How Much Money Do YouTubers Make? The Definitive Guide 

There are two questions most people ask when it comes to YouTube earnings which are; “How Much Money Do YouTubers Make?” and “How much money do youtubers make per view?”

Both are great questions and if you’re curious to know about how much do YouTubers really make, you’re in the right place.

YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine after Google.

YouTube stats

YouTube is generating billions of views every single day.

Just have a look at the most popular YouTube videos based on total global views (according to Statista).

popular youtube videos stats

You can see that, Despacito by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee had 5.76 billion lifetime views, making it the most popular video on the YouTube platform.

There are literally millions of people earning billions of dollars from YouTube every single month. So if you’re curious to know about how much do YouTubers make, let’s jump into the details without much ado.

How Much Money Do YouTubers Make?

How Much Money Do YouTubers Make

Top 5 YouTube Earners Worldwide

Here’s a list of top 5 YouTube earners worldwide who’re earning millions of dollars from YouTube. Most of the following data has been taken from trusted sources and sites like Forbes. We’re also going to update this section of highest paid YouTubers regularly.

How Much Money Do YouTubers Make? The Definitive Guide 

1. DanTDM

Daniel Robert Middleton

Daniel Robert Middleton who is popularly known online as DanTDM is a British YouTube professional gamer and author.

He mostly covers all kinds of gaming videos on his channel which are immensely popular across the world.

What’s special about this YouTube channel?

His online video channels have covered many video games, mainly the popular game Minecraft. He’s also listed as one of the most influential YouTubers in UK.

If you’re a game addict, you must check out his channel.

💰 What’s the net worth of DanTDM?

As of 2022, Daniel Middleton (aka DanTDM) has an estimated net worth of around $35 million, according to Celebrity Net worth.

2. PewDiePie

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg

If you’re watching YouTube videos for a while, you might already heard about PewDiePie.

As of 2022, It’s the most popular YouTube channel with over 111 million subscribers. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, known online as PewDiePie who is a Swedish YouTuber who runs this amazing YouTube channel.

What’s so special about his channel?

Felix made famous his persona PewDiePie on the platform by making “Let’s Play” videos, where he records himself playing a game and shares footage of the gameplay and his reaction to what’s happening around the world.

💰 How much does this YouTuber earn every year?

As of 2022, PewDiePie has a net worth of around $40 million, according to Wealthy Gorilla.

3. Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star is an American Internet personality, makeup artist, model, entrepreneur.

Bustle magazine described Star as “a musician and onetime Myspace celeb that reinvented himself in the YouTube makeup tutorial space”.

What’s special about this YouTube channel?

He started making videos on YouTube where he subsequently became a popular YouTuber and generated more than 16 million subscribers and over 240 million views, as of 2022.

💰 What’s the net worth of this famous YouTuber?

As of 2022, Jeffree Star’s net worth is around $200 million, according to Celebrity Net worth.

4. Markiplier

Mark Edward Fischbach

Mark Edward Fischbach who is popularly known online as Markiplier is an American YouTuber who has over 28 million subscribers on YouTube.

What’s special about this YouTube channel?

Fischbach specializes in Let’s Play videos, commonly of survival horror video games.

If you’re someone who likes such videos, you should definitely check out and subscribe to his channel.

💰 How much does this YouTuber earn every year?

As of 2022, Markiplier’s net worth is around $35 million, according to Wealthy Gorilla.

5. Jacksepticeye

Seán William McLoughlin YouTuber

With over 26 million subscribers on YouTube Seán William McLoughlin, better known by his online pseudonym Jacksepticeye is one of the most popular YouTubers.

What’s special about this YouTube channel?

Sean is known primarily for his comedic Let’s Play series and vlogs. So if you’re someone who’s looking for some comic videos on YouTube, make sure to check out his channel.

💰 How much does this YouTuber earn every year?

As of 2022, Jacksepticeye’s net worth is around $25 million, according to Wealthy Genius.

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Top 5 YouTube Earners In India

Are you looking for the top 5 YouTube earners from India? Here’s a list of few highest paid YouTubers from India.

The following data is taken mostly from trusted sources online including YouTube, Quora etc and we’re only mentioning the “estimated earnings”. By no means, they are the accurate earnings.

1. Geeky Ranjit


Geekyranjit is the first English technology YouTube channel in India which has over 3 million subscribers.

What’s special about this YouTube channel?

You’ll find all the latest reviews on gadgets and smartphones and how to effectively use them in your daily life on this channel.

Definitely a must follow channel if you’re a smartphone or gadget enthusiast as Ranjit talks in detail about all of such stuff.

💰 How much does this YouTuber earn every year?

As of 2022, Geeky Ranjit’s estimated net worth is around $1 million.

2. Mumbiker Nikhil

Mumbiker Nikhil

If you follow motorcycle related vlogs especially in India, you might already have heard about Mumbiker Nikhil.

He’s a celebrity moto vlogger from India who’s from Mumbai.

What’s special about this YouTube channel?

Nikhil mostly talks about traveling, moto vlogs, tours etc. He currently has over 3.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and he often gets 500K to 1 million views on every single video he uploads.

If you’re someone who’s looking for interesting information about moto vlogs, you must check out his YouTube channel called Mumbiker Nikhil.

💰 How much does this YouTuber earn every year?

As of 2022, Mumbiker Nikhil’s estimated net worth is around $4 million.

3. Technical Guruji

Gaurav Chaudhar

Gaurav Chaudhary known professionally as Technical Guruji, is an Indian YouTuber who has over 21 million subscribers on YouTube.

What’s special about this YouTube channel?

Gaurav posts two videos daily, on topics that cover latest technology and tech news.

So if you’re someone who’s interested in tech related stuff, you should check out his channel.

💰 How much does this YouTuber earn every year?

As of 2022, Gaurav (aka Technical Guruji) earns more than $1 million every year from YouTube alone.

4. BB Ki Vines

Bhuvan Bam

Bhuvan Bam vines popularly known as BB ki vines is one of the most popular YouTube comedy channels in India which is run by Bhuvan.

What’s special about this YouTube channel?

Bhuvan became the first Indian Youtuber to have 10 million subscribers in 2018. As of 2022, BB Ki Vines has over 25.5 million subscribers.

If you love comic and entertaining videos which are mostly in Hindi, you will love this channel.

💰 How much does this YouTuber earn every year?

As of 2022, Bhuvan Bam’s net worth is around $4 million.

5. Ashish Chanchlani

ashish chanchlani

Internet comedian and popular YouTuber cum entertainer who has garnered popularity on his ashish chanchlani vines YouTube channel.

He currently has over 24 million subscribers on his channel and usually generates millions of views for every video he makes.

What’s special about this YouTube channel?

If you like comedy and parody videos in Hindi, you will love this channel. Ashish also interviews stars from Bollywood and often shares a ton of comedy videos called vines.

💰 How much does this YouTuber earn every year?

As of 2022, Ashish Chanchlani’s estimated net worth is around $5 million.

How Do People Earn Money from YouTube?

YouTubers mostly use Adsense to make money from their videos.

In case if you want to apply for YouTube Adsense, you can visit this page. Your YouTube channel needs at least 4000 watch hours in the last 1 year along with 1000 subscribers.

Only then, you’ll be eligible to apply for monetisation on YouTube.

youtube monetization

YouTube advertising formats

Once you’ve applied for YouTube Adsense, there will be a ton of advertising formats you can use to insert ads within your videos to start earning money from YouTube.

Here are few of the ad formats which you can use within your YouTube videos;

  • Display ads: These are desktop-based ads which appear to the right of the feature video and above the video suggestions list. For larger players, this ad may appear below the player.
  • Overlay ads: These are also desktop-based semi-transparent overlay ads that appear on the lower 20% portion of your video.
  • Skippable video ads: Skippable video ads allow viewers to skip ads after 5 seconds if they choose. Inserted before, during, or after the main video. If you turn on this option, you may see a combination of skippable and bumper ads play back to back.
  • Non-skippable video ads: These ads must be watched before your video can be viewed. These ads can appear before, during, or after the main video.
  • Bumper ads: These are non-skippable video ads of up to 6 seconds that must be watched before your video can be viewed.
  • Sponsored cards: Sponsored cards display content that may be relevant to your video, such as products featured in the video. Viewers will see a teaser for the card for a few seconds. They can also click the icon in the top right corner of the video to browse the cards.

As you can see there are a wide range of ads you can show within your YouTube vidoes. Make sure to consider your content and target audience to find out the right kind of ad formats to use for maximum results.

Earning money from YouTube Red

You can also earn money from YouTube Red subscriptions.

YouTube Red members pay a recurring fee for special benefits, like watching YouTube videos without ads. The amount you earn from YouTube Red is calculated based on how much time members spend watching your content compared to other content.

youtube red

To put it simply, YouTube Premium is a paid streaming subscription service that provides advertising-free streaming of all videos hosted by YouTube, exclusive original content produced in collaboration with the site’s creators.

Making money from YouTube merchandising

Did you know that a ton of YouTubers merchandise products to earn money from YouTube?

Merchandise including stickers, clothing or other branded products can help you earn more money as well as help you grow your online brand.

You can start using merch cards (where you can use cards to add interactivity to your videos) or annotations in your videos to help your fans easily find your products.

The money you make from merchandise on YouTube is limitless. There are Indian YouTubers like Mumbiker Nikhil who’s selling t shirts through his YouTube merchandise. You can find more details of how he is doing from here.

Making money through YouTube channel memberships

Have you noticed the “Join” or “Sponsor” button on few of your favorite YouTube channels?

It looks something like this;

nikhil sponsor

As you can see above, Mumbiker Nikhil who is one of the celebrity YouTubers using YouTube channel memberships with “Join” button on his YouTube channel to make money from his fans.

Where people (his subscribers and fans) can join his channel to get exclusive access to his content where they can do a special live video a month, special access to his travel pictures and so on.

Pro tip: Make sure to engage with your followers and respond to their comments on your YouTube videos if you want to make more money from this kind of sponsorship stuff on YouTube.

Working with other brands to make money from YouTube

Brands and ad agencies are always looking for ways to promote their products and services.

Including film stars, directors, producers are looking for popular YouTubers to promote their stories, music, movies etc where they usually pay you money or special incentives for promoting on your channel.

There are so many brands which are willing to work with YouTubers when the target audience for their product is similar to a creator’s channel audience.

So if you’ve thousands of loyal YouTube subscribers, you can start pitching to other brands where you can showcase their products in exchange of money.

5 Steps to Make Money from YouTube in 2022 💰

Do you want to know how to start making money from YouTube just like other YouTubers do? Here’s a simple 5 step tutorial which explains how you can start a YouTube channel from scratch and start making money from it in 2022 and beyond.

Make money from YouTube

Step 1: Setup your YouTube channel

First things first. To be able to monetize your YouTube channel using any of the monetization strategies including Adsense, sponsorships, collabs etc you need a channel. Setting up your YouTube channel is easy as all you need is a Gmail account and it’s free to sign up.

You need to find the “right category” to start your YouTube channel if you want to succeed. Here are few channel ideas if you want to go viral easily on YouTube.

  • Gaming
  • Food & Cooking
  • Yoga
  • Exercise & Training
  • Unboxing Products and Tech Reviews
  • Travel
  • Fashion

The above categories have a lot of audience worldwide and you can easily create loyal audience around your YouTube channel if you’re consistently posting highly informative videos.

Step 2: Start creating unique, entertaining and highly useful videos

The best way to come up with stunning ideas for your YouTube channel is to keep an eye on your competitors. Find out how they are creating videos and what ideas are going viral on their channel. You can use a similar strategy and ideas to create videos for your own channel.

Alternatively, you can also talk about your daily schedule, conduct FAQ videos where you can interact with your subscribers live, talk about what your future videos all about and so on.

Here are few more ways to get content ideas for your channel.

  • Use Quora
  • Use tools like Semrush, Buzzsumo
  • Watch trending videos to see which type of videos are going viral (so you can consider doing videos around those topics)

The key here is to be consistent. Make sure to produce high quality videos regularly. Stick to a consistent video posting schedule. For best results, you can post twice or thrice a week and if you do it for a year, you’ll definitely see thousands of subscribers.

Step 3: Build and grow your audience

One great thing about YouTube is, you can quickly go from 1 million to 2 million or even 5 million subscribers than reaching to your first 1 million subscribers.

That simply means, getting your initial audience is hard and literally takes years (depending on your content quality, content frequency, buzz around your videos etc) but once you get enough traction, sky’s the limit.

Here are few quick tips to grow your audience on YouTube channel in 2022.

  • Create custom thumbnails: Make sure your thumbnails are custom made so you can upload them on YouTube separately. They should be appealing and also enticing for your audience to click on your videos.
  • Create compelling titles: Most people first view your thumbnails and read your video titles before clicking on any of your videos. So spend quality time in creating magnetic titles for your videos.
  • Do collaborations with others: Find other YouTubers who’re doing similar videos and connect with them. Make sure to ask them if they are interested in cross promoting each others as it’s the quickest way to get new subscribers and make your channel more popular.
  • Don’t forget SEO: If you want to succeed online, you must learn YouTube SEO. Use your title and meta descriptions smartly. Find a primary keyword and use it within your descriptions to rank for your target keywords on YouTube. Just make sure to spend time on learn SEO basics and you’ll be far ahead of your competitors.

Step 4: Setup AdSense

If you want to start making money from YouTube AdSense, here’s one thing you need to remember.

You need at least 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers to start earning money.

You can monetize your videos by opening your Video Manager and click on the “$” sign next to the video that you want to monetize. Check the “Monetize with Ads” box.

You must be 18 years or older to create your own account. If you are younger than that, you will need an adult to help you.You need either PayPal or a bank account and a valid mailing address as well as other information so AdSense can verify who you are and who to send the money to.

Step 5: Track, improve and repeat

You should always check and analyse your YouTube channel stats. You can click the Analytics option in your Channel menu where you can view estimated earnings, ad performance, video views, demographics and more.

You’ll also find out which type of videos are getting more views, likes and comments. That way, you can improve your overall channel visibility.

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FAQs About How Much Do YouTubers Make

Here are few interesting questions around YouTube earnings and monetization which helps you find a lot of useful answers.

How much does YouTube pay per subscriber?

Here’s a surprising fact: YouTube doesn’t pay per subscriber. While it’s great to have millions of subscribers but it doesn’t directly translate into money. That means, even if you’ve a million or 10 million subscribers on your YouTube channel, YouTube isn’t going to pay you money.

So how does most YouTubers make money? It’s simple. YouTube creators get paid per monetized view. There are several kind of YouTube advertising formats which you can refer from here.

How much does YouTube pay per view?

The amount of money you make from YouTube varies based on the region of the viewers, your industry, video watch time, click through rate and category of the video. Generally, at an average, most monetized videos on YouTube earn $1 to $5 per 1000 views.

Here’s an amazing tool from Social Blade which helps you easily find out the estimated YouTube money. There are basically few type of ads on YouTube that pay you differently.

How much money do people make from YouTube videos with 1 million views?

The simple answer is, if you’re using YouTube Adsense, you’ll make at an average $500. The average CPM is $1 to $3 for most YouTube videos (for 1000 views). It also varies depending upon your CPC, CPM, views, user retention, traffic region and a lot of other factors.

How much money can you make from YouTube?

It’s really impossible to answer. If you’re using AdSense or similar kind of display ads within your videos to make money from your YouTube videos, your income depends on so many things.

Mostly including CPM (cost per milli), CPC (Cost per click), CTC (Click Through Rate), Watch Time, Views, User retention, traffic source, traffic region and video category and the list goes on. That being said, there’s no limit on how much you can really from YouTube, as they say “sky’s the limit”.

What are some interesting YouTube statistics?

If you’re curious to know few historic YouTube moments and stats, here you go.

→ The domain name “” was activated on February 14, 2005
→ The first YouTube video was uploaded on 23 April 2005. Me at the Zoo shows co-founder Jawed Karim at the San Diego Zoo
→ On October 9, 2006, it was announced that YouTube would be purchased by Google for US$1.65 billion
→ In May 2010, YouTube served more than 2 billion views a day.
→ By March 2013, YouTube was now seeing 1bn monthly active users.

How does YouTube calculate its views?

Whenever a video is uploaded, it is cached in the different YouTube servers which are spread all over the world to give faster response times to users.

Whether you know it or not, when a video has less than 300 views, the views are not verified. Once a video gets more than 300 views, YouTube starts verifying them to make sure that they are legitimate playback requests and not “fake” views. So you would often find that the count of a video gets stuck for a few hours or a day at 301 or 308 if multiple logs sync with the centralized server at the same instant. From this point onwards, view counts increase in batches – after every batch of new views are verified by YouTube.

That being said, a viewer being redirected to YouTube upon clicking an embedded video counts as one view. If there is an embedded video with autoplay, it is not counted as a view.

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Final Thoughts on How Much Money Do YouTubers Get Paid in 2022

YouTube is an amazing platform which not only helps people to earn more money but also helps with branding, more online exposure, popularity and so on. If you’re someone who is looking to make a living from online, you should definitely consider YouTube monetization.

Build and grow your audience first. Nichify your interests and connect with other YouTubers to start growing your channel. So what are your thoughts on highest paid YouTubers? Did we miss any of your favorite YouTubers?

Share your thoughts in the comments and please share it with others so they can also benefit.

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