7 Incredible Tips for Affiliate Marketing Beginners

affiliate marketing tips beginners

If done right, affiliate marketing is the best way to make passive income from online. But only few people can benefit from affiliate marketing, most people can never make even a single sale from their efforts. Why? They solely focus on generating more clicks rather than creating awareness about the products they promote.

In this detailed guide, we will discuss the ways to make more out of your affiliate marketing journey as a beginner.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing simply means making money by selling others products successfully from your site (or links). Most commission percentages can range from 5% to 75% and your affiliate income totally depends on the products you promote.

Why affiliate marketing is the best model to make money online?

You don’t have to work hard all the day to make a decent income from affiliate marketing. You have to work hard in the beginning (to learn the skills, to build a list, to build a rapport with readers), once it’s done, you can make passive income from your efforts every week.

Tips for affiliate marketing beginners

affiliate marketing tips beginners

Choose your affiliate programs wisely

This is the #1 step you can’t avoid in affiliate marketing. Choosing the right products to promote itself completes 50% of your affiliate journey, it’s that important.

Here are few tips to selecting the right products to promote.

  • Choose the products that are widely used (use your common sense or use Clickbank market place)
  • Promote the products that are extremely related to your audience (you can’t sell laptops on a bodybuilding related blog)
  • Find out what the top bloggers in your niche are promoting (they often promote BEST affiliate products that are both useful and pay more commissions)
  • Create a list of 5 affiliate programs that you are interested in (and start promoting them one after the other. Not all at once!)

Build relationships, not links

Most new bloggers who are into affiliate marketing focus more on link building. They think driving SEO traffic is vital to increase their affiliate sales and starts link building via blog commenting, guest posting etc.

But they miss one major thing, they don’t focus on relationship building. Affiliate marketing is all about relationships, not links. What’s the use of driving tons of traffic when no one buys your stuff?

Even if you have limited traffic, you can still make sales from your affiliate products by making them aware of your products. If they find the products you are promoting useful, they often buy.

Focus on building a responsive email list

You can’t miss this step. Email list is like oxygen for affiliate marketing beginners. If you focus more on building a responsive email list right from the beginning, you will develop a rapport with your readers. In the long run, you will be able to generate passive income from your affiliate products using your list.

The tip here is to making your subscribers aware of your products. Teach them about your products, show them the value and let them buy your products.

You can use a freebie or report to increase your email subscribers. Having a blog definitely helps you boost your email list.

Writing genuine product reviews can boost your sales

If you are just starting your affiliate journey, I would definitely recommend you to write product reviews that are genuine. Don’t create too much hype, but show them the benefits of using the products.

If you also share the cons of using the products you are referring to, you will actually gain instant trust. It indirectly shows that you actually care about them, and you are not writing reviews just for the sake of making more sales.

Don’t promote products that you don’t use

Never promote a cheap product just because it’s paying you more in commissions. Most new bloggers promote the products that are useless and end up losing potential customers. Never make this mistake in your affiliate marketing journey. Remember, trust is the key to making more sales in affiliate marketing.

Give some incentives

You should give some freebies to increase your affiliate sales, this has to be your primary task especially when you are a beginner. Why? People don’t buy using your links just because you asked them to buy. They buy from you if you give them something for free.

Try to think about unique ways to give incentives to your readers. Here are few ideas:

  • Give them some commission after a successful sale (if you promote a product that pays you 50% commission, offer your readers 20% commission when they buy from you. This can increase your sales).
  • Offer them a premium product when they buy from you (if you have your own paid product on your blog, you can offer it for free when they buy from you)
  • You can offer personal free email support when they bring something from you (works best when you promote web hosting services)

And the list goes on. You just have to think in different ways to make more sales by giving incentives.

Don’t be pushy

People don’t buy your affiliate products if you are pushy. Never hard sell your products, it makes people refrain from buying you.

You have to educate them about your products and give them honest opinions about the products and use links at the prominent places to make more affiliate sales.

You don’t have to be a sales person to make more sales, you need patience to actually make money from affiliate marketing. It requires time and patience. Observe any successful affiliate marketer, they are on the business for a long time and they are consistently growing their brand online. That’s how they are able to make more passive income from their online businesses. That’s what you have to repeat, boost your online reputation.

In a nutshell: Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. It requires a lot of patience and passion to help others by promoting your products. Making your readers aware of your affiliate products is the key to make more sales. And offer various incentives to boost your affiliate income even if you are a beginner. Never hard sell as it can degrade your brand in the long run.

Are you into affiliate marketing? What are the tips you have to make more sales? Please share your views below.


  1. vikas yadav says:

    A Very useful articles to learn the art of affiliate marketing. Thanks a lot @Anil.
    I want to know what is the best time to use affiliate marketing on a new blog? Or can a blogger use the affiliate marketing first instead of adsense or other? Tell me about that.@Anil.

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      I don’t think there is any use of flooding your blog with adsense or any affiliate ads if your blog don’t have any traffic at all. Once you start seeing some traffic on your blog, you can test different affiliate programs on your blog. Once you have found few affiliate programs which gives you maximum revenue, stick with them.

      If you have a product or niche specific blog, you should try making money through affiliate product sale. And you can use Adsense as an additional way to earn more revenue from your blog.

      • Pramod says:

        Yes I agree with Anil, sticking to only one product can help us in getting the trust from readers. But why commission junction is not allowing to get started with hosting affiliate like hostagator, it was saying that you are not allowed to get affiliate from this affiliate.

  2. Anirudh Anand says:

    To get success in Affiliate market in the Initial days of blogging is very difficult. I have seen many Bloggers who quit Affiliate because they are not getting any. Even my case is same. But I think I failed in some of the points you mentioned above. Will try it soon. Thanks for sharing,

    • vikas yadav says:

      Yes, Anirduh it is true that initial days of blogging affiliate marketing is difficult. But to get successed in the affiliate marketing , you to build a high profile image(do guest posting, commenting on other blogs, use forums and many others) in the blogosphere, need to wait atleast 1 year if your are a newbie, and try to getting the some one else experience like zac johnson who is a super successful aff. marketer. Don’t use affiliate marketing links in the initial days and try to use other ad networks instead of affiliate networks.

  3. Pramod says:

    Nice article Anil, but affiliate marketing requires a lot of hard work and patience to build a community around so that they can trust and buy product.

    But affiliate marketing is far more better than adsense and any other way to make money, that’s why it’s so difficult.

  4. Hey pal,

    This is a very great post to help make money marketing. Once you have traffic on your blog and you write great reviews while promoting a product you can make money.

    Also if this is a tool which helps to make blogging easier then this is a good product to promote.

    • Pramod says:

      Having enough traffic alone is not the key to get results in affiliate marketing. You need to get reader trust.

      Suppose many bloggers having number of authors and not having any real connection with their readers fails to make money from affiliate, despite of descent traffic.
      But some bloggers with little traffic sometime succeed because they won readers trust.

  5. Uday Ghulaxe says:

    Again Great post Anil sir .Affiliate marketing is good way to make money online but i think this is not the best way for newbie bloggers because no one is going to buy the product they are promoting and one point you mentioned here is really so important builed relationships are really important. Thanks for sharing such a nice article sir

  6. Enstine Muki says:

    I love the point on building relationships not links. That’s the whole point where success online lies especially if you want to go the free traffic way.

    Excellent tips for beginners bro

  7. Haroon says:

    Oh man you give me such a nice tips, Specially i really impressed from you word that ” Give some incentives” to people if they buy from your link.

  8. Allah Ditta says:

    i find your post from kingged.com ; really great post.
    Here is the great tip point out by admin, For affiliate marketing the perfect review is necessary. secondly the beneficial product introduction and relevant information. At last to get the product offer some slash price so that reader can change his mind to buy it.

  9. Sam Adeyinka says:

    Hey Anil, it’s good to be here on your blog, thanks to finding this on Kingged dot com.

    Truth be told, this was a great and it definitely worth my while and worth Kingging as it is very useful. 🙂

    To say I’m new to how affiliate marketing works or what it means would mean that I’m only pulling your legs because I’ve read a good number of articles on affiliate marketing but this one is really cool and different as it is quite understandable.

    Unlike those that would show intimidating chat of their earnings and would never teach anything reasonable.

    All the mentioned tips are great as well as valid and I will sure put them to use when I’m finally ready to make money with my blog.

    Thanks for the share matey! 🙂


  10. Syed Ali says:

    Affiliate marketing can boost your income if you use it properly
    Thanks for sharing these points

  11. Renaud Gagne says:

    Hey Anil.
    I think one of the reason why most people don’t make a single penny in affiliate marketing is by only focussing on blogging as their only source of traffic.

    Nowadays, it’s easy to learn effective advertising with a simple 1$ per day as an ad budget with Facebook or Bing/Yahoo PPC.

    Anyway, anyone who want to be successful with affiliate marketing must follow the advice you have prescribe on this page.

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