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On August 7, 2011
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Linkworth is the market place for buying and selling links. To be on the safer side as a publisher, you should use nofollow link against all paid links and if doing paid review, should label it as paid or sponsored post.

We take into consideration various factors like page rank, anchor text, link location, website quality and brand value etc when we think of how much a link worth from a website. And we need links to our website to get targeted traffic to our website from search engines. So all links are not equal. Links from high PR website with decent traffic will be much more than low PR website with small amount of traffic. Worth of a link varies from few dollars to thousands of dollars depending upon that website page rank, popularity, link quality and its placement.

Various advertisers use these factors while they think of buying text links for their websites on targeted high PR blogs. Now lets talk about LinkWorth and how it helps various advertisers and publishers solve their motives.

What is LinkWorth?

various ways to make money selling text links with LinkWorthLinkWorth is a marketplace for buying and selling text links. They have lots of products to fulfill various kinds of requirements from publishers and advertisers. Bloggers are able to make money from their blogs selling text links in various ways on their blogs and advertisers are able to get high quality backlinks and traffic for their website in the form of text links which ultimately help them generate more business from their websites.

LinkWorth Text Link Advertising Company

LinkWorth has 11 products in total that advertisers and publishers can use as per their need. Here is a brief introduction about all LinkWorth products:

1. LinkAds

Link Ads are normal text link ads that we use to place in our website and blog sidebars.

2. LinkPost

Link Posts are Sponsored Reviews that we accept from advertisers on our blogs.

3. LinkArt

With this product, advertisers send their articles with links to bloggers and website owners.

4. LinkDir

With this product, advertisers website details will be submitted into hundreds of top class directories from where they will getting high quality backlinks and thus will help improve their website search engine rankings.

5. LinkWords

Link Words are in content pay per click ads like Kontera and Google Adsense. With this kind of advertising option, advertisers have to choose the websites and blogs where they want to show their ads and for which words their ads will be shown up.

6. LinkInTxt

With this product, advertisers are able to buy in-text link ads. Advertisers need to decide the blogs and keywords for which they want to show their link ads.

7. LinkBB

With this product, publishers host advertisers content with links on their websites. With this, advertisers write content around their products with links and once the publisher approves it, will go live on publisher website.

8. LinkSura

With this product, Single URL Rotating Ads or popularity known as SURA ads are shown on publisher website. Publishers can show SURA ads on their website home page, selected pages or even on entire website.

9. LinkMura

Link Mura are multiple URL rotating ads where advertisers where advertisers are able to promote multiple URLs with various keywords on publishers websites.

10. LinkPack

With Link Pack, advertisers place their link ads on multiple websites and blogs from the same publisher. Publishers having several websites in same niche can make good money with Link Pack advertising service.

11. LinkPress

With Link Press, your press release will be distributed to major news websites including Reuters, MSNBS and CNN. And your press release will be soon indexed my major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

LinkWorth Use For Publishers (Bloggers Working as Partner)

We need to create a Partner account with LinkWorth to start earning money from our websites and blogs. Your website or blog need to be approved before you start getting make money online opportunities in your publisher account. They are keeping a 50:50 revenue share with its partners (Publishers). So for every money-making opportunity you get with LinkWorth, you will be paid half and the remaining half of amount will go into LinkWorth account.

But the good thing about selling text links with Link Worth is that you as publisher can set your own pricing in all 11 product categories where you decide you sell text links on your websites and blogs. Working as a publisher, I have so far made hundreds of dollars with Link Worth even through I was not much active on using their marketplace. Here is the list of some benefits you will get working as a publisher with Link Worth advertising website:

  • Can easily monetize your websites and blogs with LinkWorth
  • Get instant money making opportunities selling text link ads in different formats
  • Lots of advertisers available, so you will be able to earn some money with this advertising network even though with small niche websites
  • Your chances of making big money with them increase if you have network of high quality websites and blogs
  • You will have full control over the pricing and content that is being posted on your websites

LinkWorth Use For Advertisers

You need to create an advertiser account on Link Worth before start using their text link advertising services. They accept payments from all major credit cards, company checks and bank transfer in case of advertisers, as all text ads are pre-paid. Once you have an advertiser account on LinkWorth, you can show your text links on top blogs and websites for driving targeted traffic and backlinks for your website. LinkWorth has text link ads advertising options available in the form of 11 products as discussed above, so you should be able to get text link ads of your choice quite easily with Link Worth. Here is brief summary of benefits you will enjoy working as an affiliate with them:

  • Able to increase website traffic, branding and search engine rankings
  • Can get links in the form of article directories, web directories, press releases, regular links and paid reviews etc.
  • Option to advertise on best websites and blogs in your industry

Working As An Affiliate with LinkWorth

All partners whose websites and blogs are accepted into LinkWorth marketplace becomes eligible to work as an affiliate for them. They have an attractive affiliate program where they are paying $50 for every new user you refer who either spends (Advertiser) or earns (publisher) $100. Apart from this, we will be getting 5% lifetime commission from all users earnings and spending we send to Link Worth network. As far as my earnings with LinkWorth as affiliate are concerned, I have so far earned $102.40 with them by sending quality advertisers with them. Here is a screenshot showing my affiliate earnings amount with this text link advertising network:
Link Worth Affiliate Payment Proof

Payment Systems

Link Worth team used to send payments via Paypal, Check, MoneyBookers, Direct Deposit and Bank Transfer to all eligible publishers on the 10th of every month. Minimum payout in most of payment options is $100 except from Paypal and Money Bookers where minimum payout is $25 only.

So LinkWorth is a Win-Win situation for both the advertiser and publisher as they are to make more money from their websites and blogs using LinkWorth marketplace. Click here to create an advertiser or publisher (Partner) account with LinkWorth.


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