12 Easiest Ways to Create High Quality Backlinks for Your Blog in 2019

Everyone wants more search traffic. The problem is not everyone gets it. 90% of the bloggers never get more than 100 visits a day from search engines. That’s a sad truth.

If you don’t get enough traffic from search engines, you can’t make more sales or increase your brand. So how do you increase search traffic?

The simple answer is: create high quality backlinks.

The more links you create the more traffic you will receive from search engines.

So how to create high quality backlinks to your blogs? Before diving into the details, let’s discuss about the basics first.

Why do we need to build backlinks?

Backlinks are considered as votes by search engine crawlers. The more links that pointing to your sites, the more weightage your blog pages will have in search results. You tend to get better search rankings by having high quality links.

That’s how majority of the authority sites rank easily even for competitive keywords. Because they get linked by thousands of blogs all over the world.

There are two types of Backlinks

  • Dofollow: These are the links you should be building. Dofollow links mean, they tell search engines to follow them. If an authority site gives you a dofollow link, your traffic for that page will improve in no time.
  • Nofollow: Nofollow links tell search engines that the links should not influence the ranking of the link’s target in the search engine’s index. So they are actually of no use but they still matter. For instance, all social media links are nofollow but still search engines give them some weightage that boost your rankings.

So both the dofollow and nofollow links are essential.

If you are only building dofollow links, that’s the surefire way to get penalized by Google algorithms like Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird. So make sure to spend your time and efforts on creating both types of links.

How to create high quality backlinks to your blog in 2019?

how to create high quality backlinks in 2019

1. Use your product reviews smartly to get high authority backlinks

One of the less known ways to cleverly get quality backlinks from authority sites is to write product reviews. Wondering how?

Let me explain.

Recently, when I wrote an in-depth review of SEMrush (a great SEO tool to beat your competitors), I emailed them about the review. And I asked to tweet or link to it if they find it useful for their audience.

Guess what? They not only tweeted it but they actually linked to it from their own blog. Not only I got “targeted people” to read the SEMrush review but also a link from a great product site.

You can do the same and here’s how.

Next time, you write a product review, make it highly informative and more detailed. Aim for 2000 words if possible with lots of screenshots.

Then, email the developers of the products you are going to recommend. And ask them to share or link to your product review posts. If they like it, they are sure going to link to it.

Liked the tip? Now, let’s move on the next strategy to get high quality links to your blogs.

2. Guest posting is NOT dead!

As Matt Cutts said “guest blogging is not dead”, only the spam guest posting is dead. If you write helpful guest posts that truly solve others problems, they always rank well in search results and bring them more traffic. It’s as simple as that.

Guest posting is still the most effective and widely used way to create quality backlinks. Once you land on a top blog with your guest posts, it sends you huge amounts of traffic, subscribers, sales and more importantly great link juice.

Getting links from top blogs always push your domain authority and overall search rankings. So make sure to write at least 2 guest posts for top blogs every month and within a year, you will have a great domain authority and possibly see a huge traffic growth from search engines.

3. Create compelling Infographics


Did you know you can turn images into quality backlinks?

Yes, it’s possible with Infographics. Infographics can help you easily create backlinks.

They are beautifully explained in simple images. The information in Infographics is not only easy to understand but it gets shared on social media and frequently linked from other blogs.

Just make sure to create a embedded code at the end of your Infographics design to let others easily link back to your sites.

You can use tools like Photoshop, Gimp or hire a designer to design stunning Infographics. But if you can’t afford paid designers or not good at Photoshop, try Canva. It’s a simple image editing tool that helps to create Infographics easily even if you don’t know how to design!

4. Video marketing

YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google.

There are thousands of marketers who are diving into video marketing to build quality backlinks and followers. Videos are easy to watch and much easier to digest information when compared to textual content.

So how to create backlinks with videos? If you are a newbie, instead of directly jumping into video marketing, I suggest you the following.

  • Start a YouTube channel, find out your top performing posts that send you more traffic from Google and make videos around them.
  • And make sure to add links to those posts from the description of the videos to drive traffic from YouTube to your blogs and build backlinks.

5. Start using Skyscraper technique

The easiest way to attract more high authority backlinks to your own blogs is to write epic posts that naturally attract links from other blogs. How can you do that?

There’s a proven strategy called Skyscraper technique that helps you get quality links to your blogs with your own content.

This strategy was originally coined by Brian Dean from Backlinko who himself used it to grow his traffic to a large extent.

Here are the 3 steps involved in it.

  1. Finding content that is popular in your industry.
  2. Making it more better, detailed, compelling and helpful.
  3. Promoting it to the right people to reach wider audience.

Here’s the detailed guide for beginners to use this technique to get more backlinks.

6. Fixing broken links of others sites

broken link building

One smart strategy most SEO experts and link building enthusiasts use is broken link building strategy. It is finding broken links in other blogs (be it popular blogs or new blogs) and then emailing the blog owners to fix them and asking them to replace the broken links with their own links.

That way you will have more chances of building links in the place of broken links to increase your search rankings.

So how can you find broken links on other sites.

Here’s how you can find broken or dead links on any website and recommend your own links to replace them.

Step 1: You can use Broken Link Check site to start finding broken or dead links of any website. All you need to do is to click on this link.

Step 2: Enter the domain name of which you want to find broken links.

Step 3: And within no time, you will get all the information about the broken links of the particular domain.

Step 4: Once you find all the dead links of a site, email the corresponding blogger about the same.

You can use the following email copy. Don’t hesitate to use it as it is.

Hi [name],

I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and I’m fascinated with your content.

I just found a couple of broken links on your site.

[List all of them]

BTW, I’ve an article relevant to your audience which you can replace with your [broken link] only if you think it’s suitable for your readers.

Keep up your great work.


Your name.

That’s it! That’s how you can easily find hundreds of broken links and send email to at least 10 people every day to get natural links for your own blogs.

Quick note: Not all bloggers are going to give you a link. As a rule of thumb, expect getting a link or two from every 10 emails you send to other bloggers.

7. Blogger Mention Links

Reaching out to other bloggers whenever you publish a valuable post on your blogs is the surefire way to get high quality incoming links to your content.

You may ask “why would anyone link to my blog posts?”.

That’s a fair question. The reason anyone would link to your content is because it’s highly appropriate for their audience.

To increase your chances of getting links from other bloggers to your content is to follow the “reciprocity rule”.

What does it mean?

How do you get more blog comments? By start commenting on other blogs.

How do you get more social shares? By sharing others stuff on social media sites.

How do you get high quality backlinks? By linking out to other bloggers from your blog posts.

See, that’s called reciprocity.

It’s a win/win approach where you are helping others before seeking their help (by linking to their content first).

blogger outreach strategy

So to get the most out of this blogger mention strategy to build quality links, start linking to other bloggers and do it frequently and consistently. Make sure to send an email to each and every blogger you link out to. That way they will know that you have linked to their posts and by frequently sending emails to them after linking will also persuade them to start linking out to your posts.

That’s how you get incoming links from other bloggers to your blog’s content. If you are still wondering how to get the most out of blogger outreach strategy to build backlinks, I highly advise you to go through this post on blogger outreach.

8. Social media is the new SEO

As I said in the beginning of the article, although social media links are considered as nofollow links but they still matter. Google considers social shares as a part of their ranking systems. So when you are trying to rank for any keyword, if you get more social shares on it (be it Facebook shares, tweets, Google+ circles), it ranks well in search results.

Here’s a detailed guide that explains why social media and SEO both go hand in hand and why you need social media shares to increase your SEO and create quality links to your blogs.

9. Interlinking as essential as getting links from other sites

Have you ever asked yourself how to create your own backlinks to increase your search rankings? Is that really possible?

Yes, interlinking is the key. Linking to your own blog posts is the surefire way to increase search engine crawlability on your sites. Whenever you link to one of your older and relevant blog posts, it adds weight for the particular keywords you are trying to rank for.

It helps to boost your search visibility in the long run and search crawlers frequently crawl your sites whenever you link to your own posts. So from next time, whenever you write a new post, before publishing it, make sure to interlink to the relevant links from your own blog to pass link juice.

10. Be active on Quora

Did you know Quora? It’s the biggest Q & A based community where millions of talented people write answers ranging from Aerospace to fitness to marketing. To put it simply about Quora, where people ask questions on various topics to get answers from intellectuals.

It’s just like a Yahoo! answers but the Quora community is much more informative where you can gain more knowledge on any field.

Once you sign up for Quora (free to join), pick and follow the topics you are interested in and you will be able to get the feed of questions and answers related to them.

For instance, SEO is my favorite topic and when I want to know what my target audience are searching for topics around it, here’s what Quora shows to me.


Now, you will know the questions that make your target audience curious. Start creating content around those topics on your own blog and once you are done, answer the same questions and Quora. But don’t give detailed information, instead send them to your own blog pages where they can find full information.

That way you are not only helping the Quora community but also driving traffic to your own sites by building quality links from Quora! That’s a win/win approach.

11. Repurposing is the Secret Weapon

repurpose content tipsRepurposing your content can help you bring more traffic and build high quality links without creating more content. Want to find out how? Have a look at the following ways.

Turn your blog posts into videos: One of the best ways to repurpose your content and get high quality backlinks is to turn your content into videos. There are a lot of tools available online to turn your posts into videos. Or you can simply start a channel on YouTube and make videos around the contents that went popular in your own blog. Or you can also make videos around the contents that are popular in your niche. Make sure to add links in your video description to start building your own links.

Turn your videos into blog posts: Are you only making videos? Why don’t start your own blog and turn your videos into transcripts? Blogging is a great way to build audience, drive traffic and increase your overall website sales. Video blogging is great but when you combine it with the traditional blogging tactics, you can make more money and succeed online.

Try podcasting: Pat Flynn, Derek Halpern, Brian Clark, Darren Rowse – all these top bloggers are now doing podcasts. Podcasting is the most effective way to turn your blog visitors into subscribers into customers. Why not give a try to podcasting? It will help you build more loyal audience as you can add more personal touch by sharing your audio files.

Turn your posts into eBooks and slideshares: This is by far the simplest and most effective way to repurpose your existing content to get high quality backlinks without creating more content. Just turn your most popular posts into eBooks and upload them on to popular free eBook uploading sites and you will get a lot of traffic. Ask people to share your stuff or link to your existing content for downloading your items. You can also turn your blog posts into slides and upload them on Slideshare.net to get more views and increase your blog traffic.

12. Give Testimonials

This is the most less used yet most effective strategy to build high quality backlinks without creating more content on your blogs. Start giving testimonials to others.

Are you wondering how to use testimonials and build backlinks?

Let me share you this strategy.

Step 1: Find all the products you use: You might be using at least a couple of premium products such as web hosting, SEO tools, WordPress plugins etc, right? Now, all you have to do is to use them to the full extent and write a testimonial about them and email it to the product owners. That’s it! Majority of the product owners use their customer REAL testimonials while linking to their blogs. You got a quality link from an authority product site. Bingo!

Step 2: Read and implement the strategies given other bloggers: You must be reading a lot of articles related to your field each and every week, right? Why not follow their advice, get some results for yourself and start emailing those bloggers about your results. How great it would be for you and them? You can get more exposure and they can get more credibility. They will be happily link to your blogs if you get astonishing results after implementing their strategies.

For instance, if you have ever read my blog posts completely and tried to follow the advice I share here and get best results from them and if you let me know about it, I’d be glad to give a shout out to your blog by giving you a link! Give it a try once.

Final Thoughts: How to Create High Quality Backlinks in 2019

To improve your search rankings and traffic, you need more links from other sites. The simplest way to create high quality links is to write guest posts. I know, writing a quality guest post to land on a top blog takes a lot of time. But you should remember that a link from ONE top blog is more valuable than 100 links from normal (or new) blogs.

Remember one thing when building backlinks to your blogs: always focus on getting both dofollow and nofollow links. Trying to build only dofollow links sends wrong signals to search crawlers and they may penalize your sites for doing so. And don’t build links too fast, it’s another simplest way to get penalized.

So what do you think about creating quality backlinks? Do you have any more link building strategies to follow? Leave your thoughts in the comments and please share the post with others so they can benefit.


  1. Nirmala says:

    Wonderful post for the bloggers, Anil!

    Yes, backlinks matter a lot in getting good SERPs but we need to be careful in building the links. If we look spammy to the eyes of Google, then we may face struggles in driving organic traffic.

    I agree with you that the guest blogging and the internal linking are the best backlink strategies but I’m missing specific stuff like Quora, infographics and video marketing to earn the authoritative inks.

    I’ll try to implement those ways in building the links for my blog, keep writing for us.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Riju Debnath says:

    Hello Anil Sir,
    Its been a pleasure to read your every new post and this one is also not different. Well informative post on finding ways to creating backlinks.

    I have a request for you. Please write a detailed post on dofollow and nollow.

    Thanks for this article and Happy New Year……

    • Raiju will surely write about this topic in coming days. And in case you have specific questions about Dofollow and Nofollow tags, please let me know. I will try to cover them in that post.

  3. shajeer says:

    Hi Anil,

    Great post. I think if content is king, backlinks are queen for bloggers. Thanks for sharing the techniques to build links. Expecting more posts on seo tips for readers like me.

    Thanks again

  4. Anil,

    I agree with all of these ways getting quality backlinks, “E mail outreach” seems new ways NOT only to me, but I believe it will helpful to others creating backlinks and targeted traffic.

    I have used Yahoo answers getting backlinks and traffic to my blog from my level 3 account, I got thousands of traffic from it, and later I discontinued this due to lack of focus and time, the same way of getting backlinks and targeted traffic from Quora is extremely powerful.

    Before getting in to Email outreach, we should have good relationship with fellow bloggers and readers, then only we can achieve this goal.

    Thanking you for this wonderful post.

  5. Nithin Upendran says:

    Thanks for the share, I really loved your techniques out of the above mentioned one’s I think info graphics requires some amount of Photoshop skills. Rest, everyone can manage. Broken link building strategy is one of the best way ! I have tried it and found successful in doing the same.

  6. Jay Patel says:

    Hi Anil,

    Very indepth article on getting quality backlink. Citations and outreaching through buzzstream is an another point which you might want to add in the post.

    Skyscrapper technique developed by Backlinko is really good but there are less chance of getting those backlinks.

  7. Virat says:

    Awesome Article. It’s Lot’s Of Help Me For Making My Blog Link Building strategy Also I Want To Say Some More Useful Link Building Technics You Can Google it For More Detail.
    1 – Forum and Blogpost Commenting
    2 – directories Submission
    3 – Try Yahoo Answers
    4 – Submit Document (Like Slideshare)
    5 – Submit Your link in Wikipedia resource section.

    I Hope It’s All Technics Helpful For Blogger. Thanks

  8. Julian says:

    Hello Anil,

    Great post. Awesome stuff!

    I love the one about the product reviews.

    I never thought of reaching out to the product owner and asking for a share or link.

    Will have to try it someday.

    I also liked the infographic idea. That’s definitely a technique I’ll have to try this year. 😀

    Happy 2016!


  9. Good roundup with strategies that REALLY DO WORK.

    I would have liked to see resource pages included in the list though as its a great way to get a backlink.

  10. Sumit says:

    Thanks for this post…this is very useful post for a newbie like me.

  11. Riju Debnath says:

    I have no specific question about dofollow and nofollow tags. Just want to learn those things which can help me. Learning from your article is always easier then others.
    Thanks for reply….

  12. Virat says:

    Ohh Also Thank Anil Agarwal For Reply My Comments. 🙂 Yes their is Some Link Building Technic is Lost their Value But After Some Research We Can Build Smart Way And Good Link Building And It’s Lot’s Of Helpfully For Us. 🙂

  13. arun says:

    Hii Anil,
    interesting method to create quality backlinks. I like it. I will try 2 or 3 methods. most uniqe methods are fix broken links and skyscraper techniques. thanks for sharing such good post.:)

  14. Being all great recommendations, I would highlight the first and last ones, as they are quite unusual (product reviews and quora community). Regarding forums and communities, could be helpful to look for more specialized ones, like StackExchange or Q&A Moz.

    • Exactly, regarding forums and communities, could be helpful to look for more specialized ones, like StackExchange or Q&A Moz. Just make sure to even participate in forums like Quora where you can write useful answers and promote your blog posts.

  15. Aquif says:

    Hi Anil,

    That’s an incredible post. A lot of people Ignore websites like Quora because they do not give back Do-Follow links. But I feel, for a beginner Quora is the best way to drive traffic to your Blog. If you can be sincere with your answers there, I feel Quora can give you highly targeted traffic.

    Infact my Analytics says, My bounce rate is lower for traffic from Quora than Organic traffic from Google.

    By the way just had one question, is Digg and Stumbleupon still worth spending your time?

    • Hi Aquif, Quora doesn’t give you dofollow links. But it is a great platform where you can actually generate targeted traffic. Not only that, you can promote your posts using your links (nofollow though). But it also gives a nice mixture for your backlink profile. You should NEVER focus only on dofollow links as you equally need nofollow links from social media, blog comments, quora and so on.

  16. RS Pandey says:

    Really a great article which touches almost every sphere of back linking. How about getting back links using paid services like social monkey ? Will you advice us ?
    Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

    • Yes, you can buy links but from trusted sources. Whether you know it or not, Google indexes your site whenever you update something (new blog post, video or comments). While search engine bots crawls your website, if it finds any backlinks, it indexes your site. The more links you get the better your site crawling rate will be which is good for your site’s SEO. So even if you buy links from trusted sources, it’s only going to help you. We’ve written about it here: https://bloggerspassion.com/buy-backlinks/ (you’ll also find few useful sites where you can buy links).

  17. Jon says:

    You’re right about Quora. It is getting bigger by the day. I just hope it doesn’t get spammed like Yahoo Answers did and all blog backlinks get banned by the blatant antics of a few.

    • Hi Jon, yes, QUora is getting bigger by the day and it also has millions of active users and you can find a ton of influential bloggers to network with. Just make sure to promote good answers and also share your relevant links to get more out of Quora.

  18. Alena Sham says:

    Now a Days OnPage SEO is more important than Building Backlinks, if we do proper seo on our websites than we can get higher google ranking, try this and see results now don’t hunt for backlinks.

    • Yes, on page optimization is also equally important. Make sure to get your title and meta description right. Google has also stated that keywords in meta descriptions won’t affect your rankings. But good description will definitely help in Increasing CTR (Click Through Rate) if you want more organic traffic.

  19. One thing that I like most about BloggersPassion is that here I get the most detailed guide about any blogging topic. BloggersPassion is like a one-stop solution for all blogging related queries.
    Thanks for providing such an informative post about the link building.

    • HI Varun, thanks so much for the appreciation. Yes, we strive to put lots of detailed contents so they can be helpful for everyone including the beginners. Thanks for the comment!

  20. Mannu Jain says:

    Hi Anil
    Some very nicely put strategies to up the Seo game by building backlinks. I just want to add a question here about commenting on YouTube videos. Whether they can contribute to the backlink strategy.
    A few days back, i got my comment highlighted on one of the youtube video and it really brought me good traffic. Whats your take on it?

  21. waqar khan says:

    very nice article very helpful for me very informative.
    i like all tips but i like tips of quora and about broken link and external link to told in much detailed. i will follow all your tips and tricks .
    keep it up informative and educational job and thank you for sharing with us.

  22. nui says:

    hi anil,
    i would say it is the best complete guide for high DA backlinks and really means alot for a beginner like me……..thanks sharing

  23. This is ultimate and crispy post which highlights all the things one must know before successful implementation for their link building campaign.

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