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“You must never judge a book by its cover”, but yes you are forced to judge the book by the cover when you are looking for some topic, and you have a big library containing thousands of books on the same topic. Unlike the cover of that book, a good headline is certainly the mark of a good article. It is the headline of the article which drags the visitors’ interest onto a particular post, and provides him an opportunity to get a brief idea on the knowledge that would be covered under the topic. Talking about stats, about 80 percent of the users usually read the headline, and only a mere 20 percent try to pay attention to the text after the headline.

When a visitor lands onto your page, you have about 10 seconds to impress him else your chance is gone. A good headline not only summarizes the entire article, but also helps in a better search engine rank. Now the question that arises is how do you create something that is informative, yet compelling at the same time?

Headline Writing Techniques

Quick tips for a quick Headline

Different people normally have different techniques that they use to attract customers, adding a good headline is certainly the number one on their lists. In this post, I’m going to share a few of these facts which might help you in the development of those magnetic headlines for your new articles.

Numbers do the Magic

Suppose I have a blog dedicated entirely to cars, and I need to write a review of one of the latest cars launched by Volkswagen. A normal writer would certainly use something like “Volkswagen XYX review”, or “Volkswagen introduces the new XYX car in the market”, or anything similar. A few advanced writers might come up with something like “A look at the all new Volkswagen XYX”, but I can expect only a few expert writers to make up something like “20 incredible features of Volkswagen XYX”, or “5 reasons why Volkswagen XYX is the best car in the market”.

The point which I want to explain here is that despite all these articles might cover up the same content, but people would still prefer the ones which have mentioned numbers. These numbers can be used with any sort of posts dealing with cars, gadgets, tutorials, or anything else, and they certainly never fail in making you stand out of the crowd.

1. Use of Adjectives

Just consider these two cases: “5 features of Samsung Galaxy S4”, and “5 incredible features of Samsung Galaxy S4”. The latter obviously seems more appealing, and attractive. If you have got some good grammar and a control over vocabulary, why hide it? Let the adjectives flow, and do wonders. You can choose from thousands of adjectives available in the English language like “beautiful”, “incredible”, “sizzling”, “unmatched”, “easy”, “complicated”, “tough”, “strange”, “essential”, “worthless”, “free”, “essential”, “necessary”, “hopeful”, “cheap”, “attractive”, etc. English language has one of the biggest collection of vocabularies, and you certainly can employ any word for your benefit.

2. Ask questions from What, How, When, etc.

I would always prefer something like “What actually link building is?” instead of “Link Building Concepts”. When you try to make some question out of your headline, and ends it with a question mark, then just on the account of human tendency, the user would certainly get curious to find the answer to the mentioned question. Something like “How to install windows” is always better than “Installing windows on your PC”.

3. Exclamations

If you cannot form a question out of your headline, at least try to end it with some exclamation mark. These expressive words try to catch the attention of the visitors, and direct them to your post. You can try something like “See it to believe it!”

4. Some unique keywords

There are a certain words like “principles”, “reasons”, “facts”, “tricks”, “myths”, “secrets”, “habits”, “tactics”, “hobbies”, etc. which might help you achieve your aim again.

5. Create something that arouses urgency

Once you have something like “7 common mistakes every content writer should avoid”, this would certainly arouse some urgency feel in the minds of the visitors. You need to create a feel that the user would not be able to perform the job perfectly, unless he goes through your article. Once you get success in this field, you surely are on the right path.

Do I need to care about the headline length?

Many people ask me if there’s some ideal length which helps make a deep focus on the minds of the readers, but let me make it clear, that the myths linked with the optimum length headline are purely fictitious and has no connection with reality. I do not agree with experts who claim that an ideal headline must be greater than 10 characters, or lower than 50 characters. What matters here is your article content. A common knowledge that you can easily understand that no one is going to prefer reading a headline in the form of a paragraph, but yes you can elongate it to two to three lines if your topic requires so.

I have tried to cover the most critical points which would certainly help you in making your headlines more appealing, attractive, catchy, search engine friendly, and curious. If you ask me about my personal favorite, well then my vote goes to the magic numbers, and questionnaire headlines. But everyone has their own likes and dislikes, and based on the topic covered, you may use either of the tricks. Whatever you do, just think of it from the perspective of the reader. Ask yourself, “If I were a reader, would I read this article just by looking at this headline?” If you got your answer then the wheels of improvement will start rotating for you. You might also have used some of the tricks yourself to make your titles catchy. If you have used some trick apart from the above mentioned ones, do share it with us. Human beings are social animals, and cooperation with one another is what keeps us improving.

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  1. Nancy Badillo says:

    Great tips! I do agree, having a catchy headline does help with writing techniques.

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