Ultimate List of 100 Plus High DA Blog Commenting Sites for 2020 [High Quality]

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September 10, 2020

Back in 2010 when I started blogging, the only thing that came to my mind when I saw the word “backlink” was blog commenting. I found it impossible to make links through other methods.

Things have really changed in 2020. Google bots have become smarter, and the competition is gone to a new level. But still, blog commenting has not lost its importance.

In a lay man’s word Blogging is a way of interacting with your readers about a certain perspective of some topic. One of the basic ways bloggers can interact with their readers is through commenting.

Today we have brought you a list of more than 100 plus high quality blogs (High DA blogs only) for commenting across different category.

List of 100 Plus Blog Commenting Sites (with DA) for 2020

List of high quality blog commenting sites for 2020

Matt Cutts says:

You need not worry if you are building links through comments which are relevant and meaningful to the blog.

Why Doing Blog Commenting?

Blog Commenting might feel silly at first, but it has loads of advantages. It helps in a lot of ways.

Few Benefits of Blog Commenting

Connecting with your readers: Readers are most important to a blogger. Without them, your blog is just a page online with some text.

So, how can you make your readers happy?

This can be done just by replying to their comments. This makes them feel special.

Connecting with influencers: It is important to put forward your blog to influencers in some way or the other. No, not for links. They can help you reach newer targets and to grow your blog too. This especially helps if you are a newbie.

Referral Traffic: Blog comments can drive in lots of visitors to your blog. They may be few but if you take blog commenting seriously there can be many.

Boosts a new site: In my previous post, I talked about Blog Commenting and how it can help you to boost your new niche site. Though it might give you a nofollow link, it is still very useful.

Steps to writing a perfect blog comment

  • The first step is to find blogs in your niche that accept blog comments. Relevancy is quite important. Don’t ignore relevancy. We have listed some high quality blogs with their Domain Authority (DA) where you can do blog commenting for your specific niche.

How to do blog commenting?


  • First, make an account on Gravatar. It’s free.This will show your avatar (profile picture) on all comments where you use the email for making an account on Gravatar.
  • Make sure the blog has a DA (Domain Authority) of more than 30+. There is no hard and fast rule, but a higher DA has its own advantages. You can use the Mozbar to check the DA of the site. We have mentioned the DA of each blog below for your reference.

What to avoid if doing blog commenting for traffic & backlinks in 2020:

  • It is recommended to avoid blogs that use Disqus and Facebook Comments. Neither will you get a link back but you will also miss on some juicy referral traffic. People integrate these to avoid spam.
  • Avoid blogs that have spam comments.

Though I have mentioned lots of blog for commenting, you can find them using a simple Google Search too.

I also use DropMyLink to find blogs with CommentLuv included. DropMyLink is one of the best blog commenting service, using which users can easily find the right blog to comment on, be it a .edu blog, .gov blog, CommentLuv plugin enabled blog and more.

After you have found a nice blog to comment on, choose a post to comment on. Make sure you read the blog post once before doing commenting.

Some Steps to Follow While Doing Blog Commenting

  • Make sure the comment is at least 100 words long. The longer the comment, the better. Try to mention the highlights of the content, if possible.
  • It is a nice practice to ask a question in the comment. This way it helps your comment to be different from the crowd.
      You can link to your website home or internal page while doing blog commenting.

Ask question while doing blog commenting

What to avoid while doing blog commenting:

  • Try not to post a generic comment. Most of the times these comments have less or no value at all.
  • Don’t use your links in the comment. Most of the times they won’t be approved.
  • Never use your keyword in place of the name.

Example of proper blog comment

An example of well-researched comment

3. Try linking your homepage as well as your posts-

It is not a must to put your homepage in the website box. You can always put a link to a new post or a landing page.

List of High DA Blogging, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing blogs for Blog Commenting

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List of High DA Technology blogs for Blog Commenting in 2020

List of High DA Health and Fitness blogs for Blog Commenting

List of High DA Finance blogs for Blog Commenting in 2020

List of High DA Travel blogs for Doing Blog Commenting

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List of High DA Lifestyle blogs for Blog Commenting Purpose

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How to build more quality links in 2020:

FAQs | Blog Commenting Sites

1. What is blog commenting in SEO?

Blog commenting is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks. Simply go to the websites that have enabled comments feature. Comment with your website URL, once approved, you will get a backlink for the same.

2. Does blog commenting still work?

Yes, they do. If done in the right way blog comments will result in better rankings.

3. What are high DA backlinks?

These are the most powerful types of links that you get from websites having high domain authority (DA).

4. What are the things that make blog commenting perfect?

Make sure you have created a profile on Gravatar that helps you to show your profile picture. Comment on the sites which are relevant to your niche. Next, commenting on high DA’s sites will be an added advantage for your site.

5. How do I start with writing good comments?

Try to read the post in the best way possible then comment with appropriate questions or feedback with your website link.

6. Should I comment with the Homepage URL or Post URL?

Though it’s up to you only if you want to rank well any particular page then I would recommend you comment with the page URL.

Conclusion about list of blog commenting sites (with high DA) for 2020

You can use the above list to start doing blog commenting. While leaving comment, make sure you are doing relevant and useful comment. Please let us know in case you have any tip to add or any quality website which is missing and should be part of this ultimate list of blogs for doing blog commenting.

Anil Agarwal

Ultimate List of 100 Plus High DA Blog Commenting Sites for 2020 [High Quality]Anil Agarwal who owns Bloggerspassion.com, is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable blogs for over a decade. Bloggers Passion has been featured on premium online sites like Forbes.com, Huffingtonpost, SEMrush, Problogger, Crazy Egg, The Next Web and so on.

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  1. Naveen Reddy says:

    Anil, thanks for this valuable article.

    Your blog post images look stunning, can you please tell me which tool do you use to design them?

    Yes, as a blogger you should always reply to the meaningful comments of your readers.

    Using Gravatar is very convenient, it always displays profile picture besides my comments on many websites.

    Absolutely, using keywords in the place of the name looks very spammy and less human.

    Anil, I think you should update the list of these blogs as most of the blogs included under Blogging, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing blogs have either removed the comment section altogether or started using Disqus.

  2. john says:

    man you have done awesome research and compiled very good websites for link building. I bet all the people here who are reading this article would be thanking you from the bottom of their hearts for the value you have provided to them. I personally made some good links from the list you provided,

  3. Hi Dear, I have read Dofollow all websites your presentation of data is really best step by step each category is described with DA of the website. I find here PR 8 to PR 1 blog comments websites this is really great stuff I have seen that are really true and do-follow backlinks are proving Thank you very much 🙂

  4. Beata says:

    Thank you Anil for this detailed blogpost about this link building technique, I was not using it before and still wondering, how Google’s new update regarding nofollow and UGC rel attributes affected blog commenting. I might give a try. 🙂

  5. Ayaz Visram says:

    Hey Anil,

    I really enjoyed reading the article that you posted before the list of places that I can comment on. I came to this site hoping that I would get a list of places that I could comment on for my business but I never knew that there was a system like Gravator to act as a sign in process.

    I appreciate you taking the extra time to talk more about how to use the lists instead of just posting the list and leaving the people who are new to seo (like myself) to figure out the best approaches to use with them.

    You mentioned in your post to ask a question when making a comment, but how would I know when the writer of the article responds? Is it best to continually circle back to the post to look for a response or do they typically email you notifying you of the response?

  6. Rohit says:

    hey thanks for such great help ! i have gone through whole article , but still i have queries regarding comment links. So my queries are
    can i attach link of article in url section instead of homepage which i want to rank
    comments on a blogs which has relevant niche is it necessary like if am getting 50 comment links and 5 or 6 of them are on irrelevant niche , will it work ?

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Hi Rohit

      You can use your article link in place of home page link in some of your comments. Approval rate can be bit less when you will be adding link for article pages. If you are fine with that, go ahead.

      I would not recommend getting links from irrelevant websites. Why getting links from them when you know they are not related with your blog niche.

  7. Amit Garg says:


    Being a beginner, blog commenting is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks.

    You have listed a huge list of specific niche-based sites with their DA’s and commenting on the higher DA sites will be an extra advantage.

    I am into the blogging niche, will visit the related websites you mentioned above and will start appropriate commenting.

    Amit Garg

  8. Imran says:

    Hello Anil,

    First of all, I would like to thank you for posting this extraordinary, simple and clean written blog which is easy to understand and implement with proper step by step guide !

    This will help me and such other people who are eager to know how to generate backlinks and what would be the end result after that once you start doing!

    I will wait for your next blog.


  9. Ms. Vues says:

    Wow, what a lot to take in, I’m just getting familiar with guess posting, commenting. It is an interesting concept. I’ve been online what seems like forever, and I just recently was convinced to look into blogging and all that it has to offer. I thought I knew, just up and started a few cause I have a lot to say…You’ll see. That’s the real reason, I have the gift of gab. I would reply to a simple question, comment or post and by the end, it was a novel. Anyway, so the backlinking techniques help draw traffic to a link/blog is my understanding. That helps get traffic. Adding this to my online business well, let us see. So far so good. This post expanded what little knowledge I have about backlink, DA etc. Thanks again…

  10. Much obliged to You such a great amount for sharing this data. I thought that it was extremely useful. I am happy in light of the fact that the blogging site you gave on your page truly works. It will work to improve rank in SERP.

  11. Darek Novak says:

    Hey Anil,

    So after reading your article, I’m going to invest some time in a blog post commenting. I did not find really any hi DR blog to my niche which is wedding photography. but I hope I will find and improve my visibility. Thanks again for Sharing.

  12. Karyn James says:

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful articles and list. I was wondering if it was do follow that didn’t mention the most preferred terms used in all the blog and comment articles. So, it is clear that which is do follow and no follow it is very useful for all.

  13. Birpal Kaur says:

    I would like to point out that as I am going through the list and trying to leave comments that a few of the web sites don’t allow backlinks in comments anymore or use Disqus. For example, Yoast SEO Blog, Niel Patel, Online Tech Tips, and more

  14. Nuberg GPD says:

    Hey Anil
    thanks for sharing the list of all the websites. this is very useful for SEO I have checked manually all sites have good seo matrix such as Trust flow, domain authority and citation flow.

  15. skycon technologies says:

    I was Searching Health blog commenting site that time I found your blog when I checked health blog. it is work for me but these are 12 blog can you send me more blog, please.

    This is very helpful for a newbie SEO person. I just bookmarked this post for future reference

    Keep sharing this kind of post.

  16. Kumar says:

    Hi Anil, i read this article about backlinks through blog commenting i have also gone through your list of various niche but i have not found what i am looking for. I have a website for car rental agency so i think an automotive blog commenting sites would be better. But for from quite some time i am trying to know where can i get those Automotive blog commenting sites but in vein. I have read SEO articles on internet, gone through lot of information as how to get Automotive blogs for backlinks through commenting. The google search on which we all depend have not given any useful results for what iam looking for. If you can help me to get Aumotive blog commenting and profile creation websites would be highly appreciable and and really serve my need and a great help from you. Any how, i must mention here that you have written a great article on backlinks and provided a list of very useful websites. Thanks for sharing hard earned knowledge.

  17. Hello sir,

    Another great post from blogger passion. I am constantly following all your blog post, found each amusing. This post is also very informative, but I have one query.

    If there is no backlink in the comment section or in Name, then how the comment will helpful to me. How comment generates traffic to my blog.

  18. Amara Jordan says:

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful list. I have checked manually all sites have good SEO matrices such as Trust flow, domain authority.

  19. Manish says:

    Thanks for sharing this list of high DA blogs for getting backlinks. But do it is necessary, that we should make comments on niche blogs or we can also do comments on other niche blogs?

  20. technorton says:

    Thanks for sharing this list. Above links really helps us to create quality back links for our site. I need more links for blog comment. Let me know if you have list of blog commenting sites for essay writing.

    • Moshaa says:

      Hi Anil

      I loved the way you explained the whole process. I am new to blogging by the way. And trying to learn from you guys who are professional.

      I will keep every single rule of commenting in my mind and try to create backlinks ethically so that neither they shade wrong impression on me nor disturbs the bloggers with good DA.

      Well, I have a question as well. If I follow all the rules of commenting on blogs and check for backlinks on any free ‘backlink checker site’, will it show me increase in backlinks? If it shows, what approximate time will it take?

      Lastly, once again I appreciate your work and thanks for sharing such a great and elaborate article.


  21. rageiman says:

    Hey Anil,
    I was Searching Health blog commenting site that time I found your blog when I checked health blog. it is work for me but these are 12 blog can you send me more blog, please.

  22. Michaelcla says:

    Thanks for sharing these sites. This is really very useful blog for us because all of sites are with good DA and PA.

  23. Chetan Maini says:

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful list. You did not mention the most sought after terminology used in all the blog commenting articles and that being dofollow. So, are these a mix of dofollow and nofollow attribute blogs or one should overlook this factor while commenting?


  24. Chakrr says:

    Hi Anil,
    I must say this is an amazing article. I used Dropmylink also. It was a great help man. Also, the tips that you shared about how to comment and the number of words that are important to put and how to convey is so useful and neat. I have come across so many posts that will give you a list of sites to create a Backlink but with missing information. You have covered each stone nicely and it helped a lot. Thanks for sharing such informative blogs. Keep sharing more as now I am going to more often be a part of your blog readers. Keep up the good work and All the best.

  25. Thanks for sharing the list man, it’s probably gonna help a lot of SEOs and newbies to get some Do Follow backlinks for their domains

  26. Abu Sayed says:

    Hi Anil Agarwal,

    I have hosted my site since last year and wondering do SEO by any other third party. But I had always confidence in me that I can do it by myself. I have searched for a lot of things. Regarding comment submission and submitting comments site and procedure were unknown to me. but today your nice article has made my eyes my open. Thank you for your nice effort and update us about the commenting blog.

    Have a nice day.

  27. Hey Anil

    thanks for the great list of blog commenting sites list… you have collected the very good list of blog commenting with categories wise

    But I want to ask 1 question that all the above-given blog commenting sites list need admin approval for getting backlinks for our site…

    Is there any list of blog commenting sites where we can get instant approval on blog commenting without any approval?

  28. Hi Anil,
    This is only one post is really exceptional from other blog commenting sites! I’m sure that you’ve selected these efficiently.

    Cause I find out almost 100+ blog post doing backlinks for my affiliate blog but most of them are shared spammy low quality and disfavor site. But your post is really different and each link I count carefully to build Quality Baclinks.

  29. mohini says:

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful list. I have checked manually all sites have good seo matrix such as Trust flow, domain authority and citation flow. Thanks again.

  30. David says:

    Hey Anil, Great article. The list which you have updated is worthy of blog commenting. This can help to build a lot of backlinks. Thank you.

  31. vinay kumar says:

    Thanks again for sharing a wonderful list. I was wondering u did not mention the most sought after terminology used in all the blog commenting articles and that being dofollow. So, are these a mix of dofollow and nofollow attribute blogs or one should overlook this factor while commenting?

  32. Sarah Tylor says:

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful list. I have checked manually all sites have good seo matrix such as Trust flow, domain authority and citation flow. Thanks again.

  33. Hi Anil,

    Blog commenting is an excellent SEO technique. Though, finding the right blog commenting sites to leave comments is quite a challenge. Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece of information and for sharing helpful insights. This list is exactly what I needed right now, and I know that a lot of people need this one too. It’s a breath of fresh air to read helpful blogs regarding SEO in such an informative and comprehensive way. Thanks!

  34. vipin bhandari says:

    Hi there, This is a great opportunity to create lots of backlinks using commenting. Some of them are in my radar all the time and few of them were new to me. But instead of using any tool for finding new blogs, I normally use google queries to find out related blogs. Keep posting such wonderful posts.

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