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April 8, 2019
Keyword Winner Plugin Review $47


With this plugin, you can find keywords having low competition as well as high competition from your WordPress Admin Panel. No need to switch to other keyword research tools. Save Your Valuable time and money.

We need to spend lots of our valuable time in finding targeted keywords for our websites and blogs using various keyword research tools available in the market.

We cannot imagine much traffic from search engines if we haven’t used the targeted keywords within our content headlines and article body. If we use a keyword research tool, we need to spend lots of time in researching and switching from Keyword research tool window to our blog admin section.

We also need to fill in those ugly captchas from time to time with lots of keyword research tool. So lots of our time gets wasted into this process. What if we have a tool that can help us find low and as well as high competitive keywords for our blog posts within our blog dashboard.

If you have a WordPress based blog, there is a premium WordPress plugin available from Keyword Winner.

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About Keyword Winner SEO Plugin

Keyword Winner Plugin SEO Daniel Lew developed Keyword Winner, which is a well-known name in seo and Internet marketing industry.

Daniel has earned so much money with seo skills that he is one of the richest Internet marketing experts. Keyword winner plugin helps us find low competition as well as high competition targeted keywords within our WordPress blog admin panel.

We should be using this tool while creating headlines for our blog posts and even can use this tool to target additional keywords within our blog post content area.

So we can use this amazing seo plugin from Daniel to place right keywords at the right place in our WordPress blogs and that will ultimately help us get top rankings for the targeted terms on Google and other search engines.

You can judge the effectiveness of Keyword Winner keeping in mind it is used by top Internet marketers and bloggers like John Chow, Jonathan Volk, Zac Johnson, Harsh Agrawal, Ian Fernando and Matt Garrett etc.

Keyword Winner Plugin Installation

It will not take much time for you to install keyword winner plugin into your WordPress blog. All you have to do is download the latest version of keyword winner that is Keyword Winner 3.0, unzip it and upload it in the plugin folder in WordPress blog.

After uploading, activate it by browsing it through the plugin section within your WordPress Dashboard.

Using Keyword Winner SEO Plugin Effectively

After installing Keyword Winner into your WordPress blog, now its time to know how to get maximum benefit from it. Keyword Winner starts doing its work when we start drafting our blog post. When we enter title or headline for our blog post, we can use this tool to use such headlines for which we will get lots of targeted traffic. For each searched term, we get up to 10 suggestions.

With suggested keywords, we also get important traffic metrics like competing pages for each keyword, percentage of monthly searches for that keyword, traffic trend for each keyword etc.

All suggested keywords would be shown up in thee colors namely red, orange and green. Red color means 1000000 plus competing pages, orange means 1000000 plus competing pages and Green color means 100,000 plus competing pages.

So you should look for those keywords mentioned in green colors if you have a new blog or blog with few backlinks only. And if you have a blog with decent page rank and authority, you can even target those big keywords mentioned in red and orange. So we can target high competition as well as low competition keywords on our blog using keyword winner premium plugin from Daniel.

Your blog chances of ranking high for big keywords are very low if you have a new or blog with few backlinks and you can get good rankings for low as well as high competitive keywords if you have a popular blog. So you should look for keywords listed in green colors only if you have a new blog.

We can use this plugin to find targeted keywords related to a specific country. So we can use this tool if we want to get top rankings for our website and blogs in specific countries like India, UK, Australia, Canada etc.

Keyword winner plugin for WordPress also works as a keyword ranking checker tool for our headlines. Recently, they started showing up page rank, rankings change and backlinks count when we run this plugin on any of our blog headlines. We can add all or selected keywords which are shown up as suggestion as tags with a single click and can even use them within our blog post body.

So the key to getting maximum benefit though keyword winner will be going for a headline with decent searches and targeting 2-3 additional keywords in our blog post body and headline section.

Keyword Winner Benefits

Here is the list of some benefits you will enjoy after buying Keyword Winner SEO Plugin:

  • Access to keyword research data within your WordPress Dashboard
  • Can target low as well as high competition keywords
  • Make SEO friendly headlines and post content
  • Lots of time being saved by keyword winner and which means more money for you
  • More content ideas coming in the form of keyword suggestion from this seo plugin for WordPress blogs
  • Can optimize our blog post search engine friendly very quickly and which means more traffic for our blog from search engines
  • Can be used as keyword research tool and for checking page rank of our blog posts
  • Keyword winner is worth much more than you are being charged, as you will be able to earn much more than you paid for its license very quickly

Keyword Winner Cost

Keyword winner seo plugin is available in two license types namely Single License and Multi License. Single license is available for $47 and multi license is available for $97 only. Single license type can be used on one domain and multi license type can be used on multiple websites.

Both license types are available with lifetime free updates and support. Keyword winner plugin is coming with 60 days money back guarantee, so you will not be losing anything my trying this amazing seo plugin for WordPress blogs by Daniel. So you will be getting all your money back that you paid earlier without any question being asked from the Keyword Winner team.

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I would recommend buy multi-license type if you are planning to use keyword winner plugin on multiple blogs now or in near future and should buy single license type if you are sure to use it on single blog only.

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Anil Agarwal

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  7. I’ve been setting up WordPress since the first version of All in One SEO Pack. You would to use All in One in conjunction with some essential free plugins as a foundation and one or two premium SEO plugins

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