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Semrush is the MOST popular SEO toolkit used by over 10 Million people worldwide. It offers over 50 tools including keyword research, site audits, competitor analysis, PPC research, and so on. You can use the following links to grab 14 day free trials of Semrush Pro and Guru accounts worth $370.

Recently Semrush has officially stopped offering 30-day free trials and reduced them to 14 days.

As an official partner with Semrush, BloggersPassion is now offering an exclusive 14-day free trial on Semrush. 

In this guide, I have explained how you can claim Semrush 14-day free trial on its Pro and Guru plans. 

So, get ready to sign up and grab our exclusive offer.

Does Semrush Offer a 30-Day Free Trial?

Semrush has officially reduced the 30-day free trial to a 14-day free trial since May 2023. 

Previously, Semrush provided a 30-day free trial for their Pro and Guru plans. 

However, as an official partner of Semrush, BloggersPassion is now offering an exclusive 14-day free trial for these plans.

How To Claim Semrush 14 Days Free Trial?

Here’s a quick guide on how to activate Semrush’s free trial.

Step 1: Click On The Free Trial Link

Simply, click on the following link to get the 14-day free trial. These links will land you on the Semrush official page.

Step 2: Tap on the “Try It Free” option

To continue, simply click on the “TRY IT FREE” button.

semrush 14 day trial

Note that this offer is available for new users only. So, you will have to use your fresh email account for sign up.

Step 3: Create Your Free Semrush Account

You’ll now be asked to create an account, which you can do by entering your email and any password. Alternatively, you can use your Gmail account to sign up.

semrush account

You’ll get a confirmation code in your email. Upon confirming it, you’ll see the purchase summary of the Semrush free trial.

Step 4: Checkout To “Place The Order”

Upon confirming it, you see the purchase summary of the Semrush free trial.

Have a look;

semrush free pro trial

As you can see, you’ll be charged $0 for 14 days. Enter your billing information and use their tool for the next two weeks for FREE.

Here’s a quick video tutorial for those who prefer to watch a video for detailed instructions on claiming their free trial.

How To Cancel Semrush Free Trial?

So far, we have discussed how you can claim Semrush free trial offers.

If, for any reason, you don’t want to continue the free trial, here’s how you can cancel the free trial of Semrush.

Step 1: Log in to your Semrush account. Click on the profile icon in the top right corner of the page.

Select Subscription Info. Or simply follow this link, which takes you to the cancellation page.

Step 2: Find the link that says “Active” next to “recurring” and follow the “Contact Us” link to the cancellation form.

cancel semrush trial

Simply fill out the cancellation form, and you’re done!

The Semrush customer support team will contact you within a few hours. You can ask them to cancel your account to end the free trial.

Semrush Latest Updates 

Here are some of the useful tools that Semrush launched recently.

1. Google’s AI Overview Tracking

Semrush added a new feature to its position tracking tool which lets you track Google’s AI-generated summaries in search results. It shows how Google’s AI overviews impact website rankings and search stability, giving KEY insights into AI’s effect on SEO.

2. ContentShake AI

Semrush’s new ContentShake AI feature helps improve your content’s SEO. This feature analyzes the SERPs for your target keywords and optimizes your content with up-to-date information to rank HIGHER in search results with the click of a button.

3. Daily Traffic Data

This feature provides daily traffic data for websites, allowing you to view key traffic metrics for competitors on a day-by-day basis. It will help you identify emerging trends quickly.

Top Features of Semrush For 2024

Why use the Semrush tool in 2024? Here are some of the top features Semrush offers.

1. Keyword Magic 

Keyword Magic is the world’s biggest keyword research tool, with a database of over 25 billion keywords.

Using the Keyword Magic tool, you can find hundreds (if not thousands) of profitable keyword ideas for any topic.

You can analyze the total search volume, average keyword difficulty, intent of each keyword, CPC value, and more. You can find different types of keywords for any topic, including;

  • Question keywords
  • Broad match keywords
  • Phrase match keywords
  • Exact match keywords
  • Related keywords and more
keyword magic

2. Position Tracking

Tracking your keyword ranking is as important as finding great keywords. But most tools are NOT accurate.

Fortunately, Semrush offers a position tracking tool that lets you track your keyword positions accurately on various devices including desktops, tablets, or smartphones.

You can easily find out all your website’s keywords that are ranking in the top 3, 10, 20, and 100 search results on Google. The position tracking tool gives you an overview of the following;

  • Overall keyword visibility
  • Keywords that improved their rankings
  • Keywords that lost their rankings and more
position tracker

3. Site Audit

Most website owners struggle to increase search traffic even after creating helpful content.

Do you know why? Their website may have technical or SEO issues preventing them from getting better rankings.

Here’s where website audits are handy, as you can find issues on your site. Semrush offers a powerful auditing tool called “Site Audit,” which checks your website for over 140 technical site health and SEO issues.

Once you run the site audit campaign, it gives you a site health score showing all the issues on your site including;

  • Crawlability issues
  • HTTPS errors
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Internal linking issues, etc
site audit

4. Organic Research

Organic Research tool helps you spy on your competitor’s SEO strategies. 

Using this tool, you can;

  • Estimate any website’s traffic
  • Analyze any domain’s keywords
  • Find out any site’s SERP performance along with their keyword position changes
organic research

5. Backlink Analytics

Backlink Analytics is the LARGEST and FRESHEST backlink management tool offered by Semrush. It has a huge backlink database of over 43 trillion links so you can easily analyze ANY domain’s backlink profile.

Simply enter any of your competitor’s domains and it will show you all its backlinks, including;

  • Referring domains
  • Overall links
  • Estimated monthly visits
  • Outbound domains and more

Semrush Pro vs Guru: Which Plan is More Suitable?

The difference is the number of projects, keywords metrics & few features in Semrush plans. Here’s a quick table showing the differences between both plans.

FeaturesSemrush ProSemrush Guru
Results per report10,00030,000
Reports per day3,0005,000
Keywords to track5001,500
Pages to crawl100,000300,000
Monitoring50 Profiles100 Profiles
PDF reports520
Historical Data (Jan 2012 - Now)
Content Marketing Platform
Keyword Cannibalization Report
Content Auditing (Pages)20,000
Plagiarism checks5 Per month

Semrush Pricing Plans 

Semrush offers three pricing options which are;

  • Pro (best suited for beginners and freelancers)
  • Guru (suitable for small businesses)
  • Business (perfect for agencies and teams)
Semrush PlanCostFree Trial Available?
Pro$129.95/moYes, 14 days
Guru$249.95/moYes, 14 days

If you want to save more with Semrush check out the Semrsuh Discount and Coupon code.

Pros And Cons of Semrush 

Semrush is an all-in-one toolkit for all your SEO needs. It can help you find traffic-generating keywords, analyze a domain, fix website issues, monitor a brand, and more.

Here’s a list of Semrush’s pros and cons.

Semrush ProsSemrush Cons
Offers over 50 toolsBit expensive (as its pricing starts at $129.95/mo)
Detailed competitor analysis There's a learning curve, as Semrush offers a ton of features
Excellent for keyword research (with a databse of 25 billion keywords)
Provides accurate data
Offers tools for content marketing, including topic research and SEO content templates
Its site audit tool scans your site for 140+ issues
Massive backlink analytics tool with 43 trillion links

My Experience With Semrush

I have been using the Semrush tool since 2015.

i am a semrush verified user

Here’s how Semrush helped me so far;

  • Helped me find highly profitable keywords with better CPC for most topics
  • Helped me find low-competitive keywords and long-tail keywords that are highly relevant to my niche.
  • Overall search traffic improved over the years. In the last year i.e. 2023, BloggersPassion generated over 2.2 million page views.
  • I use its site audit tool extensively to find and fix all the website issues I often face with duplicate content, lengthy meta descriptions, broken links, etc.

In a nutshell, Semrush is the ONLY SEO tool I’ve been using for 9+ years to grow my site’s traffic and rankings.

Testimonials On Semrush

Semrush is one of the oldest SEO tools that offers more than 50 tools today. In today’s time, SEO experts, content marketers, bloggers, social media users – everyone is using Semrush. Talking about its customer base, it has exceeded 10 Million users.

Here are a few testimonials:

brian dean

“When it comes to pure value, Semrush wins, That’s mostly because you get a fully-featured SEO software suite AND Google Ads software for the same monthly price.”

Brian Dean, Founder of Backlinko

idan segal

“By using Semrush, my team saves a lot of time by working on the right content and in a more data-driven way. Semrush is my right hand for many tasks, it helps me and my team to strategize.”

Idan Segal, Organic Growth Leader at Wix says

Semrush Free Trial 2024 | Try 14 Days With Pro Or Guru Plan

“Our overall organic traffic increased sevenfold, with blog traffic making up over 75% of visits! Semrush allowed us to optimize and run our content strategy without needing an army of SEO experts.”

Barbora-Jassova, Content Strategist at Landbot  

Final thoughts on Semrush Free Account

Semrush is an ESSENTIAL SEO toolkit for anyone who wants to increase their website’s search traffic.

Whether you’re a small business owner, a freelancer or an SEO specialist, Semrush offers ALL the tools you need to create content, build links and grow your organic rankings.

The best part? Its 14-day free trial gives you FULL access to all its features. 

So what are your thoughts on Semrush’s free trial account? Have you claimed it? Have any questions? Let us know in the comments.


Here are some of the commonly asked questions on the Semrush tool.

How to get Semrush premium for free?

Semrush is a paid tool and its pricing starts at $129.95/mo. However, you can use Semrush’s free trial to try their tools free for 14 days.

Is there a free trial for Semrush?

Yes, Semrush free trial is available for Pro and Guru plans.

Can I cancel my Semrush account after the free trial?

You can cancel your Semrush account before the trial ends to avoid getting charged. Just send an email to [email protected] with your cancellation request.

Can I get the Semrush free trial without credit card?

No, you can’t. You need to enter your credit card details to claim its free trial.

Why is Semrush so expensive?

Semrush is expensive because it offers over 50 tools under one platform. Also, it has the most extensive databases of keywords and backlinks which are updated regularly.

Is Semrush offering a 60-day trial or more?

Semrush used to offer 60-day free trials. But now, it is giving access to only 14-day trials.

How much does Semrush cost per month?

Semrush monthly plans start from $129 and go up to $499.

Is a feature of the White label report available in the Semrush trial?

No. The “White Label Report” feature can only be found in Semrush business or enterprise plans. Unfortunately, there is no trial available for the Semrush business plan.

Does any money-back guarantee apply to Semrush paid plans?

Yes. Semrush follows 7 days 100% refund money-back policy.

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