Top 28 Blog Submission Sites List in 2019 With Domain Authority (DA) of 30+

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July 8, 2019

Are you looking for the highest DA blog submission sites to get some quality links in 2019, you’re in the right place. Every blogger wants more traffic, more links and more sales. But majority of the people don’t put the right efforts to improve their SEO.

See, SEO is what helps you get faster results. Not only a better SEO can boost your traffic but more importantly your overall website’s sales.

If you are blogging for a while, you might already know the fact that, Off Page SEO is all about quality links. The reason why authority sites rank higher in Google even for the toughest keywords is they get a lot of links from other sites.

And Google gives rewarding results to those sites with lots of quality links. If you are looking for proven ways to quickly build high quality links for your blogs and increase your content exposure, I’ve a good news for you.

In this article, I’m going to discuss about few top blog submission sites that help you build both quality links and increase your blog’s exposure in 2019.

What are Blog Submission Sites?

Blog directories or blog submission sites allow you to submit your blog and/or blog posts so you gain more exposure and build some backlinks to your sites.

Although there are so many blog submission sites out there but most of them are not active or don’t have good domain authority. So it’s always better NOT to submit your blog on every blog directory under the sun if you don’t want to get penalized by Google.

That’s why I came up with this top 28 blog submission sites list with the good domain authority of over 30. So you can safely submit your blogs on them to build some quality links for free.

Do blog directories (or) blog submission sites still matter?

Yes, they do. Blog submission sites are still a better way to increase your blog’s exposure. And as I said above if you submit your blog or website on good domain authority blog directories, it can help you boost your link authority.

Why Should You Submit Your Blog to Blog Submission Sites?

If you are still wondering why should you spend time on submitting your blogs on the top blog submission sites I’m going to discuss here, let me give you few reasons. Here are few amazing benefits of using blog submission sites even in 2019.

  • Backlinks: Whether you know it or not, SEO is the key to building any profitable blog or online business. SEO is all about building quality links. You REALLY can’t rank higher in Google search results without building links. Blog submission sites help you build quality links for free.
  • Increase exposure: When you submit a blog on these top blog directories, it can give you more exposure and traffic. There are thousands of bloggers who use blog directories to find content online. So if you have an interested blog to read, it will bring you more traffic from these blog submission sites.
  • Increase DA: Domain authority is a metric given by Moz team. It is one of the crucial metric and the more DA a blog has the better search rankings it can get. Blog directories give you quality links and in turn you will get a good DA with quality backlinks.

Quick note before discovering the top 28 blog submission sites: I’ve used DA (Domain Authority) as the metric to write this article. And I included only those blog directories which have DA of over 30 so you can get some good links. Also make a note that, most of the blog directories mentioned here are few and very few of the blog directories here are paid one’s, it means they charge you a couple of bucks to submit your blog.

Now, let’s dive into the details.

Top blog submission sites to submit your blog and get more exposure in 2019

Top Blog Submission Sites List 2019

1. Alltop (DA is 70)

Guy Kawasaki (the social media expert and one of the finest Internet marketers) started Alltop. Alltop is one of the best blog submission sites which can help you bring more exposure to your sites along with the quality links.

Alltop covers every niche ranging from technology to marketing to fitness to real estate. It doesn’t matter which niche you are in, you can easily find a relevant topic to submit your blog for free.

All top imports the stories and articles of the top news websites and blogs for any given topic and display the headlines of the five most recent stories. That’s how you can bring more traffic to your sites. So make sure to always use attention grabbing headlines when you write next time.

How to submit your blog to Alltop?

Step 1: Click here to submit your site. It will ask you to register yourself with any username and your email.

Step 2: Alltop support team will review your submission and sends you a confirmation email once your site goes live.

Step 3 (optional): You can add Alltop badge once your blog goes live to boast about it!

Take Your Blog SEO to the Next Level:

2. Blog Flux (DA is 44)

Blog Flux is the central destination for most blogs. It’s where over 150,000 blogs are featured ranging from health to music to travel.

Here’s how to join it to submit your blog.

Step 1: Click here to register an account for free.

Step 2: Once you get the confirmation email, simply add your blog or website from their home page. You are done!

3. Blogarama (DA is 45)

Blogarama is the oldest and largest blog submission sites on the web. It was started over a decade ago and has over 100,000 registered users.

Here’s how to join it to submit your blog for free.

Step 1: Click here to register yourself with your email.

Step 2: Add your new blog for free to their blog directory. That’s it!

4. On Top List (DA is 58)

On Top List is another great blog directory where you can find a lot of tech related stuff, business pages and blogging related sites from all over the globe.

Step 1: Click here to join their community. Their support team will manually review your site.

Step 2: For faster reviewing process, add their site’s badge to your blog and email their customer support team about it.

5. Blog Adda (DA is 50)

This is the latest and widely used Indian blog directory. It not only has a great network of bloggers to connect but the editors pick best blog posts every single day to help you get more exposure.

Here’s how to join it for free.

Step 1: Click here to join their community.

Step 2: Add your blog and enjoy the blog’s exposure.

6. Blog Hub (DA is 43)

This is an online community for all kinds of bloggers to submit your blog for free. You can also create a blog with their service!

Step 1: Click here to sign up for their account for free.

Step 2: Once you activate the link that you get in your email inbox, you can add your site for free.

7. Blogs Collection (DA is 41)

Blogs Collection is a huge blog directory which collects all major blogs news articles from all over the globe and it is another oldest blog submission site which was started over 9 years ago.

Step 1: Click here to add your blog.

Step 2: Select their “Partner and Regular” listing option to submit your blog for free.

8. Blog Listing (DA is 48)

This is another fastest growing blog submission site on the web where you can submit your blog for free to get more exposure. It’s also a HIGH PR (Page Rank) directory site with the domain authority of 59.

Step 1: Click here to add your blog.

Step 2: Once your blog goes live, start connecting with the other bloggers to increase your site exposure.

9. Blog Engage (DA is 37)

Blog Engage is another great blog directory that has a huge blogging community. The great thing about this site is that you will see lots of bloggers and marketers promoting their blog posts.

Even you too can do so by joining it for free.

How to submit your blog to Blog Engage?

Step 1: You can register from here.

Step 2: To do manual submission of your blog posts, you should either add a banner of their site or write a review about them. Once it’s done, you can contact their support team to get free access to their site.

10. (DA is 50)

As the name says, IndiBlogger is the largest Indian blogger community. If you are an Indian and want to submit your blog for free, this is perfect for you. You can also find thousands of Indian bloggers from various blogging topics to engage and connect.

How to join Indiblogger?

Step 1: Click here to sign up for their account for free.

Step 2: Enter your blog title and other information to submit your blog on Indiblogger

Step 3: Whenever you publish a new post, make sure to manually submit it to their forum to get more exposure.

11. Blogging Fusion (DA is 32)

Although this is a paid blogging directory but you can still get their free account by adding a link to their blog directory. It’s used by a wide range of people so it’s a good place to submit your site.

Step 1: Click here to submit your blog.

Step 2: Either write about them or include a link to their blog directory and contact their support team about and you will get the free account. That’s it!

12. Blog Ville (DA is 30)

Blogville is a fast growing blog directory to submit your blog no matter what your niche is. They will manually review your blog before approving it to their blog directory.

Here’s how to add your blog to it.

Step 1: Click here to register yourself for free.

Step 2: You will get a confirmation email after you register, your blog will be manually review. You’ll get an email once it goes live.

13. Blog Directory (DA is 31)

It’s another great blog directory where you can freely submit your blog for getting links and increasing your content exposure. It periodically shows various blogs under various topics ranging from Academics to Computers to Real Estate.

Here’s how to submit your blog to it.

Step 1: Click here to register an account.

Step 2: Pick a category that’s relevant to your blog’s topic and you are done!

14. Fuel My Blog (DA is 36)

You can submit your blog or website for free on Fuel My Blog. You can also add your blog and an image, you can find a lot of interesting blogs to read as well.

Here’s how to add your blog.

Step 1: Click here to register for free.

Step 2:  Click on Add your blog (you will get a code, add it on your blog, and you are done).

Step 3: You can add friends as many as you want to connect and find and read interesting blogs.

15. (DA is 20)

Another great source for adding your blog or website for free. This blog directory pulls your RSS feed and shows your information whenever you update your blog with new blog posts.

Step 1: Click here to join for free.

Step 2: Enjoy the exposure you get whenever you publish a new post!

16. Boing Boing (DA 88)

Boing Boing is one of the highest domain authority blog submission sites. It has a DA of 92. That’s too great to ignore submitting your site to it.

How to submit your blog to one of the top blog submission sites i.e Boing Boing?

Step 1: Go to Boing Boing and you will notice a thing called “Submit” at the top of the website. Just adjacent to their home page logo.

Step 2: You will be redirected to a page where you need to enter all your details like name, email, your website’s link and description. Just make sure to enter relevant and detailed description about your site’s topics and click “Boing” to finish the step. That’s it! That’s how you will be able to submit to one of the highest DA blog submission sites.

17. Entire Web (DA 52)

This is one of the widely used blog submission sites with over 3.5 million people worldwide have used the Entire Web service to submit their sites for free. Once you submit your site on it, your site will start showing on all the major search engines including Google, Yahoo and a ton of other platforms.

So how to submit your site for free at Entire Web?

Step 1: Click on this link and you will need to enter details like your site’s URL along with your primary email address.

Step 2: Click on proceed to submit your site FREE to this blog submission sites.

18. Sonic Run (DA 36)

Sonic Run is also one of the best blog submission sites with a good domain authority to get a free link to your sites.

Here’s how to submit to this blog submission sites

Step 1: Click here to list your site for free. Enter your URL, email and name to finish the submission process.

Step 2: It will usually take upto 90 days to get your site listed on this free blog submission site.

19. So Much (DA 37)

So Much is not just one of those random blog submission sites. Not only it has a very good DA but it is a friendly free link directory where you can find the best human edited links sorted by topic and category.

So how to submit on this submission site?

Step 1: Click here to submit a link of your site for free. Just enter your site URL along with its relevant category (along with a short description of your site). You’re done.

Step 2: The free version (submission of site) usually takes anywhere from a few hours to a couple of weeks before your site is listed depending on number of submissions yet to be checked. They also have a paid version that costs around $10 where your site will get approved within a day!

20. Blog Top Sites (DA is 41)

This is one of the highest DA blog submission sites with a whopping 82 DA and it has been around the web for a long time since 2004.

Here’s the exact way to submit your site for free on this platform

Step 1: Click here to submit and add your blog.

Step 2: You’ll just need to enter your details name, email, password and so on and you login to your account, you can easily add your blog to their site.

21. Blog Roll Center (DA is 38)

Blog Roll Center is also another excellent platform for blog submission which has a healthy DA score of 77. Not only that, it includes blogs ranging from arts and beauty to fitness and travel and so on so you can submit your blog in the right categories.

How to submit your site for free on Blog Roll Center?

Step 1: Click on this link add your site where you need to enter your website’s URL

Step 2: In this step, you need to create a username along with the password to continue. It will automatically fetch your site details along with the title and meta description so you don’t have enter it again. Choose an appropriate category and click on submit button and you’re done.

22. Bloggernity (DA is 40)

Bloggernity is one of the most preferred blog directories because it’s not only a high DA submission site but also has a dedicated forum where you can interact with other bloggers.

Here’s how you can submit your blog for free on Bloggernity.

Step 1: Click on this link to visit Bloggernity login page where you’ll need to sign up using your email address which is free.

Step 2: Once you’re signed up with your email, you can use your email login details to login and click on “Add Blog” option to add your blog to their directory.

23. Plazoo (DA is 42)

If you want to add your blog feed or RSS feed, you should definitely start using Plazoo blog posting site list which has a great domain authority of 69 and also supports multiple languages worldwide.

Here’s how you can submit your blog for free on Plazoo which has 69 DA.

Step 1: Visit this link to add your website or blog’s RSS feed

Step 2: Enter your blog details to proceed and you’re done. The benefit of using Plazoo is that it gives you access to the Plazoo Reader which is more than a standard RSS reader where you can easily add and manage RSS feeds. It also gives access to all kinds of other media including news, job offerings, movies, pictures, audio files and so on.

24. Top Sites Web Directory (DA is 31)

This directory is listed on every major web directory resource on the web and that’s the reason why it gets so much of traffic. So if you’re not only looking for blog submission sites in USA for just links but also to get more traffic, this is a great fit for you.

Here’s how you can submit your blog for free on Top Sites Web Directory with DA of 56.

Step 1: Visit this website link to submit your site where you’ll need to enter your website details to proceed.

Step 2: If you want to get your site listed really fast, you can try their paid inclusion where you can get your site reviewed in only 48 hours for a one time flat fee of 10.00 Euros or you can also give them a reciprocal link for faster review.

25. 1Abc Directory (DA is 32)

1Abc Directory is one of the oldest blog directories in the world which has been available on the web for more than 12 years now with a DA of 55.

Here’s how you can add a link to your blog for free on 1Abc Directory.

Step 1: Click on this link to visit their submit link page where you’ll find several submission options.

Step 2: Pick the free submission option and enter your blog details including title, description, URL and so on

26. Pegasus Web Directory (DA is 33)

One of the best reasons to use Pegasus Directory is because it’s not only a free general web directory where you can submit your blog links for free but it’s completely human edited which means, you rarely see spam links or spammy websites.

Here’s how you can submit your blog for free on Pegasus directory.

Step 1: Visit their home page and pick a category where your blog niche belongs to.

Step 2: You’ll find a submit page where you can submit your blog. You’ll usually find 3 options (2 premium options). Simply pick the free option to proceed.You’ll need to add your site details such as title, meta, keywords and so on.

27. Gain Web (DA is 29)

Gain Web is another incredible human edited blog submission list where you can find mostly high quality websites around the blogosphere.

Here’s how you can submit your blog for free on Gain Web.

Step 1: Here’s how you can submit your website on their platform where you’ll find multiple options including premium pricing plans.

Step 2: Pick the “Regular Link” which says free and enter your site details and you’re done.

28. Cipinet Web Directory (DA is 35)

Cipinet is one of the oldest blog submission sites which has been around the web since 2002, yes you heard it right.

This is a freemium web directory submission site which means it offers you both free and paid listings to add links to your site where you can add top level domains, individual pages along with sub-domains are accepted and they will review your site within 24 hours even with the basic subscription plan (which costs you just $35 which is a one-time fee).

With the free plan, your site approval might take some time for the review and here’s how you can submit your blog for free on Cipinet Web Directory which has DA of 54

Step 1: Visit this link to proceed to their home page and you’ll find a ton of categories. Choose one among them where your site category belongs to.

Step 2: Click on Add Site (OR) Add URL button to submit your site for free.

Are there any disadvantages of using blog submission websites?

There’s only one BIG disadvantage of using blog submission directory sites and that is “spamming”.

Spammy blog submission directories (that accept almost all kinds of sites along with adult content, illegal content, gambling and so on) can get your site penalized in Google search results sooner or later. So we highly recommend you to stay away from such sites.

All the blog posting sites list mentioned here are manually verified by us so they are safe to use.

FAQs About Top DA Free Blog Submission Sites for 2019

Here are some of the most important questions about top DA blog submission list you might want to know to know how they work and how you can get benefits from them in 2019 and beyond.

1. What are the best free blog posting sites for SEO in 2019?

If you’ve gone through the above list of blog submission sites, almost all of them are safe to use. Although few among them are paid blog directories where you’ll have to pay few bucks to be able to add your site.

That said, here are few best free blog post sites that are really good for SEO in 2019 and beyond.

  • Alltop
  • Blog Engage
  • Boing Boing
  • Plazoo
  • Indiblogger
  • Blog Adda

The above blog directories have strict rules and thousands of regular users and they often do moderation to remove spam links from their sites so they are considered as safe blog posting sites for SEO.

2. What is blog submission in SEO and how to do blog submission for free?

Blog submission involves in submitting your blog links or blog post links in order to get links, more exposure to your content and other SEO benefits. Blog submission is definitely a good SEO practice for anyone who wants to increase their search engine traffic to their sites.

Blog submission is pretty simple. All you need to do is to visit the sites (blog submission directory sites) where you want to add links, and click on “Add URL or Submit Blog URL” buttons in order to submit your blogs for free. Some of the sites do instant approval while others review your site personally before adding to their directories.

3. Are blog submission site list good or bad for SEO?

This is the most obvious and common question that most people have: are blog submission directory sites good or bad for SEO? Honestly speaking, they are as good as getting links from guest posting sites.

You can get better SEO results by getting links from those blog directory sites where they do manual review and approval of sites to keep their platforms safe from spammy links. Fortunately now you have access to a list of some of the high DA sites that are all safe to use for SEO.

So yes, as long as you submit your blog links on high authority or high DA sites, you’re safe from all Google algorithm updates. But as a recommendation, limit your submission to 10 to 15 sites instead of adding your blog links on almost every directory under the sun because you never know when they’ll fade out or filled up with spammy website links.

4. Is it okay to add my blog on the blog submission directory sites that ask for a reciprocal link?

There are a few blog submission sites in India that ask you for reciprocal links which means, you’ll need to add a link back to their platform where you’re getting links from. You can either add their links in the footer or usually as a form of widget (along with the link to their site).

Although there’s no harm in adding reciprocal links especially when your site is relatively new but you can avoid them as well if you don’t want to pass any links to external sites. We recommend you to go through all the blog directories mentioned on this page and add links to only those sites where there’s a free submission without having to add any link to their site.

5. What do most blog submission directories offer me apart from giving me a link?

That’s a good question as most of the blog submission directories not only allow you to add your blog links for free but they also allow you to add their badge as a widget for displaying on your site. That means, you can add your blog with your links and also vote for other blogs that you like to read and follow.

Apart from that, you can also use blog directories to find interesting blogs to read by going through their catalogue, display your blog’s feed on the front page and the list goes on.

Quick note: All the above blog submission sites have at least 40+ domain authority. DA (Domain Authority) is usually measured by the quality and number of links that are pointing to your site. It is calculated monthly by Moz team which is usually considered as a great domain metric at SEO level. So this top blog submission sites post is a great treat for anyone who wants to get high quality links from top DA sites.

Blog submission sites: Are they really worth it?

So far you’ve discovered some of the top DA blog submission sites. Some of them are paid sites but most of them are free to submit. Now comes the most important question, are blog submission sites worth your time or money?

Yes, undoubtedly the blog submission sites are worth your time. Here are few quick reasons why I’m saying it.

  • Free: Most of the top blog submission sites that you find on this page are FREE. So there’s nothing you’re going to lose by submitting your sites.
  • High DA: Each and every blog submission sites that you find here have a DA of more than 30 which can be really helpful to improve your SEO.
  • Quick crawling: These top blog submission sites help you crawl your websites really fast whenever your site gets updated so they are helpful in boosting your SEO quickly.

How to build more quality links in 2019:

Final thoughts about best free & paid blog submission sites in 2019

As I said in the article, blog submission sites with good domain authority (DA) can help you boost your search results by giving you some good link juice. Not only that, you can increase your blog’s exposure whenever you publish a new content.

So there you go. Those are the top 28 blog submission sites with 30+ DA in 2019. I hope you submit your blogs on those blog directories to increase your SEO. I’ll be keep updating this page in 2019 with new information so make sure to bookmark it for future reference.

What do you think about blog submission sites? Did I miss anything? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to share the post.

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