Hostgator Vs Hostmonster: Which is the Best Host?

Hostgator Vs Hostmonster: Which is the Best Host?

Many people think – hey what’s the rocket science in choosing a web hosting service provider! With so many of them and really cheap ones, we can go sign up with anyone. There definitely isn’t any. But this being an area sensitive from your business’ point of view, it is actually a matter of wise analysis of few fundamental parameters. Basic features may sound more or less the same, with little tweaking in figures here and there. However, the secret to choosing a professional and exceptional web host lies in its advance features and the after sale support. Although Reviews and technical forums are anytime a great source to be informed and update about overall quality parameters, it is always better to have some personal investigation done so as to eliminate any chances of getting misled by fake or cooked reviews.

Hostgator Vs Hostmonster

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As a blogger and webmaster I always prefer customer support, reliability and of course the price, as my top most priority features. My concept is simple – with well-articulated needs such as a good web hosting service, prompt and polite customer care, 24x7x365 support and scalability in terms of performance, you will end up singing with the best and most appropriate webhost. A deeper insight helped me narrow down the search to two giants and to present this study about Hostgator Vs Hostmonster, the biggies in web hosting. Don’t forget to check my strong recommendations while going through their comparative features, years of experience, client base, number of domains, etc.

Hostgator Vs Hostmonster: Comparison Based Upon Plans and Offers

Hostgator is a full- fledged web hosting provider with a wide array of plans to suit diverse type of customer needs. Right from the basic single domain plan as low as 3.96 USD per month called Hatchling plan, to the unlimited domain Business plan that has lot of freebies in 10.36 USD per month, you get a really wide range and spectrum to choose from. Little do we have to compare with Hostmonster, where you see a single hosting plan accommodating all the services offered! It looks like an attempt to fit everybody’s feet in the same sized shoe. Whether you are a personal blogger posting very little content or are owner of a large website, you are left with selecting no option other than the default.

Eventually, your website would cross the actual limits even without your knowledge and go in to suspension mode, which should be quite frustrating for a webmaster or blogger. On the other hand, tailor-made offers make Hostgator a preferred provider against Hostmonster!

There is No Limit in terms of Scalability with Hostgator

Scalability is the buzzword in IT industry because that is extremely important from the growth perspective. Any hardware, software or resource must have the ability to stretch its capabilities, its limits, with respect to ever growing customer needs. For instance, if you got a website targeting ‘food supplements’ or you own a blog focused on ‘work from home jobs’, odds are your website or blog will grow as products get on adding or home based opportunities keep coming from all directions. Thus, needs increasing and changing with time must be well accommodated by your web service provider.

The comparison between Hostgator Vs Hostmonster clearly reveals limitations with Hostmonster on scalability criteria. It may be an up-to-the-mark option for newbie or small scale needs such as a personal blogs or enterprise site, however for having a futuristic approach and an effective solution as your business grows, you need Hostgator to capably handle the expanding traffic.

Operating System Never a Barrier when Comparing Hostgator vs Hostmonster

Being a webmaster or blogger, operating system is never a constraint for you and the development might happen in Linux or Windows. Your webhosting service provider should also be equipped well to support both operating systems. Here again, my recommendation is Hostgator since it is completely flexible in terms of operating systems you are using and provides equally attractive solutions for Linux as well as Windows. Beyond just the commercial aspect of it, you get excellent technical support too! You may hardly find this attribute with any other provider and that’s what keeps Hostgator distinctively separate from the flock!

A single web hosting plan does not give you the actual idea of incoming traffic. This further result in the web site passing beyond the limits and getting extremely slow or giving page fault errors, only to end in the user’s frustration. You would never want this to happen and therefore, Hostgator dwells with its multiple web hosting options. Obviously, you are on the driving seat here getting to choose the best out of the available alternates.

Dedicated Web Hosting Wins the Match Point for Hostgator

As a web master you would always wish that your site gets maximum traffic, but you must keep the capabilities of a website provider as well. Websites with very high traffic are quite resource hungry and need proper attention. Hostgator turns out to be the undisputed leader in this aspect with the most state-of-the-art webhosting features offered. Most importantly, migration from shared to dedicated is well taken care of at Hostgator. All you may need is just a phone call to the technical staff informing them your migration needs. A well-equipped team is up to take care of everything that gets your website migrated to a dedicated server environment.

That really creates a ‘wow’ factor and something to result in customer delight with this type of a service! The dedicated server facility is not available at Hostmonster, so that is a clear-cut edge with Hostgator whenever we compare Hostgator Vs Hostmonster!

Higher Customer Orientation resulting in Higher Satisfaction at Hostgator

With its 9+ years of exposure to the IT industry and a huge client base comprising more than 800,000 domains, Hostgator is undoubtedly the best in customer support. This can be evidently noted in almost all the reviews, blogs and forums. A world class call center set-up and technically sound staff is capable of handling every customer need, provided a team with exceptional soft skills. Your query gets answered in two minutes max, which is just good enough on any telephonic service parameter. Live chat option provides an easiest and most convenient mode of interaction.

Hostmonster is adequately rated on this parameter, but its state-of-the-art machinery and orientation puts Hostgator into lead. Moreover, a library as large as 80 tutorial videos is anytime a quite user-friendly tool that enables you to understand and grasp the details at your own pace. Benchmarking Hostgator Vs Hostmonster on customer support, Hostgator may exceed expectations at times!

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After considering essentially all factors that are relevant and looked into for a good webhosting service and Hostgator looks way ahead of all its competitors. Every penny you spend must return maximum returns by way of some world class best web hosting environment. To combat a fiercely competitive world, such a web host must stand by your side. When you are the proud subscriber of Hostgator, you never have to look back. And the whole gamut of services you enjoy with this leader in web hosting solutions, come whatever small or large sized enterprises or websites, it is always going to be a surplus!

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Last Update: 15 March 2014


  1. Aliakbar Fakhri says:

    Thanks for the complete anylictics..
    I think.. Hostgator is still the Best…
    i am hearing HostMonster first time:P
    Neways Thanks:)

  2. Jasy Angel says:

    Deep meaningful analysis between Hostgator vs Hostmonster! Hostgator and Hostmonster both are reliable and affordable hosting service provider but some term are remained difference between theme where Hostgator is ahead then Hostmonster.

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