Google Glass: Future of Local SEO

Google always had a habit of astonishing the world with different unbelievable products, and Google Glass was another gem of the collection. The new gadget created a number of storms on several platforms when Google announced it a couple of months back.

The news it gathered can be guessed from the fact that it was banned from a few spots like entertainment bars even before the official launch of the product in the market. Several experts from all around the world presented their views on “Pros and Cons of the Google Glass”, with each one of them giving personal opinions.

Thousands of professional bloggers posted about the revolutionary item where some of them called it “outstanding” while other’s predicted that it is going to be a drastic fall for Google. Each of them had their own points to support them, and I certainly cannot say that anyone was wrong.

Google Glass for Local SEO

Well this post is not at all about debates on the gadget, but it is about the effects this new thing would have on our own SEO world. When I shared the idea of “Effect of Google Glass on SEO tactics”, my friend told me that I was out of my mind.

But we simply cannot afford to neglect the fact that Google glass is the machine of the future, where the world would be full of similar kind of gadgets. If we know what’s coming on our way, why not prepare ourselves for the same?

What exactly is Google Glass?

This is the new gadget from Google, which is quite distinct from any other gadget in the market in several factors. It has been developed as a modification on traditional glasses which can be worn on the eye, to produce a type of feel giving a virtual reality view.

The simple glass packs a small transparent display which hovers over one of your eyes, and several sensors which respond to your voice commands. It also packs a mini camera to capture real life moments easily.

What was the debate on Glass all about?

The whole debate on bans on Glass revolved on the camera feature. Several bars claimed that any customers who use this gadget in their area can easily spy in the entire zone without creating any kind of noise. This would definitely lead to an interference with the privacy of their customers. That’s why they preferred to ban the use of this gadget in the house.

Google Search Engine and Google Glass

As Google Glass is going to feature a mini display, there’s no duo opinion on the fact that for any queries from the user, it will only provide the most precious links. Only the best out of the best would survive in this war. Let’s have a quick view over some of the key factors which might affect the results on a Glass.

1. The Hummingbird Update: First Step towards Glass Optimization

If you own a Google Glass, and you need to search for something with your voice, then you are for sure not going to use the keyword specific fragments you prefer with a traditional keyboard.

To search local restaurants, you would prefer something like, “Ok Glass, can you show me any restaurants nearby this place?” in place of “search local restaurants”. If you remember a bit from my recent post on Hummingbird update, you might be well aware of the fact that the sole purpose of the update was to focus on “longer tailed keywords”.

This is what’s happening here. Google is trying to make your interaction with the Glass much more natural, and Hummingbird is just the first steps towards the goal. If you want to get rankings in Google Glass results, you have the key which is to follow the new update.

2. Harness the power of Google Plus

No matter If you are an individual, or own a local business, you need to harness the great power of Google’s personal social network Google Plus to achieve the required results.

Another benefit of creating a Google Plus profile is that it also allows you to mark up your business on Google maps. If you own a clothing showroom, then make a page for it on the network, and do verify your address on the maps. Whenever a visitor around your location searches for the nearest clothing shops, your business is sure to get some attention.

3. Understand the Applications

Google Glass offers a lot in the fields of browsing the internet, checking emails, navigation services, Bluetooth, capturing images, voice translations, real time updates; but it also packs a bundle of native Google apps for the benefit of the user.

Once the Glass is available for the masses, it would give us a better chance to analyze those apps, and create something relevant for them. One of the popular apps being shipped is Field Trip, which would provide useful info for the travelers regarding the historic importance of a place, food, drinks, events, and architecture.

Prevention is always better than cure, and if we know that Google is going to strike the market hard with a flood of such gadgets in the future, then we surely need to start our preparations from today itself.

When the judgment day arises, there certainly is going to be a lot of hustle and bustle among the crowd, but all those who have already built up their houses for the unexpected, will have nothing to worry about.

Google Glass is the future of the technology which would mark the start of humans turning into cyborgs. It does not matter if this device succeeds, or fails, but what matters the most is that it marks an important leap in technology.

Google has already announced its plans for the future, and it has tried to prove its point with different signs. Those who interpret, understand, and analyze these signs are sure to be at a greater good in the future, and this is the quality which would set them at par from all others who didn’t take initial steps on time.

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    Well, it would be a big competition for blogger. Every blogger would be wanted google to display his blog in search results

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