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Looking for a reliable platform to submit your press releases?

I prioritize quality ✅ over quantity ❌.

I could provide you with 500 names of press release websites, but if I were to say that only a few of them are working or worth it? 

Today, I’ll introduce you to 20 high-quality press release websites known for their excellent service and significant traffic. These are the PR websites I manually filtered out from my original list.

Most of the press release services I’m mentioning today offer both free and paid options. I recommend carefully reviewing the traffic statistics before proceeding with any of them. All the PR sites listed today are fully operational.

We’ll update the list of PR sites periodically, so remember to bookmark this page. Before exploring the PR list, let’s have a look at the short overview of Press Releases.
Free press release websites List including Paid

What are Press Release Submission Sites?

The concept of Press release websites is not rocket science. Here is a simple explanation:

Press release submission sites are online platforms where people and businesses can share their news with a wide audience. These sites help solve the problem of getting important information out to the right people efficiently. 

You don’t have a network to spread the word about your product or service? Well, better approach PR sites.

They serve the purpose of spreading news, updates, and announcements to journalists, bloggers, and the public. The aim is to increase visibility, build credibility, and attract attention to products, services, or events.

Primary benefits of PR Sites Submission:

  • Increased visibility online
  • More website visitors
  • Potential media coverage
  • SEO benefit via link-building

There are some disadvantages too. 

Releases can get lost among the many others, or they might come across as too promotional if not written carefully. So, while press release submission sites offer great opportunities, it’s important to use them wisely and understand both their advantages and limitations.

So this is a quick overview of Press Releases Websites.

Now it’s time to unbox the list of free & paid PR submission sites.

List of Top Paid & Free Press Release Sites [Updated Today]

Quick Note: The metrics of all the PR sites listed below have been freshly fetched and updated using the following tools: Traffic – SEMrush tool, DR – Ahrefs, DA – Moz.

S.No.Press Release WebsitesListing TypeDADRMonthly Traffic
5Prowly.comPaid ($258 to $416)6278168,100
6press.farmPaid ($280 to $1080)717941,200
7PRWeb.comPaid ($110 to $455)909033,700
8Newswire.comPaid ($349 to $899)808324,300
10Einpresswire.comPaid ($99.95 to $999)668421,000
11Accesswire.comPaid ($175 to $1095)638013,400
12PR.comFree/Paid ($60 to $300)698011,000
13eReleases.comPaid ($399 to $699)59719,300
15Connectively.usFree/Paid ($19 to 149)25787,800
16NewswireToday.comFree/Paid ($129 to $399)52646,100
17JustReachOut.ioPaid ($147 to $497)47664,400
18PRUnderground.comPaid ($74.99 to $209.99)54722,300 (£110 to £880)55671,600
20PressWire.comPaid ($80 to $250)35451,525

How to Submit a Press Release to PR Sites [Live Example]

The general process of submitting a Press release would something look like this:

Step 1: Choose the Right PR Site

I have already compiled the top PR list for you. Choose any option from it and proceed.

Step 2: Create an Account

Sign up for an account on the chosen PR site if you haven’t already.

Step 3: Navigate to the Submission Page

Once logged in, locate the submission page or option on the PR site. This is usually found in the dashboard or under the “Submit Press Release” tab.

Step 4: Enter Press Release Details

Fill in the required fields with information about your press release, including the headline, summary, body text, contact information, and any multimedia elements like images or videos.

Step 5: Format Your Press Release

Follow the formatting guidelines provided by the PR site, which may include instructions on word count, text formatting, and multimedia specifications.

Step 6: Review and Edit

Carefully review your press release for any errors or inaccuracies. Edit as necessary to ensure clarity, correctness, and professionalism.

Step 7: Preview Your Submission

Before finalizing, use the preview option (if available) to see how your press release will appear once published.

Step 8: Submit Your Press Release

Once satisfied with your press release, submit it through the designated submission button or option. Some sites may require you to agree to terms and conditions before proceeding.

Step 9: Confirmation and Payment (if applicable)

After submission, you may receive a confirmation message indicating that your press release has been received. If the PR site charges a fee for submissions, you may also be prompted to make a payment at this stage.

Do’s and Don’ts of Submitting Press Releases on PR Websites

Submitting press releases on PR websites can be a key strategy for getting your message out there, but it’s important to know the right and wrong ways to do it. 

Imagine you’ve invested a couple of hundred dollars in PR, but haven’t seen any results. You definitely wouldn’t want that.

That’s why in this section, I’m going to share some do’s and don’ts related to press releases. If you follow them, your investment in PR sites and efforts in writing press releases won’t go to waste.

Do’s of Press Release Submission

1.) Target the Right Platforms: 

You should choose PR websites that suit your industry or audience to ensure your message reaches the intended audience.

2.) Follow Submission Guidelines: 

You should stick to the specific rules set by the PR website for formatting, word count, and content to increase the chances of your release getting published.

3.) Use Keywords Wisely: 

Make sure to include the relevant keywords that people might use when searching online. This helps your press release show up more in search results, bringing in more visitors naturally.

4.) Add Multimedia: 

Enhance your press release with images, videos, or other visuals to make it more appealing and engaging.

5.) Include Contact Details: 

Make sure to provide accurate contact information so journalists, bloggers, or interested parties can easily get in touch for further inquiries.

Don’ts of Press Release Submission:

1.) Skip Proofreading: 

Avoid submitting press releases with errors in spelling, grammar, or facts, as these can harm your credibility. You can use proofreading tools like Grammarly to get the proofreading done. 

2.) Be Overly Promotional: 

Refrain from making exaggerated claims or using overly salesy language, as it can turn readers away and damage your reputation.

3.) Spam Multiple Platforms: 

Resist the urge to submit the same press release to many PR websites, as this can lead to duplicate content issues and reduce its effectiveness.

4.) Forget to Follow Up: 

Don’t assume your work is done after submitting the press release; follow up with journalists or editors to ensure they received it and provide any additional information they may need.

5.) Ignore Analytics: 

After your press release is published, don’t forget to track its performance using analytics tools to measure its reach, engagement, and impact, and use this data to improve future strategies.

Browse More Resources:

FAQs: Best Press Release Websites

What are the best free press release sites?

Here are some of the top free PR sites which have a good amount of traffic and wide reach:,,,,,,,,,,

How do I write a press release effectively?

For a strong press release, begin with an attention-grabbing headline. Then, in a short opening paragraph, share the main points, adding more details in the body. Keep it short, check for mistakes, and include contact details. You can use a PR writing template for guidance.

What types of news or announcements can be submitted to press release websites?

Press release websites accept a wide range of news and announcements, including product launches, company updates, event announcements, industry insights, and awards or recognitions. Essentially, any information that is newsworthy and relevant to the target audience can be submitted.

What key components should be included in the press release to optimize its impact on these platforms?

You should include essential information such as the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your news or announcement so that it will express the message to the readers clearly.

How do I know if my press release is doing well on these websites?

Many press release websites offer analytics tools to track metrics such as views, clicks, shares, and engagement.

How do press releases help in SEO?

Press releases improve SEO by getting links from news sites, using keywords for better search results, and catching the eye of media and influencers, which brings more people to your website.

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