkit
SEO > Link Building > Backlink Analytics

For my blog, most of the time I used this Backlink Research tool to spy on my competitor page/website backlink profile.

This tool simply gives me a complete link profile of a website. The report is comprehensive yet easy to understand.

This is how it looks:

backlink analysis semrush

Couple of useful information I got from this tool is:

  • The competitors backlinks source
  • Details of referring domains
  • Recently lost & new backlinks
  • Broken links
  • Anchor texts
  • Backlinks types (nofollow, dofollow, sponsored, etc)
  • More

The information I need is the names of the websites/domains where my competitors have already obtained links. 

Once I have this information, I reach out to the owners of these domains for link building to try and gain backlinks for my own site.

Using the “lost” filter, Semrush also shows broken links of competitors, which provides an opportunity for me.

SEO > Link Building > Backlink Audit
backlink audit semrush

You wouldn’t even know if your hard-earned high-quality links disappeared any day.

But not anymore.

Well, I use this Backlink Audit tool to track my site backlinks. Plus it also shows the toxicity of links.

You can easily discover the toxic domains that are linking to your website. You can simply use Google’s Disavow Tool to remove all the bad backlinks.

SEO > Competitor Research > Backlink Gap

I really find this the best backlinks-building strategy so far.

Semrush Backlink Gap

To find hidden backlinks opportunities that your competitors utilized and you haven’t yet, you can use this amazing tool.

All you have to do is enter your domain and your competitors’ domain URLs (up to 5) and hit the “find prospects button”. 

Then Semrush starts its magic and presents you with all those WEBSITES (prospects) that are already linking to your competitors but not you. 

After using both Backlink Checker and Backlinks Gap tools, I found the Backlinks Gap Finder tool a more powerful and quicker approach to revealing untapped website prospects.

SEO > Link Building > Link Building Tool
Semrush Link Building

To be honest, I don’t use this tool often.

Well, this tool automatically fetches the link building prospects based on your website niche.

You can get the contact information of prospects inside this tool. 

Ultimately you can contact, manage, and create a link-building campaign inside this tool.

Link Building Campaign

Personally, I sometimes pick a prospect from here and contact them manually via email. You can use this tool for your link building campaigns. It’s just a matter of user preference.

6. Site Audit: Comprehensive Website Audits

You write the best content in the world.

But what about your site/page health?

Is everything good?

If you are an SEO agency, the first thing you would like to send your client is their site audit report. Isn’t it?

Well to find if your site’s technical SEO and On-Page SEO are good or not, Semrush has this powerful audit tool.

Semrush Technical SEO (OFF-Page) Audit:

Earlier I was using Google Search Console’s inbuilt site audit tool but its capability of finding technical SEO issues is limited.

You cannot go beyond core web vitals and mobile usability audits. 

Hence I switched my entire website auditing approach and replaced it with the Semrush Site Audit system.

All you need to do is to enter your domain and Semrush will start crawling your website.

semrush site audit

As you can see above, you’ll find everything from;

  • Site health
  • Crawlability issues
  • Internal linking issues
  • Schema markup issues
  • Core Web Vitals score
  • SSL Problems
  • Robot.txt issues
  • Broken Outbound links

Semrush capability of auditing technical SEO issues isn’t ordinary. 

Here you will not just learn the reason for the issues, but also be introduced to the solutions. 

The solutions Semrush audit system advised is beginners friendly. 

If you would like to hear from me, 8 out of 10 times, I was successfully able to implement Semrush advised solutions for my site’s technical SEO errors.

Semrush On-Page Checker:

The ideas or actionables Semrush suggests for On-Page SEO health have been divided into these 7 major categories (shown in image)

semrush on page seo audit with solutions

If you drill down to these ideas in the “optimization ideas” tab, you will actually see the possible suggestions Semrush suggested for On-page SEO health. 

Among all the suggestions, I like the following On-Page SEO recommendations by SEMrush:

  • Missing keywords in the content as well as meta tags
  • Semrush suggestion to make my site pages optimized for a featured snippet
  • Missing internal links opportunities
  • Words on content length
  • Ideas for reducing keyword cannibalization  
  • Ideas for Backlinks
  • Suggestions to reduce keyword stuffing from every possible area
  • LSI keywords opportunities

Semrush audit system works on all CMS and website builders and hence it is accessible to all kinds of websites. 

Finally, If I had to rate the Semrush Site audit tool from my previous experience, I would give it 9/10. 

I am using it to resolve technical SEO issues and some On-Page SEO problems I mentioned above. 

However, I was never able to resolve all the errors Semrush advised. 

There are literally so many suggestions and especially if you have a bigger site like mine you would be on the same page.

Resolving SEO errors might not always produce good results in Rankings, but it is always better to be on the safe side. 

That’s why addressing Semrush site audit issues might be a great help for traffic & ranking boost.

Semrush Pricing and Plans

Semrush has three plans, Remember, the annual plan saves you up to 17% so make a wise decision.

PlanMonthly SubscriptionYearly Subscription
Pro $129.95$108.33/month

Here’s a detailed breakdown of Semrush plans:

semrush pricing

1. Semrush Free Plan

Yes, Semrush does offer a free forever plan. 

However it has serious limitations on the usage. Free users can make up to 10 Analytics requests daily, create one Project, and track 10 keywords.

It is best to take a free trial on any of the Semrush paid plans.

2. Semrush Pro Plan

Semrush Pro plan costs you $129.95/month ($108.33 – if purchased annually).

Inside this plan, you can manage up to 5 projects, 500 keyword tracking, and fetch 10k results per report.

The Pro plan suits beginners, small businesses, and freelancers. 

This plan includes all the core features (Competitor Analysis, Keyword Research, Web, Position Tracking, & More.)

Do remember this plan doesn’t have access to historical data (2012-present) and content marketing features.

3. Semrush Guru Plan

The Semrush Guru plan costs you $249.95/month ($208.33 – if purchased annually).

This plan is perfect for bigger and growing blogs, especially for those who need to track more than 500 keywords (up to 1500) and manage up to 15 projects.

The main advantage of this plan is that you get access to historical data.

4. Semrush Business Plan

Semrush Business plan costs you $499.95/month ($416.66 – if purchased annually).

The “Business Plan” should be given more preference when you are running a big agency with a lot of clients and requirements of more data (Keywords & Reports). 

5. Plan Add-Ons

Semrush has offered all the SEO features by default in their plans. But some tools are available as monthly purchase add-ons:

  • Semrush Local Add-on: $20-$40/monthly
  • Semrush .Trends: $289/monthly
  • Semrush Social: $29.99/monthly
  • Agency Growth Kit: $69-$249/monthly
  • ImpactHero: $200/month
BreakdownPro PlanGuru PlanBusiness Plan
Number of Keywords per request10,00030,00050,000
Domain Analytics Report per day3000500010000
Historical Data
Number of Projects51540
Site Audit Crawl Per Month100,000 pages300,000 pages1,000,000 pages
Position Tracking500 Keywords1500 Keywords5000 Keywords
Cannibalization Report
Multi Targeting (Devices & Locations)
Content Marketing
Keyword Magic Tool Results Per Report10,00030,000050,000

User Experience of SEMrush: A User-Friendly SEO Platform?

I have real-life experience with many SEO tools—Semrush, Ahrefs, SE Ranking, Mangools, and more.

Among all these, Semrush’s UI is not the best from a beginner’s perspective, but they have done a great job organizing numerous features.

1.) I like how they categorized all the tools in the left sidebar.

User Experience of SEMrush

If you want to explore the core features of SEO, you just need to keep the SEO tab open. Similarly, you can do the same with the local and advertising tabs, etc.

2.) Attached Tooltips everywhere will not let your mind go blank.

Semrush UI

3.) In Semrush, you’ll find tools divided into categories rather than by their functionalities.

Although I didn’t have much trouble remembering where each tool was, I initially had problems finding the Keyword Gap and Backlink Gap tools. 

These are listed under the Competitive Research category rather than Keyword Research and Link Building.

semrush user interface

So, remember the positions of these tools.

4.) Despite offering comprehensive data, Semrush has done one thing amazingly well.

Guess what?

Regardless of the tool (Domain Overview, Keyword Research, Traffic Analytics, Site Audit), Semrush always provides an overview report for easy user understanding, displaying all data in a summarized visual form.

The Overview Reports & visualization is a big relief - Offer great understanding

Because of data in visualized form, I develop interest in using Semrush quickly. Otherwise, it’s just a matter of numbers.

And you can share these visualized reports with your clients. Even someone who has never used an SEO tool before will find these reports very helpful.

Overall, the Semrush UI takes a little time to make a lasting impression in the user’s mind. Initially, you only need to remember the features that are essential for you.

If you try to explore all the categories at once, you will definitely get confused.

Semrush Integration With Other Tools

Did you know Semrush can be integrated with 25+ tools – This includes Google products, Social Networks, etc.

Integration with Google Analytics & Google Search Console:

I usually prefer managing Semrush, GA, and GSC tools separately.

But if you integrate these tools with Semrush, the new, better & improved version of the analytics/google search console will open on your screen.

The main benefits you get:

  • You are able to analyze your entire site data in a most convenient way – via Semrush UI
  • Semrush summarized the reports in a much cleaner way than you see in GA.
  • You are able to compare the 3 tools’ data side by side and get more insights.
  • Inside Semrush audit tool, You get the solution of technical errors showing for the top pages in Google Analytics
  • By GSC connection, Semrush can identify your existing links, eliminating duplicates and highlighting the most relevant opportunities in its link-building tool.
  • More

Integration with Social Media Platforms:

Semrush is not a dedicated social media management tool. Still, it offers some functionalities that you can leverage.

You can connect Semrush with Facebook Business Profile, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Instagram Business Page.

  • You can schedule posts/pins directly from your Semrush for any of the social platforms.
  • You can track the performance of your published posts and compare them with competitors.
  • You can manage messages from all platforms in one place.
  • More.

To enable any integration in Semrush, you don’t have to do any coding manually. All can be done easily with a couple of mouse clicks. Their knowledge base has detailed tutorials for this task.

My Experience with Semrush

I have introduced you to SEMrush’s core features and how I use them.

But what did I achieve with SEMrush for my business? 

With SEMrush, I increased my blog traffic from 3,000 visits per year to over 2 million. 

Yes, you read that correctly. 

I have shared my detailed success story with SEMrush here. 

But here is a glimpse of how SEMrush helped my traffic grow to over a million visits over the years:

My Experience with Semrush

Disclaimer: Using the Semrush SEO tool does not guarantee improved website rankings. It provides data and information; success depends on how well you utilize this data.

Things That I Like (Semrush Pros):

  • I appreciate that I can track my rankings alongside my competitors’ without using extra keyword credits, and this can be done daily.
  • Testing revealed that Semrush finds more backlinks for any domain compared to other SEO tools.
  • PPC keyword research is available, a feature not many tools in the industry offer.
  • Besides Google, you can also track how your keywords are performing on Bing and Baidu.
  • With numerous features, there’s a low chance you’ll need any additional SEO tools.
  • Tracking broken inbound and outbound links is easier.
  • Both technical and on-page SEO audits can be done using a single tool.
  • You have the option to manually fetch the latest data during keyword research.
  • Almost all module reports can be exported to CSV.

Things I Don’t Like (Semrush Cons):

  • Semrush should show the traffic potential for top positions of targeted keywords in its keyword research tool.
  • The pricing plans are not fair; historical data should be included in the Pro plan.
  • In keyword SERP analysis, they don’t show the amount of traffic competitors are getting in specific positions. Other tools, like Ahrefs, do a better job here.
  • Currently, Semrush doesn’t show the number of backlinks required for all keywords. This needs improvement.
  • The Semrush UI is complex and has a learning curve.
  • The pricing is high for beginners, requiring a minimum yearly budget of $1300, which might not be suitable for all newbies.
  • Extra fees for adding team members are unnecessary. Semrush should allow more than one user per account without additional cost.

Top SEMrush Alternatives: Choosing the Right Tool

Yes, Semrush has alternatives! I picked the top 3.

Semrush is surely a feature-rich SEO platform. But it is expensive and you might have budget issues.

Why don’t you try its alternatives?

I used all these 3 premium alternatives in the past and here is my view.

(My personal favorite is Se Ranking!)

Semrush vs Ahrefs:

I feel Ahrefs is the better option when your main priority is beginner friendliness and ease of use. 

Ahrefs’ pricing is similar to Semrush, with monthly plans starting from $129. 

After using Ahrefs, I found these advantages compared to Semrush:

  • Ahrefs’ UI is easier to navigate and better for beginners.
  • It works with other search engines as well, not just Google.
  • You can add a comparatively larger number of projects in Ahrefs.
  • It doesn’t offer unnecessary features.
  • Adding extra users or team members is cheaper.
  • The core features are just as powerful as those in Semrush.

Semrush vs SE Ranking:

SE Ranking offers extra money value. It has all the core features of Semrush and pricing is extremely low – $55/month.

After a detailed comparison of both tools, here are some benefits of choosing SE Ranking over Semrush:

  • SE Ranking plans are cheaper and fair in terms of the number of reports & data
  • SE Ranking position tracking module is better
  • SE Ranking is a perfect SEO tool with having all the core features for small to medium projects.

Semrush vs Moz:

Moz is another industry well known SEO tool, its pricing starts from $99. 

Reasons to consider Moz:

  • Moz offers better crawl limits in the audit tool (up to 8 million pages) and hence it is perfect for enterprise level sites
  • Moz has a complete set of core features one can expect in the SEO tool
  • Moz includes more users in its higher-tier plans and charges less for adding extra users.
  • The database is strong and the numbers are: 1.25 billion keywords, 44.8 trillion links.

Semrush Customer Support: How to Get Help?

Well, Semrush provides seamless customer support to ensure you get the help you need. 

They offer 3 main channels to provide support to their customers. 

  • Phone: +1 (800) 815 – 9959
  • Email: [email protected] (24*7)
  • Live Chat widget (Mon to Fri EST 10:00 am to 6:00 pm)

Moreover, in addition to these customer help channels, Semrush also have provided self-help guides and resources

You may also take help of their active community forum where you can connect with other Semrush users and get expert advice. 

The live chat support facility isn’t available 24*7. Hence counted as a cons of Semrush.

Semrush User Testimonials

Semrush’s customer base is huge! Over 10 million users have already tried this amazing SEO toolkit.

SEO experts, bloggers, agencies, and small businesses are all part of it.

Global big brands have also embraced Semrush. 

Some of the names are:

idan segal

“By using Semrush, my team saves a lot of time by working on the right content and in a more data-driven way. Semrush is my right hand for many tasks, it helps me and my team to strategize.”

Idan Segal, Organic Growth Leader at Wix says

brian dean

“When it comes to pure value, Semrush wins, That’s mostly because you get a fully-featured SEO software suite AND Google Ads software for the same monthly price.”

Brian Dean, Founder of Backlinko

Conclusion: Yes, Semrush Is Worth It SEO Tool

If you want to spy on competitors and find their advertising strategies, best-performing keywords, and their backlink sources, etc, make sure to get your hands on Semrush and you won’t regret it.

As an online marketer or blogger, it’s essential to focus on your competitors along with the perfect keyword research. If you are not spying on your competitors now, you will regret it later.

It’s the PERFECT and must-have search marketing tool for every blogger who is struggling to increase their traffic, estimate others’ website traffic or find the best keywords that increase their leads and sales.

Have you found this comprehensive Semrush tutorial useful? Still have any questions? Let us know in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Semrush

What is Semrush?

Semrush is a comprehensive online marketing tool that offers over 55 SEO tools including keyword research, domain analysis, site audits, position tracking, and much more.

How can I get Semrush for free?

Semrush offers a trial account that allows you to try it for 14 days. but BloggersPassion is tied up with Semrush to provide you an exclusive Semrush free trial for 14 days.

How much does Semrush cost?

SEMrush offers three monthly subscription plans: Pro for $108.33, Guru for $208.33, and Business starting at $416.66

Can You ask for a refund from Semrush?

All plans come with a 7-day money-back guarantee. You can request a refund within 7 days of signing up via our contact form and they will refund the payment.

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